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The Owl & the Indian
Author Unknown

The woods has a secret
Only the owl knows
And deep in the forest
Where a crooked creek flows
An owl will visit In the middle of the night
And there he will stopover
Interrupting his flight
He’ll land on an oak branch In the light of the moon
And hoot to the darkness
A response will come soon
And after a moment
From out of thin air
As if it was a spirit
An Indian will appear
And they talk as if brothers
The owl and the man
One with brown feathers
The other with head band
Then under the tall oak
The spirit will fade
And the owl will fly off In the real world again
Some say its instinct
Teaching the owl what to do
But are there such things as spirits In the world out there too
Timeless is the bond
Between future and past
And some can cross over
As if time were glass
And brothers remain brothers
Attached for all time
The owl and the Indian
Two of a kind.


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