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Great Mystery
By CinnamonMoon

I love Jamie Sams and wanted to share what she has to say about Great Mystery in her book from the Sacred Path card interpretations. I thought some of you might like to contemplate on her shared wisdom…CM

Great Mystery/Original Source Original Source of Creation,

The Void of All That Is,
Thank you for the breath of life,
Thank you for my gifts.
Eternal Mystery,
touch my heart,
In beauty may I walk.
Sacred Mystery, be my guide,
So I may Walk my Talk.
Infinite Source, remain with me,
So I may always know,
The warmth of your Eternal Flame,
Deep within my soul.

The Teaching:
The Original Source of Creation is called Great Mystery by Native Americans. Great Mystery, called Swenio in our Seneca tongue, cannot be limited and is the Creator of Great Spirit. Many Native people also call upon the Great Spirit when praying; however, these are two different things in our Seneca Tradition. The Great Mystery lives in everything, is everything, and encompasses everything in Creation. Being the Original Source of Creation, Great Mystery created all things in beauty, harmony, and interdependence. Each facet of Creation was, is, and will always be. The forms may change, but the energy of Creation is self-regenerative and eternal. Inside of this infinite Creation that is Great Mystery, there is a Vibral Core, or primal energy source, that is the Great Spirit, or creative principle. The two are different. Both Great Mystery and Great Spirit are individually complete, unique, and independent of each other.

Great Mystery created Great Spirit to direct the creative flow of the Uniworlds, which include all universes, all levels of consciousness, all understanding, and all life. The key for seekers who wish to know the answers of the Void is that Great Mystery does not need to be solved! As we explore and discover the Mystery further, we learn that more is created and allowed to evolve. Trying to figure out all the answers to the Great Mystery is foolish and impossible because we are a part of that infinite, progressive Creation.

These concepts were alien to the Boat People who came from Europe to the shores of Turtle Island. When these White Eyes began to understand the languages of Native Americans and tried to conceptualize Indian understandings regarding Great Mystery, the limits of their religions blocked their paths of knowing. The white idea of God was rather primitive in that most Europeans believed that God was more or less human with many extra abilities. The Red Race was more expansive and all-encompassing in their views of the Original Source of Creation. Native Americans had been taught through more than a hundred thousand years of oral history that all of Creation and each individual life-form was an expression of and contained Great Mystery. A part of Great Mystery lives in everything and knows no boundaries or limits. Every life-form has free will to co-create with the Original Source in beauty and truth or in ugliness or dispair.

The Eastern Tribes of Native America tried to communicate the understanding of Great Mystery without success to the French trappers who were among the first to learn sign language and some Native tongues. The concept of all life coming from the Thought World, which is the Spirit World, then being manifested in physical forms on the Earth Mother was not fully understood. Since these concepts were limited by the Christian backgrounds of the settlers, the Original Source was interpreted by the Boat People as one Great Spirit equal to the white idea of God. The joke among Native People is that according to the white understanding, "In the beginning was the word...and it was misunderstood."

This misunderstanding of Great Mystery was handed on to the descendants of the Red Race when they were forced to learn the English language in boarding schools. The unfortunate use of Great Spirit as the term for all of Great Mystery has created a limited use of Native wisdom even among Native Americans.

Every life-form has one common mission as well as their individual ones. Each life-form is created to learn to be an equal contributor to the beauty of the whole. The purpose of the common mission is to discover who you are, why you are here, what talents you can use to assist the whole, and how you are going to go about it. This mission of discovery is the Sacred Path of Beauty that allows every living creature to express uniqueness in a way that exemplifies the harmony and truth.

The human race is the only one of All Our Relations that has lost the inner-knowing about its purpose. The Two-leggeds have been given much assistance by Great Mystery since they must answer the questions of the common mission before understanding the value of their individual missions. This assistance has come in the form of teachers who are All Our Relations.

The common misunderstanding that frightened the missionaries who came to "save" Native America was that the Red Race was a pagan race. I suppose since American Indians did not acknowledge Jesus, the common consensus was the Red Race was primitive, savage, and pagan in orientation. From the Native point of view, Great Mystery is ALL. The aspects of Creation that are manifested by Great Mystery are sacred parts of the whole that are here to serve and be honored in that service. Native Americans do not worship idols, but use Sacred Medicine Objects of their Totems as reminders of the Relations assisting their evolution on this Earth Walk.

The Red Race sees Great Mystery as the life-force in all of Creation and not as an angry or jealous god. Great Spirit is seen as an unlimited creative force within Great Mystery that feeds all of Creation, all the time. Nothing in Seneca Wisdom limits Great Mystery or Great Spirit to gender, form, texture, color, or intent. All creations are a part of Great Mystery's whole, just as every cell in the human body has a different function and yet together those cells make up a carbon combustion unit that houses a spirit inside the human body, are fed to the brain, and then acted upon through the will of the total being. All ideas in Creation come from Great Mystery, are gathered by Great Spirit, and then are used to feed the rest of Creation. To limit the power of Creation in ourselves or others is a human concept. If we acknowledge the limitlessness of Great Mystery, we must acknowledge that this life-force is also a part of our makeup because we are created by that same Original Source.

The Application:
The Great Mystery card tells us the Original Source is the Creator of all life and that we are created in that likeness. We are free-willed co-creators who become the source of all we choose to experience in life. The buck stops here. We are totally responsible for all our joys and all our pain.

In receiving this card, you are being reminded to give gratitude for all of your lessons; it changes any pain to gain. Focus on your creative capacity and you can change anything. It may be time to drop any blame, shame, or regret and take charge of your life. The victim role doesn't suit Two-leggeds. We are created in the image of an infinite Creator and are therefore limitless co-creators.

In all cases, Great Mystery will continue to confound and astound us every time we try to figure it all out. Stop your mind's chatter and listen to the Source. Original Source shows us that the Mystery lives within us and contains all the answers we need to find along The Sacred Path. The Sacred Path of Beauty is experiencing the mystery of life without having to control the outcome from our tunnel-vision command post. Go with the flow and watch the glory of limitless co-creation. After all, Great Mystery is the Divine plan and everything is on schedule.


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