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Iroquois: Stone Throwers, Secret Forest Little People

The mention of Little People most often brings to mind the faeries and elves of the Celtic traditions. Few realize that some groups of Native North Americans held similar beliefs of small beings that assisted Mother Nature in her earthly duties.

The Iroquois of the Northeastern woodlands for example believe in what they term the Little People or "Stone Throwers", small invisible elf folk who inhabit dark forests, deep ravines and even underwater in lakes and rivers. Although diminutive in stature, these Little People are perceived as gigantic in the strength they possess.

There exist three tribes they belong to: Those of the Rocks and Rivers, Those of the Fruits and Grains and Those of the Dark Shadows.

They carry out their chores in the depths of the forest, some tending to streams and caves, others responsible for awakening the plants come Spring.

Generally amiable in nature, they thus aid the Iroquois when shown respect. But are quick to anger when not given the proper tribute.

The Iroquois deemed them Stone Throwers as that is their favorite way of showing distaste for the acts of man.


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