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Cinnamon Moon


River Moon


Cinnamon is kind and very helpful, a lovely person who really tunes into the circumstances without a great deal of input from me. I am impressed with her authenticity and level of caring, she is by far the real deal above and beyond. She has been 100% accurate in her visions of a relationship difficulty that I had been experiencing. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, you are right on the money...absolutely accurate—We’re getting married! Thank you Cinnamon, I will contact you in a couple of weeks! You’re simply awesome, a true source of Divinely inspired strength. …
Dr. John G., Tennessee
As always CinnamonMoon is absolutely amazing, on point and she offers tremendous insight and compassion. Give her a call - you won't be disappointed. CinnamonMoon is genuine, real, and I find her to be extremely professional and spiritual in her readings. I would recommend her to anyone who wants the truth. She always offers the most insightful advice from a place of true wisdom. She has been following her path for many years and I will continue to call Cinnamon when I have important decisions to make. Very highly recommended. …
David, Hong Kong
CinnamonMoon has been talking to me for a long time now and I am STILL telling her that SHE IS RIGHT! Her readings are very accurate and truthful. I shouldn't be so amazed at how often they come true. Believe me, she is the BEST…Call her!!! Tell me again how many times you've said: “See them for who they are and not how I want them to be?” Then there's that tiny little voice that resonates in my head saying: “I told ya so, I told ya so!”… When will I learn?! LOL Your advice is priceless, thank you Cinnamon, especially for your help in preparing me to "see" what is to come. I feel more empowered and settled inside and out. Blessings Always! Lots of love & (((HUGS))) too! ...
Bobbi S., Florida
I waited a bit to leave feedback, and I can say that the events she picked up on and the timeline are accurate. Lots of information, gently expressed, she has been extremely accurate with me before. A very nice lady, and gets right to the point. Thank you! ...
D.S., Dublin, Ireland
This lady is so wonderful it is scary. If you want to really know what the future holds call her. She tells you like she sees it. Yes there is free will, but you can do what you can to change or enhance the outcome. Wow! …
Jay Kriss, California
If I can say one thing about Cinnamon it would be real simple: This is the most sincere and kind soul that I have ever encountered. Her message was clear and her points well taken. There is nothing that she can't do and you can't have a more thorough experience with anyone else. You were an angel and I appreciate your advice. I will take heart. …
Mel S., California
Very accurate and intuitive....confirmed what my own intuition was telling me about my situation…a pleasant woman to speak with and I am feeling more at peace in my current circumstances...confusion has left me now and I feel blessed...I will be calling Cinnamon again next week - I believe if I knew her in person I would want her as a friend...peace and blessings. …
Jan C., Kentucky
Thank you Cinnamon, I've talked to you several times over the last couple of years and you have been able to frequently alert me of things to expect and it never ceases to amaze me. I've come to trust your advice, it helps to keep me grounded, you’re truly gifted. I can validate that you are very accurate in your predictions and it's exciting to see all the puzzle pieces that you have spoken about fall into place. It's like reading a mystery novel. Thank you Cinnamon, you always help keep my spirits high and looking forward. …
Enid, Madrid, Spain
Thank you Cinnamon, I really enjoyed the reading and the relationship you saw coming into my life. Things have really changed and are so positive, just as you said they would be! Quick to the point and great with details, very good reader…
Martine F., Florida
I have been reading with you for a long time. I keep coming back because you are great. You are a sweetheart that is not judgmental...loved our reading. You’re friendly, professional and if anyone needs help...call her now...she can bring insight quickly to any situation. Definitely gets to the truth accurately. Just a great reader, you won't need to speak to anyone else. She is very concerned and always remembers my situation. I've never felt like she was not in tune with me…she really cares about her clients. Definitely tells you the truth of the matter. …
Marleny, New Jersey/Dominican Republic
Still the best...I've called others just to see the difference and there's no one like Cinn!!! She has been a trusted advisor for 12 years now…she's been a real guiding hand and a friend! You won't find anyone who cares more and over the past years the things she has told me have always come true…some took longer than originally stated but they came true none the less…you can't find a better advisor nor someone as caring as she is.. I dare you to try!! She is someone you call a friend.. Diane L., Connecticut
Thank you Cinnamon, there is NO DOUBT in my mind how things will progress, I had been doubting different "signs" I have been getting but I will really listen to my "inner voice" and practice what I preach about "when you love something set it free...." Meantime, life is very good. As I told you in our call today, the weirdest thing happened, ever!!! I met the guy you told me about last month. You even described him to me. At the time, I thought, OK, I'll make a note and I filed it away. Well I thought I did. But, when I met him last night I smiled and thought to myself "this is the guy that Cinnamon told me about!"...freaky! Thanks again...
P.B., Chicago

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