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Cinnamon Moon

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I wish to thank those who have written to share their coaching experiences in an effort to assist others in making an informed decision. It has been my honor to have walked with each of you.

Heart to heart and spirit to spirit,


Cinnamon Moon has been my "Spiritual Life Coach" now for several years. During that time she has patiently walked beside me while I struggled, in many ways, to grow. She has seen me through one of the most difficult circumstances I have faced in the last couple of years (losing my home due to the infidelity and subsequent leaving of a man I trusted as my soul mate). Seeing me through didn't mean telling me what I wanted to hear, but guiding me to believe in Spirit and to trust the process. Those three words are words I have learned to live by, when starting over seemed to be overwhelming I would think of those three simple words and hope became predominant again. I discovered through Cinnamon's patience and guidance that what seemed like a devastating situation was my lesson to learn from. I'm happy to report, that I discovered a strength and serenity with her help that I never knew I possessed. Spiritually she has taught me patience and trust. She also teaches that no matter the name you use, be it God, Spirit, Goddess etc., there is a Supreme Being who guides us all and whose bright and beautiful children we all are…
Mary Lou Giovetti, Massachusetts

Having crossed Cinnamon Moon’s path was truly a gift at the time and it still is. She gifted me with so many useful and wonderful advices that really help me out in the difficult times I had and still do. I really feel that she understood where I was standing at the time and was able to communicate with me on a level that connected with me, which means that when she was talking to me it was something specifically addressed to me. It felt genuine and it is.

Cinnamon gave me a spiritual foundation that could be adapted to myself. That lent itself to the possibility of having me explore the issues that mattered to me instead of focusing on a planned out progression. I was able to understand patterns I had in my life and see what those patterns led to. It allows me now to recognize them and take action if needed. It gives me a different perspective on situations and allows me to be able to look at it in its many different facets thus helping me make a choice that is right for me.

All of this brought me closer in touch with who I am and I'm still discovering that as I continue my journey. I am absolutely certain that there have been some breakthroughs in my life that would not have been possible without her gentle guidance. But I think most importantly it has given me a confidence that I can take on difficult situations that may arise and be able to deal with them in a positive, constructive way. But mostly what I hold from our encounters is the wonderful tools I walk away with. Mostly she had gifted me with a different perspective and that serves me still to this day. I now have the means to go deal with situations that I would have found difficult before and that in itself is something I will always cherish…
Mathieu Arseneau, Quebec, Canada

In 1999 I was in dire need of a spiritual helper. I had just decided to follow the path of Shamanism, but didn't have a clue at taking this desire any direction. My need went beyond just myself; my dear sister was very ill with Lou Gehrig's disease and was getting close to passing. She was still stuck in being angry over getting this disease and I desperately wanted to help her move beyond that, so I began to search and through the power of the Universe, I stumbled upon Cinnamon Moon. Through her guidance I was able to help my dear sister come to grips with her path. I was able to help her see again there is a Creator and embrace spirituality back into her life and move past the stage of anger. She found peace again through what Cinnamon Moon coached me to do. My sister dropped her robe 5 months later so this was none too soon. I was at peace with her passing too with all I had learned, so it had been a very good experience all around. I found an excellent teacher and we also became good friends. I have learned to walk my path with grace and security that it is exactly what I need in my life because of Cinnamon Moon's excellent teachings. She has been there for me with every crisis I faced and the good times too. I count her as teacher and sister and anyone looking for this sort of path in their life would be wise indeed to call upon her…
Sincerely, Dancing Fox, California

Beyond being a Spiritual Life Coach, Cinnamon Moon has been an extraordinary Teacher in the Ways of Shamanism as a Medicine Woman of the Native American path. Her insight is keen and is always thoughtful ("full of thought"). Everything happens for a reason, and had I not had the honor of joining paths with Cinnamon Moon as her student, my spiritual growth over the past seven years would not have transformed and developed as it has…
BeWater, New York

To Whom it may concern, I am a former student of Cinnamon Moon Lessons in the spirit lodge. I completed and was certified in The Seven Sacred Directions and Elements and Certified in The Medicine Wheel by Cinnamon Moon. I spent two years studying Under Cinnamon Moon taking all the classes to receive my certifications. I found the Seminars to be very informative and personally enriching. This was a life transforming experience. Cinnamon is highly educated and holds great wisdom and insight, her seminars are well laid out and go in depth in their teachings. I use the skills and lessons I gained from these teachings in my everyday life as well as in my spiritual career practice…
Sincerely, Wings On Water - Becca G, New Hampshire

In Autumn 2006 I reached out to CinnamonMoon to ask her to do a reading for me. My life was going well but I felt changes were afoot and I knew that aspects of my past were holding me back and I wanted to move through them. What began as my request for a reading turned into an exploration of me. I have been walking with CinnamonMoon over two years now. CinnamonMoon’s guidance and mentorship have allowed me to explore the Spirit World, explore my Self, and to heighten my awareness to fully experience and Walk Between the Worlds. She always gently nudged me to turn over stones I was reluctant to do, and she helped me begin to see my Self as others see me instead of how I learned to see my Self which led to Acceptance. The way I live my life has been forever changed. I work closely with my Guides, Totems and Teachers, and I experience Spirit’s and Mother’s influence and love in my life. I interact with people from a place of stronger self-assuredness, and I am able to more deeply understand underlying dynamics in situations so that I can better discern how to respond and how to lead…
EagleSinging, Oregon

Situations occur during life that defy logic and leave one standing at the interface where experiences, in science, religion and mysticism, converge and/or conflict. Science says “there are causes yet to be discovered”. Religion sends conflicting messages of “trust, it’s a miracle”; yet warns, “go no further into the unknown”. Cultural biases, based on technology and/or in fear come from within; yet, the biases can be recognized. As one delves deeper into observations and acknowledges that some type of communication is occurring between the physical and that which we call the unknown, supernatural, or occult, one continues to wonder and the analytical mind searches despite the biases. Questions are asked: how can biases be overcome? how can mysticism be experienced? how can the unknown become a part of the whole of life?

It was at such an interface when unexplained synchronicities were occurring that I found Cinnamon Moon. Initially, I read her book “A Medicine Woman Speaks”: Although the book is not limited to the Native American culture, it spoke to me in terms of these pathways. I had come to find peace in nature and was looking for a more gentle understanding of the Native American pathways than those which dominated the literature of the time describing men’s pathways of access. I longed for human contact but was cautious and had criteria: any relationship had to be formed in respect for all, there would be no dominance, any relationship would be more of a mentorship, there never could be recommendations that drugs be used to access these pathways.

In addition to her wonderful book, Cinnamon had set up a website, Spirit Lodge (SL). I posted as Earthwalker and found I could openly discuss that which was so often scorned within the general population. SL was where I started to truly get to know and work with Cinnamon and where I recognized that she far exceeded my criteria. Initially, Cinnamon introduced me to the Native American Medicine Wheel. Cinnamon’s materials, which I used to learn the Medicine Wheel, guided me to new understandings and were by nature individualized based on the user. This inherent individualization was evidenced as we realized that I was moving through the Medicine Wheel by dancing a Medicine Wheel at each of the directions; seven dances were required to make one full revolution of the wheel instead of one. Personally, I love to dance the Medicine Wheel, it yields structure and interpretation in both the physical realm and spiritual realms. To my mind, it was like learning English, it wasn’t fully understood until I diagrammed sentences. Structure, the Medicine Wheel, enhanced my understanding of these pathways and Cinnamon’s patience as a guide was extraordinary. Despite challenges made to things that were suggested, she brought me to so many understandings.

Our approaches differ; Cinnamon is a gifted writer and gentle in her approach. I was more analytical and scientific in approach. Cinnamon knew experience was needed and that the analytical mind needed to be placed on hold as these pathways were entered upon. The resultant was conflict within; yet, Cinnamon saw me through these conflicts by altering her style to fit mine and persisted endlessly in this endeavor. I respect Cinnamon immensely; she worked and succeeded in bridging the gap of our differences. Ultimately, Cinnamon has opened up a whole new realm of exploration for me. She has guided me through the process of overcoming a culturally instilled caution/fear of that which could come under the umbrella of the word “magic” and had helped me let the analytical mind go so I could experience that which cannot be truly analyzed. Admittedly, it was and is still hard to let go of the analytical mind, when that which is needed is experience, not analysis. Today, as I journey, I try to remain mindful of my potential biases and segment the experience prior to analysis and integration.

It has been my experience that Cinnamon’s goal is to guide the individual person to find their own way. She never imposes her will, only suggests other ways of seeing. She does lead; but as a mentor with the intent of empowering the individual to find one’s own way as opposed to generating a following. Evidence substantiates this when she pulls back from the person she has guided, in recognition that in order to move forward the person must start to work with their spirit guides. The search and work can be intense but Cinnamon remains consistent in reminding us of the way to walk through these worlds in correct intent, impeccability, and integrity. When too intently focused, she also balances the focus with the suggestion that there needs to be laughter as well. Today, I feel comfortable that I can access the unknown; to me a place of unimaginable beauty and guidance and one I hope you all get to experience. I can honestly recommend Cinnamon’s materials and book. They have the potential to open up many pathways, if time is taken to learn.

I offer thanks to Cinnamon for opening up avenues so that so many of us can reach into the spiritual dimensions if we so choose. I wish Cinnamon well as she presents her wonderful and insightful materials, workshops and book to others. I highly recommend her and her materials as powerful guides to all who wonder and search…
Walk in Peace, Earthwalker, Vermont

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