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Altantis & Lemuria (Mu)
By Lotus

Some you may recall my experience with crystals when I wrote of my journey in being named. The crystalline technology known in the days of Atlantis and witnessing the end result of Hurricane Katrina and what happened to New Orleans has peaked my interest in the continents of ancient times which led me to do some online research on Atlantis and Lemurian. I haven't come to any conclusion and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on these lands? Does anyone feel they have a connection to Atlantis or to Lemurian?

Good morning lotus Is your journaling still posted here, I would like to read it. I have a strong connection to Lemuria...I rediscovered crystals again in 2001 when it was suggested I get a Selenite, now I work with them...as a child I was always drawn to "rocks" and even did archeology digs one summer, lol, I did not want to give them to the dig leader when I would find them, I wanted to hold hem for a while them bury them back in the earth.

Unregistered Guest:
Here’s some interesting 411 about crystals: www.infoline.ru/g23/5495/Physics/English/phon_txt.htm "Many solid materials, including all metals, are composed of atoms arranged in a lattice arrangement called crystals. There are a variety of crystal structures like cubic, hexagonal, cubic with an atom in the center of the cube, called body centered cubic, cubic with an atom in the center of each face of the cube, called face centered cubic, and others. The particular structure depends on the relative sizes of the atoms that are nestled together to form the crystal. The reason that materials take crystal form is that these neat geometrical structures represent the lowest energy configuration of the collection of atoms making up the material. To dislodge an atom from the crystal structure requires the addition of energy." also it is important to understand when working with crystals that with in the pineal gland there are crystals.”

Lotus, I've not really come across Lemurian, so I am not all that familiar with that phrase, but Atlantis yes, definitely. The notion of Atlantis keeps cropping up in my journey: most recently in the form of Avalon in the Arthurian/Grail legends. Regardless of whether Atlantis was a real place, a place of myth or of Plato's imagination, it has become clear to me that the notion of an island where the god's resided is a pretty constant theme from the ancient world as, in Plato's time, this was also a theory in the Celtic world and about Lundy Island (in the Bristol channel) in particular. Some months ago, maybe longer, Cedar put up a thread about a report that Ireland was actually Atlantis. Now, according to interpretations of Plato, Atlantis should have been somewhere further south in the Atlantic than Ireland is: more off the coast of Spain ie nearer the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea.

I finished a book whilst in Italy about London being the New Jerusalem. One discussion referred to the Roman Empire, the Roman invasion of Britain and how Caesar's description of Britain was one of the things that lead to a belief, in the rebuilding of London after the Great fire of 1666, that Britain was in fact the new Holy Land and the notion of this New Jerusalem was confirmed by Britain having important sacred geometrical references in its geography that Caesar documented. A map was shown that placed Britain in a completely different place than it actually is. I checked this out on the net and found that in Roman Times, and before, it was believed that Britain was off the coast of Spain right were Plato believed Atlantis to be! This would give credence to the report about Ireland that Cedar posted. Anyway, I’m not sure what you wanted to discuss about Atlantis, but yes it could be said I have interest there

Hi lotus, I've had dreams of a Venice/Greek type city in the past. A place destroyed by the sea. I'm not sure if it was Atlantis, but it certainly was ancient and very beautiful.

Hi Mystic, hmmm, I'm don't believe it is, I think we lost many articles as did all Ez Sites during our last incident. I love crystals, stones and rocks too, work them quite often. I have a rock that is several thousand years old that was gifted to me by an Elder who lives in Northern Canada. I can't remember the name at the moment but will share it when this old head remembers. Crow, I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of ancient times and there are places in the world I feel drawn to. I am also drawn to other things too, for example whales, dolphins, water trees, plants, the land and the animals. I loved Hawaii and that part of the world when I visited and I feel a deep connection to the Queen Charlotte Islands, as well as parts of the Middle East. Is there a connection ... I'm not really sure. I have visited ancient cities in dreamtime as well as times I sit with Spirit. Again, I'm not sure what to discuss but I was wondering if anyone had memory of this time?

I have felt a strong connection with Lemuria... A few years ago I did some research on the crystals and Lemuria. All the information I had collected went when my hard drive fried and I haven't had time to look it all up again. A few days after my dad passed a Lemurian Crystal came to me which started the whole process... I spent hours looking up information. (((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

Hi lotus, It's hard to tell at times what are dreams and what are DREAMS, as on memories. I'd say the one dream I had was a memory because all I did was walk down a "street" in the city. Nothing more than that and yet it still haunts me. I've dreamt of other places I thought were imagination and then gone on to find they were real. I now live behind the house I dreamt of when I first met Badger and I've seen a beach in Northern Scotland (Dunnet Bay) where I dreamt of being shipwrecked as a sailor on a sailing ship. That was also my first significant shape-shifting dream as well, which is interesting because almost every precognitive dream I've ever had has an animal in it. In my 20s I learnt that if a dream felt "significant" and had an animal in it - it was going to come true. Anyway, I'm wandering way off. I'd say my dream of a city was a memory, but it wasn't much. I can describe an entire street and that's it. I do think Atlantis existed, but as to who/what/where? I'm not sure. I'm afraid I know very little of Lemuria. I know a bit about Aztlan, but that might just be complicating things!

Lotus, I've had feelings about certain places when I've been on my travels and sometimes on seeing pictures of places, that felt like cognition of actually having been there before. The most obvious was when I visited the ruins of an ancient town on the Greek Island of Rhodes. I felt that I had walked down the main street before. I got the same feeling when I visited San Giagmano in Italy, even though that is still a thriving town. I certainly got that feeling on Orkney and at the Giants Causeway in Ireland. When Jaguar showed me some pictures after her hubby's recent trip to Syria I got a real sense of having been in a small barrel-vaulted church: I got a sense that this was a place I visited in the dreamtime which I am sure was a past life memory from Crusader times. Personally I do believe that Atlantis existed: and of all the places I have visited, I would say that Orkney gave me the strongest impression that this could have been Atlantis. Given the maps of Britain from Roman times, Orkney would have been further out into the Atlantic than the mainland than it is north of Britain today.

(((Wolfie))) Hmm, thinking and trying to remember Mouse's thread. Many years ago I read a book called the Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky was the author and wrote about Lemuria and Atlantis but I don't recall many of the details in her book. Lemuria feels un-familar to me except for the Lemurian crystal which I sometimes use. When I look at this crystal for some reason I am reminded of the Galaxy. I have read that the west coast of California has flora so different from the rest of the state that it is believed a portion of the continent of Lemuria drifted into what is now present-day California. Other remnants of Lemuria are the Hawaii Islands. I find this interesting as I am drawn to the Hawaiian Islands but don't feel a connection to Lemurian.

yes, and I'm late for work so I can't expand on that more right now, but my question right this second is Why are Lemurian seeds found in Brazil, Mozambique, and Russia, and where would the fourth place be most likely to find them? I guess I'd like to know where Lemuria was supposed to be, originally. I love working with my Lemurians.

Vicki, I remember you mentioning your Lemurian Crystal. I have been doing some research on the subject, and the amount of material is unbelievable. There are so many legends, theories and accounts of both these lost civilizations, I think I need time to reflect and review. Teresa

“I guess I'd like to know where Lemuria was supposed to be, originally.”

The exact location of Lemuria seems to vary depending on the researchers although I have read Lemuria is part of the mysteries of the Pacific region flowing into the American continent, just as Atlantis is linked to the Atlantic land areas that stretch to the Mediterranean Sea.

Popping in quickly to say that the Ireland-Atlantis thread was a copy/paste of research that was published. I think it was actually a CNN release? Dunno. I put it up for general interest, so it probably was in "All Our Relations". It wouldn't have been filed in the library, so it may have gone out with a spring cleaning, not necessarily the ez-board hijack of a few months back.

(((Lotus))): This is an interesting thread. Although I don't have any information to contribute to the thread I just wanted to pop in. I always enjoy reading posts on this subject. It has cropped up a few times on the boards these past couple of years. I enjoy reading Wolfie’s updates. Thanks to his many investigations and reading interests we can all benefit. I think you would make a good history teacher Wolfie, as a second job! Thank you everyone.

My brain wouldn't let this topic rest. It's pretty much all I've thought about for the past several days, and I tried to distract myself! So, what I get is that when Pangaea was altogether, Lemuria was a part of it, like a state, sort of. When the continent broke up, parts went everywhere, which is why the crystals are found on different continents (I guess, no one actually said for sure) Then, I read a lot about the Lemurians being more evolved beings from the Pleiades, which I would love to believe, but am not sure how gullible I want to be, except that every native culture on earth has legends of people coming from off world, so who knows? Then, according to what I found, the Lemurians founded Atlantis, among other places, but the Atlantians became prideful, or too materialistic, or stopped paying attention to the spiritual side of life, and their civilization fell. Meanwhile, after the breakup of Pangaea, the Lemurians either went to middle earth or back to the Pleiades, or back to space, or became completely ethereal, depending on the source. One site had an interesting side comment that there is a place in the Pacific that is like the Bermuda triangle and the reason for both places of spatial vortices was that Atlantis and Lemuria were both originally on those spots. Might not be true, but again, who knows? What I do know is that I have quartz from around the world and though each has a certain 'feel' to it, none are more easy to work with and identify from their 'feeling' than the Lemurians. My other quartz are very good at what I use them for, but they have an earthly feel to them. The Lemurians have a completely different vibrational disposition to them that even people who are not attuned to crystals can feel. I also have one Atlantian record keeper, but that one hasn't said

much to me yet. As for whether I believe I was personally in either place, I can't tell. The only half-memory of past lives I've ever glimpsed were of me as a Pictish warrior fighting the Romans, (the real Picts, not the faery sort people think of now) and me as a woman walking down a street during the 14th century (roughly) and going into a church with rosette moldings. Atlantis and Mu have been cropping up at various times in my life since the 1960's. I only heard of Lemuria about 2 years ago and only in the last couple days found out that Mu and Lemuria were the same place. Anyway, this post doesn't really help in any way that I can think of, but if I don't get it out it will haunt me for several more days! Convinced I'm becoming a whack-o!

Jaguar Eyes, have missed you ((((HUGS)))) and it’s wonderful to see you. I must admit, I am not well versed on either of these civilization but I am definitely drawn to crystals and have an interest in Cayce's work and others on the Atlantis/Lemurian continents of ancient times. My interest was piqued by an email I received and that is why I brought the subject here ... I can't say I feel any strong ties but felt some of you could share your thoughts and guide me on the topic ... books or experiences you recommend and would like to share? Thank you my darling Jaguar Eyes.

Teresa, I am enjoying reading your posts and I "DON'T" think you are becoming a "whack o."

Lotus, I started reading Plato's Timaeus the other night and found the following quote at the start of that book.

“The record speaks of a vast power that your city once brought to a halt in its insolent march against the whole of Europe and Asia at once – a power that sprang forth from beyond, from the Atlantic ocean. For a time this ocean was passable, since it had an island in it in front of the straight that you people call the "Pillars of Heracles" (straits of Gibralter). The island was larger than Libya and Asia combined, and it provided passage to the other islands for people who travelled in those days. From those islands one could then travel to the entire continent on the other side, which surrounds that real sea beyond. Everything here inside the strait we are talking about seems nothing but a harbor with a narrow entrance, whereas that really is an ocean out there and the land that embraces it all the way around truly deserves to be called a continent. Now on this isle of Atlantis a great and marvelous power established itself, and ruled not only the whole island, but many of the other islands and parts of the continent as well. What’s more their rule extended even inside the strait, over Libya, as far as Egypt, and over Europe as far as Tyrrhenia (Central Italy). Now one day this power gathered all of itself together, and set out to enslave all the territory inside the strait, including your region and ours, in one fell swoop. Then it was, Solon, that your city’s might shone bright with excellence and strength, for all humankind to see. Preeminent among all others in the nobility of her spirit and in her use of all the arts of war she first rose to the leadership of the Greek cause. Later, forced to stand alone, deserted by her allies, she reached a point of extreme peril. Nevertheless she overcame the invaders and erected her monument of victory. She prevented the enslavement of those not yet enslaved, and generously freed all the rest of us who lived within the boundaries of Heracles. Some time later excessively violent earthquakes and floors arrived, and after the onset of one unbearable day and a night, your entire warrior force sank below the surface all at once, and the isle of Atlantis likewise sank below the sea and disappeared”

Timaeus takes the form of a discussion between Socrates and a group of his friends and is dialogued as a play would be dialogued. Plato gives the telling of this old tale to Critias, a member of the party who are responding to a speech Socrates has given the day before. Plato, via Critias, tells that the story was supposedly told by an old Egyptian Scribe at a town called Sais “in that part of the Delta where the stream of the Nile divides the vertex” to Solon “the wisest of the seven sages once vouched for”. Solon lived in Athens, dying around 559bc, and, as well as being a great statesman who reputedly wrote the first Athenian constitution and is thus hailed by some as the father of democracy, is reputed in Timaeus to be a great poet, of the ilk of Homer or Hesiod, and a kinsman and great friend of Critias’ great grandfather Drophides, who recites Solon's tale of the old Egyptian priest to Critias’ grandfather, also named Critias, who recites it to his grandson. The story is supposedly told to Solon when he visited Sias. As a wealthy import and export merchant it is quite feasible that Solon did visit Egypt and the description of Sias certainly gives the impression that the Greeks were knowledgeable about Sias and Egypt generally, so there could be some truth in what is recounted here, however Timaeus is far more a rhetorical tale than a philosophical one. I will come back to this when I have a little more time, but I wanted to post this here as it does link to my earlier post, and I’ll discuss this in more detail when I have a little more time!

Plato must have been a deep and excellent thinker, bold and ahead of his time. Sounds like a man unafraid to take hold and develop an idea beyond normal reckoning. Still I know very little about him, except for the "essential ingredients" required to learn in some of my classes ... ooooooh so long ago. Science was not something I felt drawn too, still I do believe that living during a time when philosophers provided their own answers if science didn't provide the answers sought sounds intriguing. [always did enjoy philosophy] Is it possible Plato genuinely glimpsed eternal truths? That's something for me to think about. Wolfie, thank you for helping me to gain a little better understanding. I'm finding this era thought provoking and insightful in a mythic sort of way. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

From Fundamental Education by Samael Aun Weor: “Good and Evil do not exist. Something is good when it is convenient and evil when it is not convenient. Good and Evil is a matter of egotistical conveniences and whims of the mind. The man who invented the fateful terms Good and Evil was an Atlantian called Makari Kronvernkzyon, distinguished member of the Akaldan scientific society, located in the submerged continent of Atlantis. The elderly archaic sage never suspected the grave harm that he was going to cause humanity with the invention of those two small words. The wise Atlanteans profoundly studied all the Evolutive, Involutive and Neutral Forces of Nature, but it occurred to this old sage, the idea of defining the first two forces with the terms Good and Evil. He called the forces of an Evolutive type, good and the forces of an Involutive type he baptized with the term of evil. He did not give any name to the neutral forces. Such forces are processed inside man and inside nature, the neutral forces being the point of support and equilibrium. Many centuries after the submersion of Atlantis with its famous Poisedonis which Plato talked about in his Republic, there existed in the Oriental civilization Tiklyamishayana, a very ancient priest, who committed the grave error of abusing the terms of good and evil, clumsily using them to base on them a moral. The name of that priest was Armanatoora.

With the passing of history through countless centuries, humanity grew addicted to these two small words and converted them into the basis of all its moral codes. Nowadays, one finds these two small words even in soup. Actually there are many reformers that want moral restoration but who, unfortunately for them and this afflicted world, have the mind imprisoned between good and evil. Every moral bases itself on these two small words, good and evil; that is why every moral reformer is, as a matter of fact, a reactionary. The terms good and evil always serve to justify or condemn our own errors. Whoever justifies or condemns does not understand. It is intelligent to understand the development of Evolutive forces but it is not intelligent to justify them with the term good. It is intelligent to understand the processes of the involutive forces but it is stupid condemn them with the term of evil.”

From Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor:
243. During the Polar and Hyperborean epochs and in the beginning of Lemuria, we the human beings were Hermaphrodites Reproduction was performed through spores that were separated from the calves.
244. The human being utilized the two poles of his sexual energy, positive and negative in order to create through spores.
245. With the division into opposites sexes, the human being retained one pole of his sexual energy in order to form the brain and the throat
246. Then, sexual cooperation was necessary for the reproduction of the race
247. The sexual act was then performed under the direction of the Angels, in determined epochs of the year
248. The plan of the Angels was that as soon as the brain and the throat were constructed, humans would then continue their evolution by creating their body with the power of the Verb
249. I was a witness to all these things. This is why reincarnation for me is a fact
250. I knew the tenebrous and tantric sexual magic that Mr. Cherenzi and Mr. Parsival (both black magicians) are preaching. I saw this black tantrism being performed by all the black magicians of Atlantis. This is why the continent of Atlantis was submerged among great cataclysms.
251. I knew the Egyptians and the Romans. I often saw Nero seated on his canopy bed upon the shoulders of his servants, while passing through the doors of the ancient Roman palace of the Caesars.
252. The human beings have been evolving through the wheels of birth and death for more than eighteen million years.
253. It is sad, very sad indeed to say the truth, but this human evolution has truly failed.
254. A very small group of souls will reincarnate in the luminous age of Aquarius.

ORIGIN OF THE PLURALIZED “I” from Magic Runes by Samael Aun Weor “My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.” Listen to me, you must study in depth with your mind and your heart this revolutionary chapter of this 1968-1969 Christmas message. The Elohim (holy Gods) produced Man from themselves (by modification), in their likeness ... He (the collective Deity) created them (the collective humanity or Adam) male and female.

The Protoplasmatic Root Race from the Sacred Island (located in the Septentrion) was truly their first production. It was a tremendous transformation of themselves (the Elohim) and which was through themselves. These productions were pure spiritual existences. Behold here the Adam Sollus.

From this primeval Polar Root Race, the second Root Race arose: The Adam-Eve or Jod-Heva, the Hyperborean people, the inactive androgynous.

The third Root Race, the Lemurian people, arose always by modification, from the Hyperborean. This race was the separative Hermaphrodite Cain and Abel, which lived upon the gigantic continent of Mu or Lemuria as it was later called, and that was situated in the Pacific Ocean. This third Root Race was the last semi-spiritual one. As well, it was the final vehicle of the pure, virginal, unbegotten, instinctive and innate esoterism of the Enochs, or the Illuminated ones from that humanity.

The separative Hermaphrodite Cain and Abel produced the fourth Root Race of Seth-Enos, which lived on the continent of Atlantis, situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Our actual Arian Root Race, which perversely dwells upon the five continents of the world arose from the Atlantian people. Each one of the four preceded Root Races perished from gigantic cataclysms, and our fifth Root Race will not be an exception.

It has been said unto us that in a remote future, two more Root Races will exist upon the face of the earth. It is obvious that each one of them will have its own scenario. The primeval bisexual unity of the third human Root-Race is an axiom of ancient wisdom. Its virginal individuals elevated themselves to the rank of Gods, because these people were actually representing their divine dynasty.

Certainly, the separation into opposite sexes was performed throughout various thousands of years, and this was a consummated fact at the end of the Lemurian Root Race.

Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor 91 Let us now talk about Eden, of those paradisiacal Jinn lands which the sacred individuals of Lemuria had continuous access to in the times in which the rivers of pure water of life were flowing milk and honey. This was the epoch of the Titans, when neither that which is mine and that which is yours existed. Everyone could collect fruits from the tree of the neighbor without any fear. This was the epoch of Arcadia, in which people were rendering cult to the Gods of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This was the Age of Gold when the lyre had not yet been smashed into pieces by falling upon the floor of the temple.

Then, only the pure rising of the divine Cosmic Language, that as a river of gold runs under the thick jungle of the sun was spoken. In that ancient age, people were very simple and innocent because the Pluralized ‘I’ was not born yet. They were rendering cult to the Gods of the tender corn, and also to the ineffable creatures of rivers and forests. I knew the Hermaphrodite Lemurian Root Race. Those terrible volcanoes which were in constant eruption come into my memory in these instants. What a time! All of us Initiates were normally using very common sacerdotal vestures. Those sacred venerated vestures were splendidly standing Out with white and black colors, which were symbolizing the tremendous struggle between the Spirit and matter. It was exalting to admire and see those Lemurian Giants with their noble vestures and their sandals which were displaying great tassels.The pituitary gland, the sixth sense, which is the light-keeper and the page of the pineal gland, was displayed between the eyebrows of these Colossuses. Then, the life of any individual had the average age of twelve to fifteen centuries, So, gigantic cities were built, which were protected with enormous stones formed with lava of volcanoes.

I also knew the last times of the third Root Race. I lived in that epoch, which is cited in Genesis as being that ancient age in which Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden. In those times, humanity had already divided themselves into opposite sexes. The sexual act was then a sacrament which was only performed inside of the temples.

Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor 92 In certain lunar epochs, the Lemurian tribes were performing long travels. They were departing on pilgrimages towards the holy places, with the purpose of multiplying the specie (let us recall our honeymoon trips). We, all the Lemurians, were children born from will power and yoga. Maithuna was what we performed during the copulation, and no one was committing the error of ejaculating the entity of semen.

The human seed always passed into the womb without the spilling of semen being necessary. The multiple combinations of this infinite substance are marvelous. The king and queen monarchs were sexually united before the very altar of the temple, and the multitudes were performing the copulation inside the sacred precinct and in the rocky patios filled with mysterious hieroglyphics. The holy Gods were wisely directing those mystical ceremonies, which were indispensable for the reproduction of the human specie. No one was thinking in perversity, since the pluralized ‘I’ was not born yet. I was living in the country with my tribe, far away from those walled cyclopean cities. We were abiding in a big cabin, cottage or hut. Close to our rounded palm roofed residence, I remember with entire clarity that there was a military base where the warriors of our tribe were meeting.

It happened that on a certain night, all of us, fascinated by a strange Luciferic power, resolved to perform the sexual act out of the temple. Thus, we, each of the couples delivered ourselves to lust. Next day, in the morning, as if nothing had happened, we had the daring, the shame, the insolence, the impudence to present ourselves as usual in the temple. However, something unexpected and terrible happened. All of us saw a God of Justice, a great Master, dressed with a day-breaking and immaculate sacerdotal vesture. With a flaming sword which he was turning in every way to threaten us, he said,: “Get out, you unworthy!” It is clear that we then fled terrorized. Obviously, this event was repeated in all the corners of the enormous continent Mu. This is how the humanity Adam- Eve was cast out from the Garden of Eden. Following this event, which is registered in the Genesis of all religions, horrifying epilogues were occurring. Millions of human creatures were developing the abominable Kundartiguador organ when they started to mix Magic with fornication... Incidently, it is useful to mention here Kalayoni, the King of the serpents, the Black Magician, keeper of the temple of Kali which is the fatal antithesis of the Eternal Mother Space.

Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor 93 Krishna saw with the magical conjuration of Kalayoni, a long blue-greenish reptile appearing. The fatal serpent slowly straightened its body, then horizontally it bristled its reddish mane, and its penetrating eyes frightfully flashed in its monstrous head of shining shells. “Better if you worship it, or you will perish” said the Black Magician...but the serpent died in the hands of Krishna. So, when Krishna heroically killed this great serpent, keeper of the Temple of Kali (the Goddess of Desire) the Mother of Cupid made ablutions and prayers for one month at the shores of the river Ganges. This viper from Kali is the tempting serpent of Eden, the horrible serpent Piton which is writhing in the mud of the earth and which Apollo enragedly hurt with his darts.

It is indispensable to comprehend that such a sinister snake is without any doubt the tail of Satan, the abominable Kundartiguador organ. When the Gods intervened, eliminating from the human specie the cited fatal organ, the awful consequences of this tail of Satan remained within the five cylinders of the human machine (intellect, emotion, movement, instinct and sex). It is obvious that such evil consequences from the abominable Kundartiguador organ constitute that which is called ego, the pluralized ‘I’, the ‘Myself, a tenebrous conjunction of perverse entities which personify all of our psychological defects. Therefore, the pluralized ‘I’ is a granulated lunar, negative Luciferic Fohat. This Fohatic satanic crystallization constitutes that which is called EGO.

From The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor: THE ESKIMOS OF THE NORTH Tradition says that the Eskimos of Greenland and Alaska have their origin in distant Thule. It is said that the Eskimos are mixed with invaders from Polynesia, Tunguska and Dené. The Great Gnostic Rosicrucian Master Arnold Krumm Heller speaks sublimely about distant Thule, the sacred island. Don Mario Rosso de Luna says that this island still exists, but is found in a state of Jinns. We know that the first human race existed on this island.

The polar race developed in an environment totally different from the present one. In that age, which dates back more than three hundred million years, the earth was really semietheric, semi-physical; it was an ocean, curved, blue as the night firmament. In those times human beings could float in the atmosphere. Human bodies were androgynous and ethereal. These bodies were elastic and subtle. Just as they could maintain their gigantic form, ten or twenty meters tall, they could reduce their size at will and assume pygmy-like stature, or take the size of the present human body.

We cannot affirm that those people were hermaphroditic. This race was androgynous. The sexual energy operated in a different way, and they reproduced through the fissiparous sexual act. In a determined instant the original organism divided into exact halves. This is similar to multiplication by cellular division. Each time this occurred there was prayer and profound veneration of the Divine. Although it may seem incredible, the first human race reached a very high degree of civilization. With the plastic and ethereal matter of this primeval Earth, houses were built, palaces, cities and grandiose temples.

Naturally, the pigs of today’s materialism will laugh at our affirmations because they have never found the remains of this civilization. It is impossible to find the remains of such an ancient civilization, because in that age the Earth was ethereal, that is to say, it was made of pro-matter. Only in the memories of nature can the great clairvoyants find all the living history of the first race.

This is the protoplasmic race. This is the legitimate protoplasm of the human race. The great clairvoyants can laugh all they want at the Darwinian and Haeckelian protoplasm. The fossil remains of human beings found in the subterranean caverns of the Earth have nothing to do with the protoplasmic race. These remains are those of degenerated tribes, descendants of the submerged Atlantis.

Religion, science and philosophy were totally united in the culture of the polar race. The inhabitants of distant Thule were Bodhisattva vas of the Masters of other Mahàmanvantaras. Adam and Eve were one single being. Nowadays, Adam and Eve are separated and suffer and search for each other with an insatiable thirst to unite. Only during the sexual act are the man and woman one single being. In those moments of sexual voluptuousness both man and woman have the immense joy of being one single being.

The cosmic rituals of that age are very interesting. In the temples the trained clairvoyant can discover pure Occult Masonry Nevertheless, those rituals differed so greatly from those that currently exist in the world, that it would be impossible for the modem Mason to admit that these rituals were Masonic. The lights of the Temple were not fixed. No sooner had the Venerable Master occupied a throne than he would abandon it. Some times the First Vigilant occupied a throne, to later change it for that of the Second Vigilant. The high dignitaries levitated to exchange among themselves their ceremonial positions. On their vestments the colors black and white were combined to represent the struggle between Spirit and matter. The construction of the Temple was perfect. The symbols and the tools of work were used inverted, to represent the drama that is projected into the centuries; the descent of Spirit toward matter. Thus we may contemplate with surprise the inverted scepters, chalice etc. all inverted. Life was at this time descending towards matter, and it was necessary then to give symbolic expression to this. The sacred processions were grandiose. They made the Great Mysteries and the supreme descent of Spirit towards matter understands able. This was a magnificent event that was awaited through the course of the centuries. It was awaited with as much yearning as is today the return of man to the superior worlds.

The language of the protoplasmic race was the Word of Gold, a universal and cosmic language whose combinations of sound produce cosmic phenomena of all kinds. Those who follow the Path of the Perfect Matrimony rediscover that primeval language within themselves. When the Sacred Fire reaches the level of the throat, we begin to speak in the very pure orthoepy of the divine language which, like a river of gold, flows delightfully beneath the dense forest of the Sun. Singing in this language, the parents of the Gods taught the Gods the cosmic laws of nature. The script of the first race was the Runes. The mallet of Masonry comes from the arrow of the Egyptian God Ra, and this is a Rune. In that epoch, the rituals of the polar Temple were all runic. The movements of the officials were runic. This is the Divine Script. Let us remember that the Swastika is a Rune. The Hebrew letters are nothing other than modifications of runic letters. The cradle of occult wisdom was not Asia as many believe. The true cradle of occult wisdom was the sacred island, distant Thule, about which Huiracocha said so many beautiful things. In the epoch of the protoplasmic race, the sacred isle was not in the north. That island was in fact a continent positioned exactly on the equatorial line. Much later, with the revolution of the axes of the Earth, this island came to be in the north. The revolution of the Earths’ axes has already been demonstrated by contemporary science. Nowadays the poles are deviating toward the equator.

The present Eskimos, although mixed with other races, are not descendants of the first race. Rather they are degenerated Atlantians, but they maintain some very interesting traditions. These people have a family bond that unites them. Each patriarch uses a special amulet consisting of a sign, totem mark, or the name of a species of sacred animal, which he passes on to his descendants. Because they live in the North Pole, many thinkers may feel inclined to believe that this race could have its origin in the primitive Nordics of the first age. It is interesting to know that among the ancient Eskimos there was no special authority, caciclue or king. They were ruled by a council of elders. The young males united in Perfect Matrimony with women of other clans, but the amulet served as a distinguishing sign to avoid marriages among relatives. In other times polyandry existed. They killed every female child that was born before the male son. Fortunately, they have now abandoned that barbaric custom.

In his book entitled “History of Matrimony”, R. Westermarch says that the Eskimos lent their wife to another man, or exchanged her. In fact, this is an adulterous custom. A horrible custom incompatible with the doctrine preached by our Adorable Saviour Jesus the Christ. But, every rule has its exception and we cannot believe that all Eskimos have the same barbaric custom. There is everything in the Garden of the Lord. It is a custom for the Eskimos to wrap their dead in skins and to bury them beneath a tumulus surrounded by a fence. In the Aleutian Islands they were tied with cords, and buried in the crevices of cliffs.

The Eskimos know the law of eternal return; they know that the ego returns to a new womb. The fetishes or diminutive dolls of the Eskimos symbolize the Essence. They believe that the Essence is tiny and diminutive, but the priests do not ignore that the Soul is fabricated with it. Pregnancy, the birth of children, puberty and death are celebrated with special esoteric practices. The Eskimos adore the feminine principle of God. They love their sublime elder Sedna who lives in the depths of the ocean and sends marine animals for their nourishment. Naturally, the erudite ignoramuses who know nothing about occult science laugh at the divine religion of the Eskimos. The best canticles and rituals of the Eskimos are for the Divine Mother. The symbolic journeys of the shaman (priest) in search of the ancient Sedna, to console her when she becomes angered, and the processions that the community makes to reconcile her remind us of the symbolic journeys of the Masonic candidate around the lodge. The journeys are the external symbols of the elevation of the candidates’ consciousness through the superior worlds. The five symbolic journeys of Occult Masonry are intimately related with the five Initiations of Major Mysteries. When they see these journeys of the Eskimos, the profane and ignorant do nothing but laugh and laugh at what they do not know. They laugh like idiots, they laugh at what they do not know.

The Eskimos know with perfect exactitude, as the true Initiate who has awakened his sixth sense also knows, that there exist genies, elves, gnomes, giants, salamanders of the fire, undines etc., etc. Fortunately, official science, after having accepted hypnotism and having baptized it with the new name hypnology, has to accept clairvoyance as a logical consequence. Only in this way is it possible to explain to ourselves that a subject in a hypnotic state can see through a wall or can inform about what is happening often at a distance of thousands of kilometers. What science rejects today, it accepts tomorrow. Today those who laugh at Paracelsus and the Eskimos because of the elementals, gnomes, pygmies, salamanders, genies, undines, sylphs etc., will have to laugh at themselves and become red with embarrassment when these creatures are rediscovered by science. Who would have believed only five years ago in the glass snake? Now, in 1961 a famous scientist, one of those who previously described himself as incredulous, has just discovered the famous glass snake. This snake has the power to drop its tail at will in cases of danger, easily being able to regenerate it afterwards. When the glass snake finds itself in danger, attacked by some animal, it coils up, becomes rigid and throws itself over the animal. It then instantly abandons its tail and it head escapes in a flash. The animal is distracted by the tail while the snake saves itself. Later a new tail grows from the head. Thus it; Nature has many marvels, and it is necessary to learn how to respect all religions, because they are but forms of a single universal religion. Tremendous truths and cosmic sciences are contained in every religion, unknown to the erudite ignoramuses of this barbaric age. All those who want to profoundly self-realize must work in their laboratory with the Sulphur (Fire), the Nitrogen (Air), the Man (Water) and the Bull (Earth). These four elements form a cross. The al chemist who follows the Path of the Perfect Matrimony must transmute the lead into gold within the profound caverns of the great mountain range (the spinal column).

In this great mountain range live the Gnomes, the guardians of all the treasures of the Earth, the great alchemists who transmute lead into gold. The Gnomes work with the Salamanders of the Fire, with the Sylphs of the Air and the voluptuous Undines of the pure Water of Life. The ardent Salamanders fertilize the unquiet Undines, and the happy and playful Sylphs animate the Fire of the laboratory’s furnace (the chakra called the Church of Ephesus) so that the Water (semen) evaporates from within its container (the sex). The seminal vapors rise through the chimney to the distillery (the brain). There the Gnomes perform the great distillation, perfectly transmuting the remaining lead into gold. It is necessary to transmute the lead of the personality into the gold of the Spirit. Only in this way can we again speak the very pure orthoepy of the Divine Language. Our motto is Thelema (Will).

We need to pass through the five Great Initiations of Fire, symbolized by the Three Degrees of Occult Masonry. We need to return, to go back to the Divine Wisdom of distant Thule. Much has been said about this distant Thule, the Land of the Gods. The ancestors of the Eskimos and the Aztecs reside there. Quetzalcoatl lives there. From there he came and there he returned. The Emperor Monteczuma sent a group of ambassador magicians to that mysterious Thule. They went in a state of Jinas; that is to say, they traveled within the fourth dimension. Distant Thule is the Sacred Land, the Sacred Isle, the first continent to exist and the last to cease to exist. That continent is found in the polar icecap of the north, within the fourth dimension. The Aztec magicians sent by Monteczuma arrived there in a state of Jinas, carrying presents to the ancestors of the Aztecs. On their return they brought a message for Monteczuma and the Aztecs, which we could synthesize as follows: “If you do not stop your passions, cruelties and vices you will be punished. White men will come from the sea and will conquer you and destroy you.” All this was fulfilled by the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico. The matter of the fourth dimension, and of a sacred land within the fourth dimension at the North Pole, may make the erudite ignoramuses laugh. They in fact have not studied all the dimensions of space. It is a shame that mathematics cannot define the dimensions of space. “Every mathematical expression always corresponds to a realization of realities”. Thus one thinks with formal logic. Fortunately though, there exists a dialectic logic that would permit us to use mathematics to define the six fundamental dimensions of the universe.

Generally, the dimensions are represented by powers: the first, second, third, fourth, etc. It was precisely this that provided a base for Hinton to construct his famous theory of tesseracts, or four dimensional solids (A raised to the fourth power). This is the representation of dimensions in the form of powers. Many authors consider that mathematics has nothing to do with dimensions because there is no difference between the dimensions. This concept appears false to us. We believe that the difference between dimensions is obvious, and that the entire universe is made according to the Law of Number, Measure and Weight. What happens is that whilst the mind is bottled up in formal logic we will limit the use of mathematics to the three dimensional world. We urgently need dialectic logic to be able to consider as something logical, the representation of dimensions by powers. This is only possible dialectically; with dialectic logic.

Metageometry studies “Superior Space”. Metageometry is destined to totally replace Euclidian geometry. In fact, Euclidian geometry only serves to investigate the properties of a particular physical space. But wanting to abandon the study of the fourth vertical clearly means that physics will be halted in its progress. The vital secret of all mechanics is found in the fourth coordinate. Metageometry has the merit of considering the three dimensional world as a section of a superior space. The point of three dimensional spaces is only a sectional slice of a Metageometry line. With formal logic it is impossible to consider Metageometry lines as distances between points in our space, and it is impossible to represent them forming figures in our space. But, with dialectic logic you have distances between points of our space and we can represent these with figures and qualities. It is not absurd then, to say that the continent of the North Pole belongs to the fourth dimension. Neither would it be absurd in light of the thought of dialectic logic, to affirm that this continent is inhabited by people who have physical bodies. We can make a map of this continent a d this would be accepted by dialectic logic. Formal logic on the other hand, besides considering our affirmations absurd, would lead us in fact into error.

The three-dimensionality of the world certainly exists in our psyche, in our receptive apparatus. It is also there where we can all find the marvels of the supradimensional, if we develop clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.; that is to say, if we perfect our psychic apparatus. Only through the development of our powers of internal perception can we study the superior dimensions of nature. Materialistic positivism has built a “Great Wall of China” around free investigation. Now, the erudite ignoramuses condemn as antiscientific all which arises contradictory to that wall. Materialistic positivism is conservative and reactionary. We the Gnostics are revolutionaries and we totally reject reactionary and conservative ideas. Emmanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, considers space to be a property of the receptivity of the world by our consciousness. “We carry in ourselves the conditions of our space, and therefore, within ourselves we will find the conditions that allow us to establish correlations between our space and superior space.”

When the microscope was invented the world of the infinitely small was opened to us. In the same way the world of the fourth dimension will be opened to us with the awakening of the sixth sense. Those who have developed the sixth sense can study the Akãsa Records of nature and discover for themselves the reality of the polar continent of the north. The first race that existed in the world was of a black color. This was the protoplasmic race; the androgynous race that reproduced itself through the fissiparous sexual act (similar to multiplication by cellular division). The first race lived in the fourth dimension of space. The Earth itself was then submerged within the fourth dimension. That race had a gigantic civilization, the Language of Gold was spoken and they wrote with runic letters. These letters are of great esoteric power. In that epoch, the Angel Uriel wrote a precious cosmic book with runic letters. We can only study this book in the Akãsa Records.

The manner of perception and representation of the people of the first race was not subjective as is that of humanity today. These polar people had clear and perfect objective representations and perceptions. They could see bodies in a complete and exact manner. The people of today can only see sides, angles, faces, surfaces etc. Now nobody sees complete bodies. People of today are degenerated and only have incomplete, subjective perceptions and representations of a type which is completely degenerate and subjective. We need to return to the point of departure and regenerate our psychic apparatus through Sexual Magic and internal meditation to reconquer objective representations and perceptions.

It is urgent to eliminate all subjective elements from our representations and perceptions. This is possible by improving the quality of the representations with the technique of meditation, and by regenerating the psychic apparatus with Sexual Magic. In the north is the cradle of occult wisdom, and not in the orient as some orientalists suppose.

The Eskimos conserve many religious traditions that are worth seriously investigating. Archimedes said, “Give me a point of support and I will move the universe.” Archimedes searched for the lever to move the universe. This lever exists. Eliphas Levi says that this lever is the Astral Light. We prefer to speak more clearly and say that the lever of Archimedes is

Whoever develops Kundalini can place his body of flesh and bone into the fourth dimension to transport himself to distant Thule, the Land of the Gods. Whoever knows how to pray and ask Mother Kundalini, could well beg her to put him in the fourth dimension and transport him to the Sacred Island. Kundalini is the lever of Archimedes, the lever with which we place ourselves in the fourth dimension, traveling with our physical bodies. The invention of the lever immediately differentiated primitive man from the animal, and in fact was linked with the real appearance of concepts. If we understand in depth, psychically, the action of the lever we discover with astonishment that its construction consists of a correct syllogism. Whoever does not know how to construct a syllogism correctly, can neither totally understand the action of a lever. The syllogism in the psychic sphere is literally thy same thing as the lever in the physical sphere. In reality we can be sure that the beings living on Earth are divided into two groups; those who know the action of the lever and those who do not know this action.

Man needs the lever of Archimedes, the Superastral Serpent, to put himself into the fourth dimension and transport himself with his body to the Land of the Gods. When mathematics has renounced the fundamental axioms of identity and difference, the path is found that leads to a superior order of things in the superior dimensions of space. The great writer, P.O. said, “In the world of the infinite and variable magnitudes, a magnitude may not be the same as itself. One part can he equal to the whole; and of two equal magnitudes one can he infinitely greater than the other.”

In reality this can seem a complete absurdity when we study the question in the light of the mathematics of constant and finite numbers. But it is certain, completely certain and true, that the mathematics of constant and finite numbers is in itself the calculus of the relations that exist between nonexistent ma that is, the calculus of the absurd. Then, we can completely affirm that what appears as absurd from the point of view of this mathematics may really be true, even though people do not believe it. On a certain occasion a famous penologist said, “To discover truth we have to renounce logic.” In part this lawyer spoke the truth, in another way he did not. In reality we have to renounce formal logic, but not logic, because logic is the art of correct thinking, If we stop thinking correctly clearly we fall into the absurd. In his “Critique of Pure Reason “, Emmanuel Kant showed us the path of a transcendental logic. Before Bacon arid the famous Aristotle, in the archaic scriptures of the sacred land of the Vedas, formulae for a superior logic were already given. These formulae were written in very ancient books. This logic is dialectic logic. This is intuitive logic, the logic of ecstasy, the logic of the infinite. This logic existed long before deductive or inductive logic were formulated. When man masters this marvelous key of the mind called dialectic logic, he can open the mysterious door of the world of natural causes without danger of falling into error. The axioms of dialectic logic can only be formulated during ecstasy.

If we really want to deeply understand the multidimensional world and visit the sacred land of the Gods situated in the northern polar cap, we urgently need to cast everything out from the Temple of our mind, all the intellectual idols that have become axioms. We need to liberate the mind, free it from formal logic, which is only good for Moliere and his caricatures. The lands of Jinas, the marvels hidden within the “Thousand and One Nights”, the countries of gold where the ineffable Gods of the aurora live, become a tremendous reality when we find the lever of

Archimedes. Supported by this mysterious lever we spring to the fourth dimension. The hour has arrived to liberate the mind and to awaken Kundalini. The moment has arrived for the human being to learn to pass to the fourth dimension at will any time he wishes. If someone who has awakened Kundalini were to supplicate to this Kundalini in the moments when falling asleep, asking to be placed in the fourth dimension and transported to the sacred island of the north pole, you could be sure dear reader, that the miracle would inevitably occur. The only thing that the Initiate needs is to know is how to raise himself from the bed whilst conserving sleep. The Snake will help him with everything when he in turn, knows how to help himself. “Help yourself and I will help you.”

From Fundamental Education by Samael Aun Weor: Good and Evil do not exist. Something is good when it is convenient and evil when it is not convenient. Good and Evil is a matter of egotistical conveniences and whims of the mind. The man who invented the fateful terms Good and Evil was an Atlantean called Makari Kronvernkzyon, distinguished member of the Akaldan scientific society, located in the submerged continent of Atlantis. The elderly archaic sage never suspected the grave harm that he was going to cause humanity with the invention of those two small words. The wise Atlanteans profoundly studied all the Evolutive, Involutive and Neutral Forces of Nature, but it occurred to this old sage, the idea of defining the first two forces with the terms Good and Evil. He called the forces of an Evolutive type, good and the forces of an Involutive type he baptized with the term of evil. He did not give any name to the neutral forces. Such forces are processed inside man and inside nature, the neutral forces being the point of support and equilibrium.

Many centuries after the submersion of Atlantis with its famous Poisedonis which Plato talked about in his Republic, there existed in the Oriental civilization Tiklyamishayana, a very ancient priest, who committed the grave error of abusing the terms of good and evil, clumsily using them to base on them a moral. The name of that priest was Armanatoora. With the passing of history through countless centuries, humanity grew addicted to these two small words and converted them into the basis of all its moral codes. Nowadays, one finds these two small words even in soup. Actually there are many reformers that want moral restoration but who, unfortunately for them and this afflicted world, have the mind imprisoned between good and evil. Every moral bases itself on these two small words, good and evil; that is why every moral reformer is, as a matter of fact, a reactionary. The terms good and evil always serve to justify or condemn our own errors. Whoever justifies or condemns does not understand. It is intelligent to understand the development of Evolutive forces but it is not intelligent to justify them with the term good. It is intelligent to understand the processes of the involutive forces but it is stupid condemn them with the term of evil.”

uh huh---interesting that

From the I Ching, Book of Changes Ta Chuan / The Great Treatise 4. Concern over remorse and humiliation depends on the borderline. The urge to blamelessness depends on remorse.

Remorse and humiliation are the results of a deviation from the right path and consequently always require a reversal of attitude. One can avoid both by being on guard in time. The point at which concern must set in, if one is to be spared re-morse and humiliation, is that point at which good or evil has begun to stir in the mind but has not yet crossed the threshold into actuality. If at this moment one takes action and directs the movement in its germinal phase toward the good, one will be spared remorse and humiliation. If, however, a mistake has already been made, remorse is the psychological force leading to repentance and improvement. ...

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