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Celtic Moons, The Wind
By DragonHawk

(Full Moon usually between 18 February and March )

"Am " I am the Wind over the Sea The fifth moon of the Celtic Year (the Celtic Year starts around Samhain (Hallow'een))
Of the fifth month Amergin says, “I am the wind over the sea”.

As we move towards equinox high winds are expected the “Mad March Wind” blows away the leaves and other debris from the face of the earth, allowing more of her body to be exposed to the growing Light, but this Wind has a mythological meaning as well. In many cultures the concept of Spirit is linked to that of “breath”, the Latin “spiritus” or the Hebrew “ruach” which in the Biblical account of Creation hovers above the face of the Waters, and the Wind, which resembles a living Beings breath is interpreted as being the breath of the Great Power’s creative spirit.

The Celts shared this symbolic language (old Celtic Anatlon, “breath” is related to Anatia “soul”) so that a strong gust of wind, in Celtic myth suggested and ensoulment: in infusion of creative potential. In the Lebor Gabala the Tuatha De Danaan, who are considered the Gods of conscious creativity empowerment. arrived suddenly appear in Ireland out of the Air, on wind-borne clouds. In the Predua Anwyn, the Otherworld Cauldron is fanned (inspired) by the breath of Nine Maidens, a reference to the Goddess in her nine-fold aspect The Wind over the Sea follows naturally from the bursting forth of the waters under the last Flood Moon, the waters having escaped the Formorian abyss bring the essence of fertility to the Light of Day, but they are as yet inert, undirected by any purpose.

Now the Spirit… the Divine Wind, must breath must breath itself into their fertile potential, instilling in them the ideal of growth. We must allow our inner Self, thawed and irrigated by the previous Flood Moon to open up to the gift of Spirt, We are ready now to contemplate future creativity, the resumption of conscious action

As the moon waxes we become aware of the gathering winds breathing out of those regions of the Otherworld where Samos energy has its source chasing the dark clouds of the March storms before them they are bringing with them the Gods of consciousness and personality, the gods of manifest activity. With the full moon, we feel the full blast of the wind upon us, we savor the life it breathes into us, the power it confers upon us, so perfectly suited to the psychic vessel we have prepared.

As the moon wanes, we continue to draw the Spirit in with our breath gathering strength for our coming cycles of work.

Incantation to the Wind Moon
Welcome Moon of the Wind! Strong winds blow over the face of the desolate land breathing life into the waters. We open ourselves to the Spirit, making ourselves instruments of the Creation.

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