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Stone People
By CinnamonMoon

Jamie Sams/Medicine Cards
Records/Knowing Revealed

Record holders of the Earth,
Will you please explain
The history that gave us birth,
The truth you do contain?

Like your cousins of the seas,
The shells that let us hear,
Shared whispers are the key,
To the history we hold dear.

Stone People we will hear you.
Teach us the ancient ways,
So we may build a future
Based on prayer and praise.

The Teaching:
The Stone People are the record holders for the Earth Mother. These great Teachers can give the seeker much knowledge regarding the history of our planet and her children. The Stones' mission of service is holding energy. This is to say, the body of Mother Earth is made of rock that breaks and moves with weather, breaking down into smaller Stones that later become soil. Rocks carry records and transport electromagnetic energy on Mother's surface. The Stone People collect the energy and hold it for later use. The mineral kingdom is dense matter that has a magnetic quality that allows the Stones to record all that occurs on the planet.

Many healing uses are being discovered for various members of the Stone Clan. Native Americans have always used clear quartz crystals for focus and clarity. Medicine People in the northern part of Turtle Island have carved and carried many fetishes made of crystal for centuries. The magnification of knowledge and the ability to clearly see through the physical illusion has been greatly assisted by using the clear quartz crystals.

Many colored Stones have been used throughout the centuries for healing purposes. These are usually specific minerals that can tell a healer of their gifts and talents in assisting a healing process. Other Stones have been used for facepaint pigments by boiling them with Deer tallow and Elk fat until the color is released and settles to the bottom of the pot. The dirt is cleaned off the top and then the grease paint is cut into sticks to be used by the whole Tribe. Another use for the Stone People was found when food was scarce during a long period of separation from hunters of the Tribe.

Pebble soup was discovered by a young girl who had lost her way while picking berries with her grandmother while her Tribe was raided. Everyone had been killed and the remaining food only lasted a week or two. Winter was creeping upon them lighted by the autumn moon when the little girl had a dream. A Stone Person was calling her to walk down by the creek. In her dream, the little girl followed the voice and found the Stone Person sitting on the bank. The Stone Person showed the little girl which herbs, mosses, and plants were edible and which Stones had minerals that would be released in the soup if boiled along with the Plant People.

When the little girl woke up, she saw how weak from hunger her grandmother was and felt that familiar ache in her own belly. She ran to the creek and found the Stone Person from her dream and collected the plants and Stones for the pebble soup all day. The pebble soup was the nourishment that kept the two women alive for a month before they were discovered by the hunters from another band of their Nation.

The Stone People who are Teachers for the Children of Earth come in many forms. The Stones used in Traditional Native healing are those found by river banks, along canyon walls and washes, which come to the surface through natural erosion. There is nothing wrong with taking from the Earth Mother if something is given back to her. It is always a good idea to offer Tobacco or to plant a tree in gratitude for that which was removed in another place.

The Stone People who come to the surface of our Earth Mother are record holders. Many will become soil in future generations due to erosion. These Stone People are considered common rocks by those not versed in the Language of the Stones. Every marking on a rock has a meaning and many times when intuition is used, faces of Two-leggeds and Creature-beings can be seen on the surface of the Stone. These faces are the connections that Stone has to the Children of Earth. For instance, if the face of Musk Ox is carved by nature in the face of a Stone, that Stone Person was around the area where the Musk Ox lived centuries ago and carries those historical records.

Nothing is ever put in our paths without a reason. When we are attracted to a certain rock and we pick that Stone Person up, it has a lesson for us. The Language of the Stones is a personal discovery with many messages for each individual. Since we are unique in our tastes, different Stone People will attract us. Grandmother Twylah of the Wolf Clan has written a booklet that covers the specific markings that teach the meanings of the Language of the Stones and is available through the Seneca Indian Historical Society. Anyone can learn what the Stone People are saying through the markings on their rock bodies by using this booklet as a guideline, making it easier to develop our intuition and hear the whispers of the Stone People as they ring in our hearts.

Each Stone Person can be a protecting and guiding force in life. The Sioux call their Protection Stones Wo-Ties and the Seneca call them Teaching Stones. In our Seneca Tradition, any Stone with a natural hole through it will bring protection to the holder. Stones have been used by Native Medicine People for divination purposes for centuries. In Ogalala Yuwipi ceremonies, the Yuwipi Men use the Stones to forecast the future of the recipient of the ceremony. The Stones are also used to assist the Yuwipi Men in finding lost items or missing persons. Although women are participants in these ceremonies, Traditionally all Yuwipi Medicine is reserved for a special society of Rock Medicine Men. These Medicine Men are growing more scarce as time passes; however, the few that still remain are very gifted and revered among the Ogalala, Lakota, and Dakota Sioux.

The role that Stone People play in the Tribes of Native America varies from Tribe to Tribe. Each Tribe has specific Teachings that were passed to them through the Stones over the past few centuries. Since these lessons are based upon trial and error, which then became Tradition, each Medicine Person has varying uses for the Stones. The Paiute Medicine People knew how to use an extract from the poisonous stone Cinnebar in small quantities to heal certain illnesses among the People. The Tonkawas used Limestone with impressions of fossils to connect them to the Ancestors. The Camanches used certain types of Flint to make special arrowheads that were called Medicine Arrows and were used in Healing Ceremonies. The Apaches used certain colored Stones on a trail to divine the paths leading to Sacred Mountains. Each Tradition has found separate uses for the Language of the Stones and has revered the teachings of the Rock Nation as being messengers of the Earth Mother.

Every lesson of how to live in harmony on the Earth can be learned through connecting to the Stone People. The fact that each Rock is a part of the body of our Mother speaks for itself. When we seek to slow down our minds and feel the earthing influence that brings balance and serenity, a Stone Person is our tool. When nervous habits run us ragged, we are not feeling connected to the Earth Mother. Sure signs of being off balance are overeating, talking too much, addictions, compulsions, or erratic behavior. To calm the body, mind, or spirit, we need only to hold a Stone Person and breathe until the nervousness passes. This earthing influence is a way of anchoring the body to the Earth Mother and feeling the security of her nurturing influence. The impressions of every act of Creation from the moment our planet cooled until the present are contained in the bodies of the Stone People. This great fount of wisdom is ours as a gift if we are willing to connect with the Stone Teachers. The calming effect we receive is the wisdom of these Rock Elders who were the first historians for All Our Relations. Their mission is to be of service to the Two-leggeds. Now it is up to us to seek and accept their gifts.

The Application:
The Stone People mark a time in which knowing will be revealed to you. Your personal records are held by these libraries of rock. Childhood memories may return and allow you to piece together a part of your personal puzzle. Memories of past lives or deja vu could bring new awareness. Whatever the case, you are now in a position to know where you came from and where you are going.

A Stone Person can assist you in focusing your intent, dispelling confusion, changing habits, retrieving records from long ago, or getting grounded. Allow these teachers to become your Allies and discover a new world. Listen to the whispers of the mineral kingdom and your heart will know.

In all cases, the Stone People card asks you to open your mind because new understanding is coming your way. This knowledge is based on Earth-Records and may change the way in which you view life. These ancient friends are the oldest Children of Earth and only ask us to stop and listen.


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