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I am not a clinical therapist, doctor, or attorney. If you suspect you have need of these services please contact a professional in your area. You must be an adult, 18 years or older to avail yourself of my services.

The messages I receive will help bridge the gap to enlightenment for you. They are always brought forth with your highest benefit in mind asking that only truth be shown. It is important that you remain open to receiving what comes through which is not always what may be anticipated. An open mind is to your benefit since at times forewarnings are given to forearm you and offer the space to prepare for specific events. Readings can indicate blessings to come and validate intuitive impressions you have been picking up. While I am merely a vessel for this information to be received, it is sent to you from a higher source and it is always your free will, your decision, as to what you do with it.

In providing you with the most comprehensive reading possible, your energy signature will be traced, my Guides invited to assist, and the Tarot will be consulted to bring your message through. These multilevel perspectives allow me to receive a well-rounded view with regard to your concerns. Sessions will reveal whether your feelings are real or if fear has woven a false impression for you. They often shed light on areas you may not have considered, reveal the intentions or circumstances around others who may be involved, and shine a light in the darkness for you. One never knows what these messages will contain, every reading is different and the insights shared can sometimes be very intimate. Rest assured that your session will be held in strict, non-judgmental confidence and your privacy respected. Time is precious, both yours and mine, it will not be wasted.

I work with first names only, no dates of birth are necessary. Please have your question/s ready and clearly formulated to insure the clearest answers possible (lists can be helpful). If you are interested in assistance with your spiritual growth and development please see the Coaching section.

I do offer Gift Certificates for both readings and seminars. You will find a link to our service fees on the sidebar and below.


General Reading Sessions:

These span a 3-4 month period exploring any issue you wish addressed. Matters around love relationships, friendships, family members, finances, career options, legal issues or any other situation you may be concerned about can be explored. During the session intimate issues often arise, things that have led up to the current situation and perspectives are presented. Thought processes, intentions and indicators are brought forward to lend insight on where matters are heading. The perspectives and intentions of others are often involved, and an outcome to the situation is presented. Details around your issues can be explored and options to outcomes may be present. Your concerns can be explored as deeply as you wish.

Spiritual Progression Sessions:

Together we look into the journey your spirit is making at the present time and your progression in fulfilling your destiny. The Web of Life is woven with a strand for each of us, they vary in length and direction. This type of reading brings to light spiritual issues as well as options before you at the moment and within the near future. Often your own intuitive insights are clarified. Obstacles or blockages to your progress that may be challenging you will come to light and advice given to clear them. Details around spiritual matters are revealed and those on your own mind can be explored as deeply as you wish. These are not coaching sessions, merely a look at the pattern of unfoldment currently taking pace for your spirit’s journey. Because of this a wide variety of issues may be touched upon. Always they are in service of your highest good and meant to assist you and your spirit in taking a cooperative approach. At times they address lessons currently being learned by experience and sometimes you may be given insight into necessary adjustments to ease the course you are on. For some the reading will show challenges or obstacles as well as breakthroughs being sought. Sometimes we are given specific directives as to how overcoming those challenges can be accomplished. They address the relationship you have with your spirit, and sometimes cosmic insights are shared. All sessions are by phone or live chat appointment only.

Yearly Forecasts:

Forecasts provide a month by month overview of the main events and issues that will call for your attention over the next 12 month period from the date they are cast.. They offer insight which allows you to navigate through issues and circumstances with fewer complications and appropriate decisions. Matters can spill over into the following month/s and you will be able to explore the progression of events throughout the year ahead. The forecasts are done by email only as the time required to do them is extensive. Contact Cinnamon to order yours. Prepayment is arranged through PayPal, and your forecast will be delivered by email within 48 hours of funds clearing. Major credit or debit cards are accepted. Checks take longer to clear but are accepted as well.

They do make excellent gifts for family or friends anytime of the year.

Dream Interpretation:

Our dreams are very telling be they a reflection of our daily lives or something far more sacred. We will first determine which type of dream or series of dreams you are dealing with and details examined. These sessions offer insights into matters the dream is addressing…matters in the present or very near future. The insights into the events that unfolded in the dream along with any symbology are very important to look into so the more details you have the better. We will explore the message you have been given and bring to light the understanding you need. Options may be explored if you choose to include a reading which is always at your discretion.


Pre-paid sessions
(Are for Coaching and Readings)

15 Minutes $50.00 (save $17.35) pre-paid via PayPal.

30 Minutes $100.00 (save $34.70) pre-paid via PayPal.

60 Minutes $200.00 (save $69.40) pre-paid via PayPal.

Reading Rates

*$350.00 E-mail readings and yearly forecasts require many hours to complete and are extensively detailed.

*All are pre-paid via PayPal and received within 48 hours.

Per Minute Rates

$4.49/per minute for phone and live chat sessions via appointment or ‘by chance.’
(Check my availability link for the ‘call now’ button (to the left) if I’m free.)

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