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By Tink

Faeries, Elves, Gnomes, Sprites, Undines, etc. are found everywhere in the world.

There are stories and legends in every culture that can't be anything else. If you desire to have them in your life or in your magic it's fairly simple to entice them to join you.

First and foremost is the acceptance that there are more things than simply human, animal and Spirit that can and do walk this earth. If you can bring yourself to totally believe that and accept it as simple fact then you are on your way to starting a relationship.

Let's hark back to the old days of the sailors in their wooden ships. They told stories of giant squid which modern scientists scoffed at until one washed up on a beach one day. They also told stories of mermaids. Now, since science hasn't found one yet those stories are scoffed at or some claim that the men must have spotted a manatee and thought it was a mermaid!! Now really, I know it had been months since these men had seen a female but it's very doubtful they had entirely lost their minds to where they thought a manatee resembled a human female.

So, let’s assume that you can find within yourself the acceptance that there may be more things than are generally accepted in this world. What would be your next step? Invite them to come to you, make a faery habitat of some sort within your home or in your yard or garden. Elves are very fond of trees and most faeries like flowers and plants. They like bright glittery things and bright colors.

Once you have invited them you will be made aware of their presence by movement sensed at the edges of your vision, a haunting, beautiful music just at the edge of your hearing, beautiful smells that come fleetingly and then are gone, or perhaps they will leave you a small gift or more likely, take something of yours that catches their fancy.

All manner of things tend to disappear from my house only to turn up later in a different spot or not turn up at all until I asked for them back.


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