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Myth & Lore (86)

Atlantis And Lemuria

Black Corn Woman

Blue Moon

Celtic Moons, The Flood

Celtic Moons, The Stag

Celtic Moons, The Wind

Chethlahe Call Back Your Spirit

Children of the Sun

Coyote And Firefly, How Firefly Got His Blinking Light

Creation Of The Animal People

Creation Stories

Faerie Chair


Ghost Dance

Grandmother Dawn Sky Weaver On Four Stones

Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon’s Lessons For The Year

Grandmother Spider Steals The Sun

Great Mystery

How Coyote Got His Cunning

How Snake Got To Grow

How The Chipmunk Got Its Stripes

How The Rabbit Lost His Tail

Hummingbird Brings Back Tobacco

Indigenous Little People And Nature Spirits

Iroquois: Stone Throwers, Secret Forest Little People

Kokopelli (or Kokopilau): The Flute Player

Legend of Crystals

Legends Of The Dreamcatchers

Links To Native American Legends And Lore

Loon’s Gift

Moon Lore

Mother Earth

Native American Beliefs In The Little People Or Fairies

Native American Mermaid Stories: The Mermaid – A Sikanni Tale

New Moon Discussion

Origin Of The Raven And Macaw…Zuni


Sixteen Lakota Mysteries

Spirit Helper Oregos

Sprites, Nymphs And Dryads

Story Of The Spirit Lands

Superstition And Tradition Of The Chinese New Year

She-Who-Is-Alone…A Tragic Legend Of The Comanche

Stone People

Tasks Of The Rabbit

The Ancient One

The Beginning If The Legacy Of Woman

The Black Hills

The Cherokee Rose

The Cup Of Abundance

The Fast Runners...Blackfoot

The First Moccasins

The Ghost Dance At Wounded Knee

The Guardian Of The Pools

The Haudenosaunee Creation

The Jingle Dress Dance

The Legend Of Bat

The Legend Of The Bear

The Little People

The Little People…Cherokee

The Meaning Of The Shawl

The Medicine Man, The Brave, And Coyote Humor

The Naming Of The White River And Badlands

The Origin Of Tobacco

The Owl And The Indian

The Sacred Pipe

The Seven Sisters…Pleiades

The Spirit Lodge

The Standing People/Ones

The Story Of Indian Corn

The Thirteen Lessons

The Value of Myth

The Vision Of Bear Butte

The White Sea Turtle

The Woman And The Bear

Theft From The Sun

Thirteen Moons On A Turtle’s Back

Thunderbirds, Thunderbeings

Turkey, The Peace Eagle

White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Horse

White Wolf Woman

Why Leopards and Baboons Are Enemies

Why The Leaves Fall

Yule, Christmas, Santa Clause

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