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The Thirteen Lessons
By CinnamonMoon

In January I addressed the community about the essence of growth that would be coming forward this year. Early that month Grandmother Moon took fullness and she stepped into the year initiating her lessons at the start so that this (in essence) became the year of the Solar Crone. In Women’s Medicine Grandmother Moon is portrayed in her 13 aspects and they are outlined very well in Jamie Sams book: “The 13 Original Clan Mothers.” Those aspects are presented as Teachers, each one stepping forward as the cycle of the Moon grows Full. The lesson being presented during that time is assimilated during the woman’s *moon cycle* and integrated with her being to expand her understanding.

I’ve watched as this process has unfolded in my own life, and it’s been very consistent. I’ve watched the community here passing through the lessons too. In January I outlined what would be coming but haven’t seen anyone here really following the process. It felt like I should bring it to your attention again, perhaps it might help some of our members to look into the Teachers as they appear this year, the lessons they bring, and to take in the associations that relate to personal journeys. In doing this you may find the teachings unveiled themselves to you through experiences you had and those that remain will be forthcoming. Hopefully it will help you prepare for them a little more.

Talks With Relations is the Teacher…the lessons are about Learning Truth.

Wisdom Keeper is the Teacher…the lessons are about Honoring the Truth.

Weighs the Truth is the Teacher…the lessons are about Accepting the Truth.

Looks Far Woman is the Teacher…the lessons are about Seeing the Truth.

Listening Woman is the Teacher…the lessons are about Hearing the Truth.

Storyteller is the Teacher…the lessons are about Speaking the Truth.

Loves All Things is the Teacher…the lessons are about Loving the Truth.

She Who Heals is the Teacher…the lessons are about Serving the Truth.

Setting Sun Woman is the Teacher…the lessons are about Living the Truth.

Weaves the Web is the Teacher…the lessons are about Working with the Truth.

Walks Tall Woman is the Teacher…the lessons are about Walking the Truth.

Gives Praise is the Teacher…the lessons are about BE-ing the Truth.

*The 13th aspect of Grandmother Moon is her unification of all other aspects wherein the lessons have culminated in unity so that we can bring them forward in ourselves as we express to the world. This year’s culmination will touch specific aspects of our lives that we needed to expand and grow through. Definitely the essence of the feminine is being felt worldwide. As we Learn the Truth about ourselves we can then Honor the Truth.

As we Accept the Truth we can then See that Truth playing out in our life. When we step into the Silence and listen to Grandmother we will Hear the Truth about ourselves and the situations we are faced with. Then we can Speak the Truth we have been shown. Learning to Love the Truth will let us Serve the Truth and thus Live it. As we do this we learn to Work with the Truth and Walk the Truth. As we do this we BE-come the Truth.

Each year these lessons come forward in a timely way, we, as women, explore through the Moon Cycles a step at a time to understand and take in those teachings that allow us to share with others. We merge with them and unify. But this year is a little different in this regard as the men are being exposed to these energies. It is the fertile birthing energy of the Self. For this reason the teachings will apply to everyone. Each Moon I’ve seen the posts here that people make asking “what’s happening?” and the sorting process that ensues. As you look back over the year so far, and as you look forward to what remains, think about this pattern of unfoldment and how it’s applied to your life…to your perspectives, your experiences, your relationships, and your spiritual journey. Please feel free to share if you feel moved to do so. That sharing always helps others work through any confusion they may be having.

Those who learn by intent (following the guidance of this particular pattern of presentation) will find there is light shed ahead on the path they are walking. Those who learn by experience only will find the light shines on the path behind them…they can see what they’ve been through but are in the dark as to what remains before them. I’m hoping that by bringing this to your attention at this time that the journey remaining is a little clearer for you.


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