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Faerie Chair
By CinnamonMoon

I got this in my email today and thought I'd share it with those interested in the Fae.

Having flower faeries in the garden are intriguing...Planting a faerie chair in your own herb garden is a great way to invite them in...Other faeries will be able to see this from afar and tell others, until you have such a wondrous amount of faeries wanting to make their home there...You have to however remind your friends and family not to sit on the chair~

First of all you will need an old wooden chair...these are easy to find at flea markets, garage sales, etc...even some of your family might have an old one or two lying around in the garage, not being used...take the seat part of the chair out...and here is the rest of the material you will need:

Branches that are curly
Green Moss(there is a lot in the wooded areas)
Sphagnum moss
Chicken Wire(although you might find some other wire you could use)
Potting soil or if you are creative, make your own
Wire cutters and a staple gun

You will also need some herb plants for the Faeries:
Bluebells: Attracts faeries to dance in your garden~
Lavender: Faeries use the lavender to hang their clothes to dry...also produces a calmness...the faeries love it~
Lilac: Draws the faeries spirit into the garden~
Peony: Used to protect faery children and children alike~
Poppies: This one is said to induce dreams of faeries~
Primroses: Will attract the faeries and was also used by the faeries to attract love~ But don't let it die, for this offends the wee ones~
Thyme: This one invites the faeries into your home also...faeries also build their homes under the mounds of thyme~

Work on this Faerie chair outside, so that the faeries can see what you are beginning to do and they will start spreading the word~

Cut 2 squares of wire approximately 12" wider than the opening of the chair seat...staple the wire to the sides and form the excess wire into a pouch...you want to line the bottom of the pouch with wet sphagnum moss until all the mesh part is covered by approximately 2"...Fill in the pouch with a good potting soil and with compost and bring the soil up to the level of the top of the seat.~

Take the herb plants out of their pots and start planting them in the soil.

Remember to keep taller growing plants at the back and the shorter plants such as thyme to the front.

Water well and cover the soil around the plants with the green sheet moss.

The Faeries will like to hold picnics on the moss and it will help the herbs from becoming too hot on all those sunny days in July!

The curly branches should be twisted down a leg of the chair, this will allow the Flower Faerie a way of climbing up to their Faerie Garden. If you have extra branches they can be inserted into the soil at the back in case the Faeries want to build a swing~

For extra, if you like...add acorns or anything from nature around the chair to make them feel at home....I have added a wee sign to let everyone know that says...."The Faeries Garden"....it is like they have their own wee city all around it...it keeps growing more every year~


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