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Sixteen Lakota Mysteries
By CinnamonMoon

*This was passed onto me long ago and I thought I'd share it. I don't have the source for the article itself but the teachings are in keeping with the training I've received in Lakota ways.

0). Wakan Tanka - Great Spirit- represents The Source - Wakan Tanka is the Great Spirit, The Great Mystery, the Grandfather and the Creator of all things. Always has been, always will be, all that is. Everything created, the act of creation itself.. These are aspects of the Great Spirit, the One; and One is Wakan, Holy. Anything that has birth must have death. The Spirit is not born but given to one at birth, and it is Wakan. Therefore one's Spirit will never die.

1). The Superior: Wi (Sun)- represents Personal Power- According to Lakota tradition, the Creator, Wakan Tanka, was alone in an endless, timeless place. The Creator decided to create Spirit forces through which the universe would be created. Thus the Sixteen Great Mysteries. The first was Wi, who from pure Spirit became the elemental energy of Light and Life, the teacher, the sustainer. Wi was transformed into the sun, with the power to provide energy for the earth to produce the substance of life.

2). The Superior: Skan (Motion) - represents Manifestation- Skan, the second spirit set forth from Wakan Tanka became the Motion of all things. Skan set the stars and planets moving on their paths and released the winds to travel across the universe. Skan enters the body with the spirit and sets in motion the breath and blood of new life. All that is created is in motion. The seas, the clouds, the trees, and all that live within and upon the earth move in a dance to the radiance of the One who created all things -Wakan Tanka.

3). The Superior: Maka (Mother Earth) - represents Birth- The third Spirit to emerge from Wakan Tanka. Took the form of Earth. Maka is the spirit and essence of feminine energy, the source and substance of life, She is the spirit of all that gives forth and sustains life on earth. In Lakota tradition, Wkan Tanka took all the colors of light and, putting them together, created the sacred brown of Mother Earth. Skan, blew water onto the earth to create the oceans and seas. And, Inyan, Spirit of Equilibrium, came as stone to support the earth, holding her together. Lakotas say "Maka-say-elo" all things upon this earth are endless.

4). The Superior: Inyan (Stone) - represents Support- The fourth creation, the force of equilibrium, the foundation and support of the body of Maka, Mother Earth. All stones in your path are alive. The rock, the mountain, and all minerals are the material body of Inyan. Inyan Ska, the quartz crystal, lives and grows within the dark interior of the earth and carrying this dark energy becomes clear.

5). The Associate: Hanwi (Moon) - represents Reflection- In the Lakota story of creation, Maka traveled around Wi who warmed and lighted but half her body. Maka asked Wi to warm the side that was cold and dark. Wi created from himself Hanwi, Grandmother Moon, and placed her on the far side of the Earth so that the Sun's light, reflected, would comfort and illumine the earth's dark side. Han is "darkness" and wi is "sun". Hanwi ceremonies in darkness as she crosses the night sky. Certain ceremonies and rituals are performed with the night energies, The energies of darkness and the energies of light complement each other. Through the light of the sun and the light of the moon, Wakan Tanka gives us the sacred Balance of Energies.

6). The Associate: Tate (Wind) - represents Change- Skan created Tate. Tate began to blow across the earth carrying the seed of the Life Force, blowing it into the waiting human, the waiting plant. The force of Tate is carried within the seed and passed down through generations.

7). The Associate: Unk (Satisfaction & Passion)- To Walk In Balance- Maka created Unk to feed her children the passion and satisfaction of life. Unk is the yearning and delight between lovers, between a person and a beloved activity or thing, between a person and spiritual understanding. The balance inherent in passion is the balance among mental, physical, and spiritual needs we must satisfy in order to feel whole.

8). The Associate: Wakinyan (Thunderbeings)- Energy- Inyan created Wakinyan, who became the Thunderbeings, the force of electricity on the earth. Wakinyan is spirit who controls the essence of the clouds, the motion of hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms. In Lakota language, wa is the flying of the snow and inyan is stone. Wakinyan is the physical electricity that comes from water, the earth, and the air, building up to create thunder and lightning. Thunderbeings, represented as the Thunderbird, are honored by many tribes. Wakinya flies without eyes, without ears, without mouth, without nose. Even in visions, no one can behold Wakinyan whole. Those to whom he comes in dreams become Heyoka, sacred clowns who do everything backward. Wakinyan is the force of truth: He strikes down anyone who lies while holding the Sacred Pipe. His spirit-eye opens with a flash of lightning and the sound of thunder.

9). The Subordinate: Tatanka Oyate (The Bison Nation/Man) - Attainment- The ninith Great Mystery is the creation of humankind on the earth. The name Tatanka does not convey the true spiritual immanence attached to the bison. The ancient name Pte` meant "the people", "realizing the highest form", and Tatanka Pte`, "the people of the bison", signifies the interrelationship of the bison with the people who used every part of the great beast for sustenance. The White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pte` San Wi, is the prophet who came to teach the sacred ways to the people; her gifts of the Sacred Pipe and it's ceremony are also derived from the spiritual energy of the buffalo. The sacred song says: "A Bison Nation is walking, A Bison Nation is walking... I give you this beautiful earth, and upon it you shall live and multiply. I give you the Sacred Pipe, and with it you shall come to the center of the earth. All that you ask shall be given to you."

10). The Subordinate: Tob Tob (Bear) -Wisdom- As humanity expanded beyond instinctual knowing the need for protection and wisdom had to take a new form. Tob means "four". Tob Tob means "four times four", the expanding progression, the wisdom of the four-legged animals, extending to the extremes of the Four Directions, communicated by the Four Winds. Tob Tob is the interrelatedness of the individual within the matrix of creation, the personal truth within the truth of the family, within the truth of the tribe, the nation, the world, the universe. Through the wisdom of Tob Tob, Bear, we come to recognize what is right for us as individuals. Bear knows what plants and herbs to dig for sustenance, when to fight and when to hibernate.

11). The Subordinate: Wani (The Four Directions)- Lessons- Tate, Wind, sent his sons to create the four Cardinal Points to the west, north, east, and south. Wani has a deep spiritual meaning in Lakota teachings. Wa means "snow" and ni means "life", as if to say, "I am alive now". The snow melts into the earth, helping all to live; it's seasonal passing nourishes the Circle of Life. The dimensions of space and time established by the Four Direction are the source of harmony and proportion in the physical world- the means by which our senses teach us the beauty of creation. Life is so beautiful, we must learn to walk with life in a beautiful way.

12). The Subordinate: Yum (The Whirlwind) - Love- Skan, Motion, and Hanwi, Moon, created from themselves the Spirit called Yum, or Yumeni Wi-the most beautiful of all Creations. Friction arose between Hanwi and Yum, and Yum was put apart in a place of honor. She was made Goddess of the Sea, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Sport, Goddess of Games. Her domain lies within the sea and all bodies of water. Her force governs all living things and presides in the love people feel. She symbolizes all that moves in circles: the whirlwind, the cycles of the seasons and of life, the planets, the stars.

13). The Inferior: Niyan (Spirit of Man) - The Higher Self- Wakan Tanka created Niyan, the Human Spirit, so that people would understand their life and death. The Creator said, "I will give you a Spirit and you will know that life is nothing but circles, the Universal Circle, a circle without end. The Spirit is eternal and never stops traveling the Circle of Life. The body I give you does not belong to you. It belongs to Me, who created all things. The body I give you belongs to the Earth Mother and it shall return to her. When your life ends, your body will return to the Earth and your Spirit will go on to the Spirit World.

14). The Inferior: Nagi (Ghost) - Shadow Self- In Lakota tradition, the ghost is the shadow of a human. Between the physical and the Spirit World is another circle, an intermediate world for those who have not lived in the world according to the Laws of Spirit. There are those who have used or abused for personal gain, those who have taken their own life or the life of another. Those spirits do not enter the Spirit World. They are destined to walk the endless circle of time. The only way they can go beyond the Circle of the Ghost is by prayers and offerings of the living. The Spirit World is for those who have lived according to the ways of the Creator: harmony, balance, one mind, one prayer.

15). The Inferior: Sicun (Intellect) - Discernment- As humanity grew into its role as caretaker of the earth, the Great spirit gave humans intellect and the knowledge of right and wrong. In modern times, the balance of intellect and intuition has been lost. This imbalance has separated us from our sisters and brothers, the four-leggeds, the winged ones, those that crawl, and those that swim. It has separated us from the elements and from the earth Mother. Using intellect in rhythm with the heartbeat of Earth mother is to walk in balance.

16). The Inferior: Yumeni Whouha (The Material) - Abundance- The Creator gave humanity the knowledge of the material gifts of life: tools to hunt and forage, clothes for warmth and expression, shelter from the elements and for gathering together. Thus was given all that was necessary for survival. In Lakota tradition, a person's wealth is measured not by what one possesses but by what one gives away. A person understands that cycles of change - times of scarcity and times of abundance- are natural to this world and that the Great spirit provides all that is, for all the people. The flow of material possessions through our hands is known to be from the bounty of the Creator, to be blessed and appreciated and released into the cycles established by the Great Spirit.

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