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Cinnamon Moon

River Moon

Walking the Path of the Feather

Cinnamon has been dedicated to her pathwork as a Spiritual Coach and Consultant (clairsentient Reader) to both the private and commercial sectors for over 45 years. She is a Medicine Woman/Shamaness, Non-denominational Minister, and Author. Her book, “A Medicine Woman Speaks” presents a shamanic overview of spirituality alongside eclectic comparisons of the common threads that run through various nature-based traditions.

Cinnamon has been a radio show host on Blog Talk Radio for over 7 years. Her program, “CinnamonMoon At Night,” airs each Monday evening at 7pm central. Along with a wide variety of guests and topics, her focus is on sharing insight into spiritual development, metaphysics, the authenticity of the inner spirit, Near Death Experience’s and the Afterlife, divination and more.

All her sessions are held strictly confidential respecting your right to privacy. Many have written testimonials (see the coaching services section) regarding her teachings. As a spiritual coach she embraces all paths and traditions in her dedication to assisting others who desire to know their inner spirit and discover the spiritual path that resonates for them. She comfortably shares the sacred mysteries, assimilation of experiences that come along with them, walking with the seeker as they learn to weave energy through a deeply intimate relationship with the elemental forces, guidance, Totems, Creator and Mother Earth.

“As spiritual beings, we humans often struggle to make our way along our unique evolutionary paths. The Web of Life has been woven with a strand for each of us to unravel; however, only you can fulfill your destiny. Know that you are a beautiful, powerful spirit; you stand in your own light…make it shine, become a beacon!” … CinnamonMoon


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