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How Snake Got to Grow
By Northernwolf

Now this isn't a story that in Native American mythology or lore. It may exist but I don’t know. It's a story that was told to me while on a shamanic journey that I did. To this day it's still one of the experiences that I have had that tells me that journeying isn't just our imagination because quite frankly I could not have come up with it and invented it from scratch. The story deals with a part of Snake medicine and I wasn't accustomed to it enough at the time to deduct the fallowing form my own knowledge of it. It shows one of the many facets associated with the medicine of that animal. I wasn't able to find my original notes so I hope I will be able to do it justice here now.

How Snake Got To Grow
A long time ago Snake was sad because he was smaller than all the other animals, even as he grew older he still remained the same and that caused him much sadness. One day as Eagle was hunting he noticed snake far below him and dived down to catch him. When Eagle finally caught Snake he noticed something was wrong as Snake didn’t flee and wasn't fighting to break free. Eagle then asked : Snake why did you not flee when I came down to catch you and why do you not fight not to break free and continue living. Snake said: I am sad Eagle, unlike the other animals I do not grow. Take me I don’t care, end my life here I have no use to continue living. Eagle was disconcerted by this and did not understand why Snake valued his life so little. Eagle then decided to take the matter to Great Spirit. He told Snake to wait while he would bring this to Great Spirit. So Eagle flew high into to sky to Great Spirit and then told him what had happen. Great Spirit was worried about this since it was not in it was not in the circle of life for an animal to just give up. He asked Eagle to bring Snake to him. So Eagle flew down and told Snake that Great Spirit wanted to see him. Snake said it was fine, he didn't care. So Eagle grabbed Snake in its might talons and took him off high in the sky to meet Great Spirit. Great Spirit asked snake: Why do you wish to let yourself die, surely that isn't part of the nature of things. Snake answered: I am sad and I do not wish to continue to live anymore. I cannot grow like all the other animals. I don’t see why I should continue living when life offers me no growth.

Great Spirit thought about what Snake had said and then answered: I will tell you then how you can grow. To be able to do that you need to lose the parts of yourself that you no longer need. So with each obstacle you face, as you pass and surmount it you leave behind what you don’t need any more and that is how you will grow. Eagle then brought snake back and as sure as it was said by following Great Spirit's words Snake was able to grow. This story tells the tale of how snake learned sheds it's skin. In order to grow snake needs to get rid of its old skin and does that by leaving it on the obstacles he comes across.

It's not the best rendition of it but the point is still there. It also addresses one of the fundamentals of Snake medicine.

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