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Moon Lore
© CinnamonMoon

The information I'm sharing has been taken from practical experience, oral teachings, and years of study notes that were not accredited to their appropriate authors in all cases. So there is little more I can say about that. I can only hope that it will be helpful to you and that you know me well enough to realize that it's as accurate as I am able to make it.

This said, there are 13 Moons each year, one for each month and the 13th being the Moon which is the unifier. Each Moon is named and represents the influence for the month in which it resides. These names vary according to the tradition you are following or the culture in which the teachings are coming from. They also vary in that the Moon will overlap at the cusp of the month (beginning and end) in which it falls.

If there is a reference in the naming to an animal that animal will be active in some capacity during that month. For instance, January's Wolf Moon is a time of year when winter's harsh conditions force the Wolf into towns or farmsteads in search of food. March's Worm Moon is a time of year when the rains begin and Worms come up out of the ground. March's Crow Moon will find the Crows out and about gathering for their nests and stockpiles all that they can steal.

January: Wolf Moon, Cold Moon, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Chaste Moon, Little Winter Moon...
Seneca: Talks With Relations...
SunBear: Snow Goose Moon, Earth Renewal Moon

February: Ice Moon, Crust Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red Moon, Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Big Winter Moon...
Seneca: Wisdom Keeper....
SunBear: Otter Moon, Rest and Cleansing Moon

March: Storm Moon, Snow Moon, Moon of Winds, Plow Moon, Worm Moon, Renewal Moon, Lenting Moon, Crow Moon...
Seneca: Weighs The Truth;
SunBear: Cougar Moon, Big Winds Moon

April: Growing Moon, Crow Moon, Warm Moon, Sap Moon, Seed Moon, Planter's Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Green Grass Moon...
Seneca: Looks Far Woman;
SunBear: Red Hawk Moon, Budding Trees Moon

May: Hare Moon, Pink Moon, Sprouting Moon, Dyad Moon, Bright Moon, Flower Moon, Frogs Return Moon, Ponies Shed Moon, Milk Moon...
Seneca: Listening Woman;
SunBear: Beaver Moon, Frogs Return Moon

June: Mead Moon, Flower Moon, Horse Moon, Lover's Moon, Strong Sun Moon, Honey Moon, Moon of Making Fat, Mead Moon...
Seneca: Storyteller;
SunBear: Deer Moon, Cornplanting Moon

July: Hay Moon, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon, Wort Moon, Moon of Claiming, Blood Moon...
Seneca: Loves All Things;
SunBear: Flicker Moon, Strong Sun Moon

August: Corn Moon, Green Corn Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Barley Moon, Dispute Moon, Black Cherry Moon, Harvest Moon...
Seneca: She Who Heals;
SunBear: Sturgeon Moon, Ripe Berries Moon

September: Red Sturgeon Moon, Wine Moon, Singing Moon, Deer Pawing Moon, Harvest Moon...
Seneca: Setting Sun Woman;
SunBear: Brown Bear Moon, Harvest Moon

October: Blood Moon, Harvest Moon, Shedding Moon, Winter Coming Moon, Vintage Moon, Falling Leaf Moon, Ten Colds Moon, Season's Change Moon...
Seneca: Weaves the Web;
SunBear: Raven Moon, Ducks Fly Moon

November: Snow Moon, Hunter's Moon, Dark Moon, Frog Moon, Mourning Moon, Sacrifice Moon, Mad Moon, Storm Moon, Shedding Antler Moon...
Seneca: Walks Tall Woman;
SunBear: Snake Moon, Freeze Up Moon

December: Cold Moon, Beaver Moon, Oak Moon, Wolf Moon, Long Nights Moon, Trees Speaking Moon...
Seneca: Gives Praise;
SunBear: Elk Moon, Long Snows Moon

13th Moon: Blue Moon of Transformation, Moon of the Dead, Hunting Moon, Ancestor Moon, :...
Seneca: Becomes Her Vision (Note: a Blue Moon is considered *blue* when it is the second Full Moon in a month's time.);
SunBear: Invisible Moon, Changes Come Moon, Seek New Ways Moon.

The Moon cycles itself each month and with that it's energy influences the push or pull of activities we want to undertake. As it is waxing full it produces an energy force supporting increase, and as it wanes dark it draws with a force of decrease. Seems simple enough doesn't it?

Our bodies react to this push-pull feature of cyclic energy. The oceans react, plant growth reacts, all that lives and breathes reacts to it...and so does our energy work.

The Moon holds sway over emotions, our imaginations, and our behavior. At it's increase or fullness, it heightens things (full light); at its decrease it diminishes things (darkness). How can we use this to our best advantage?

We can ride that energy, work with it, and we can adjust our work through perspective to compliment the nature of the cycle at that time. For instance, if you wanted to work to lose weight the natural inclination would be to begin a diet as the Moon begins to grow thin. But what if you don't want to wait another two weeks? What if you want to start when the Moon is growing full? How do you turn the situation into a positive force? You begin your diet and ask Grandmother Moon to draw her fullness from you! As you lose weight the Moon gains. Just a slight shift of perspective but it works. Learning to work with the Moon's cycles will help avoid frustrations and wasted efforts.

The Moon represents passive feminine energies as opposed to the aggressive masculine energies of the Sun. It is a receptive influence, like a tide it pushes and pulls at us and the work we are doing as well. Being receptive it will influence the delving into our inner realms, dreams, journeys, and states of mind. A full Moon represents wholeness and creative intuitive foundations. A new Moon indicates a time of deeper inner reflection where listening to your inner voice will bring forth your more spiritual abilities and their growth. The Moon is associated with fertility, ruling the tides, the germination of seeds, menstrual cycles, and conception.

There are four cycle periods of approximately seven days for each circlet of phases. Its influence is changeable and understanding it's changing phases allows us to work finding it receptive and adaptable to almost any circumstance you can imagine. The waxing crescent symbolizes new beginnings and growth. A full moon indicates maturity, especially of a more maternal disposition. A waning moon brings decline and is symbolic of old age. The New Moon is considered the Maiden, the Full Moon is the Mother, and the Old Moon is the Crone.

There are many beliefs about the Moon that have come from cultures worldwide.

For instance:
*It is believed unlucky to look at the New Moon over your left shoulder. To look at it over the right shoulder brings good luck.
*Calendars mark the passage of time through Moon cycles.
*Lunar deities are female.
*It is unlucky to point at the Moon.
*Bow to the New Moon of the year.
*At first sight of a New Moon one should turn a silver coin in purse or pocket and make a wish.
*It is unlucky to look at the New Moon through a windowpane.
*If you see it for the first time through the branches of a tree, make a wish. It will come true.
*The crescent Moon, when upside down, is a sign of rain-- called the wet Moon. This stems from the belief that if the crescent is upright it acts like a cup to hold water and if downturned that water would spill out.
*A circle or halo around the Moon means rain within 3 days.
*A red Moon is said to contain blood and signify that someone will soon die.
*Crops that grow above ground should be sown when the Moon is Waxing; crops below ground are sown when it is waning.
*Young women should hold a silk handkerchief at the face of a Full Moon, desiring to know when she will marry. The number of Moons that appear will indicate the number of years she has to wait.
*Cutting nails or hair during the Waning Moon will stunt future growth. Cutting them during the Waxing Moon will promote growth.
*Two Moons in a calendar month portend floods or calamity.
*Dew falls heaviest on moonlit nights.
*A Full Moon at Yule is an omen of a poor harvest in the coming year.
*A Full Moon on Sunday brings bad luck.
*Pick flowers, herbs, and fell trees when the Moon is on the decline.
*Trees will bear good fruit when pruned during the waxing phase.
*If a man dreams his image on the Moon he will father a son; if a woman dreams her image on the Moon she will give birth to a daughter.
*The Moon governs the tides of life and death...a baby can only be born on the incoming tide and a dying person cannot expire until the tide goes out.
*A birth at full tide/Full Moon brings a lucky life.
*The Full Moon is the most fortunate time for women.
*Kill fat swine for better bacon about the Full Moon.
*Sheer sheep at the Moon's increase.
*Fell hand timber from the full to the change.
*Horses and mares must be put together in the increase of the Moon, for foals got in the wane are not accounted strong.
*Fruit should be gathered, and cattle gelded, in the wan of the Moon.
*Howling at the Moon is a release of animal instincts and energies.
*Move your residence at the New Moon.
*A death at the New Moon means 3 more will soon follow.
*A robbery attempted on the 3rd day of a New Moon will fail.
*If one becomes ill on the 8th day of the New Moon he will die.
*The best marriages take place on the Full Moon or a few days before.
*When traveling, a crescent Moon on the increase brings good luck nearby.
*The New Moon increases the risk of infection during surgery.
*To dream of a New Moon over your left shoulder predicts a lucky month ahead.
*A bright, waxing Moon in a clear sky forecasts a new and exciting project or change.
*A dim Moon or one covered by drifting clouds means you will have to overcome some obstacles before reaping a well- earned reward.
*The Full Moon means unusual success in love.
*A Harvest Moon brings unusually good returns on investments of energy or money.
*Very bright moonlight is a prophecy of family utility or happiness.
*All lunar omens are intensified when reflected in water.
*To dream of Moon travel or the man or lady in the Moon is a warning that you could lose the happiness close at hand by being too preoccupied with distant mirages.
*Cycles enhance or detract from spiritual gifts and abilities.

"Egyptian priests style the moon the Mother of the Universe", Plutarch said, because the moon, "having the light which makes moist and pregnant, is promotive of the generation of living beings and the fructification of plants." Upper Egypt used to be called Khemennu, "Land of the Moon". In worship of the heavenly bodies, primacy was always assigned to the moon. Babylonians gave the moon precedence over the sun. Oriental nations in general worshipped the moon before the sun. Moses Maimonides said moon worship was the religion of Adam. The Gnostic sect of Naassians believed in a primordial being known as "the heavenly horn of the moon". The moon was the eternal Great Mother. In central Asia it was said the moon is the Goddess's mirror reflecting everything in the world, like the mirror of Maya.

Many savages revere the moon more than the sun, reasoning that the Moon-mother gives her light at night, when it is needed, whereas the sun shines only by day. This belief presupposes that sunlight and daylight are not the same, a common idea among primitives. Writers of the Bible made this same mistake. They said God created "light" (daylight) before the sun and moon (Genesis 1: 5, 16).

Ashanti people had a generic term for all deities, Boshun, "Moon".
In the Basque language, the
words for "deity" and "moon" were the same.
Sioux Indians called the moon "The Old Woman Who Never Dies".
Iroquois called her "The Eternal One".
Rulers in the Eritrean zone of South Africa bore the Goddess's name, "Moon".
Ancient rulers of the Tutsi tribe were named Mwezi, "Moon".
The Gaelic name of the moon, gealach, came from Gala or Galata, original Moon-mother of the Gaelic and Gaulish tribes.
Britain used to be called Albion, the Milk-white Moon-goddess.
Persians called the moon Metra (Matra, mother), "whose love penetrated everywhere."

The root word for both "moon" and "mind" was the Indo- European manas, mana, or men, representing the Great Mother's "wise blood" in women, governed by the moon.
Its derivative "mania" used to mean ecstatic revelation, just as "lunacy" used to mean possession by the spirit of Luna, the moon.
To be "moon-touched" or "moon-struck" meant to be chosen by the Goddess; a "moon-calf" was one carried away by love of her. When patriarchal thinkers belittled the Goddess, these words came to mean mere craziness. The moonstruck person was described as "silly", a word that formerly meant "blessed", possibly derived from Selene, the Moon.

To the Greeks, menos meant both "moon" and "power".
To the Romans, the morality of the Moon-goddess was superior to that of the Sun-god.
Plutarch said, "The effects of the moon are similar to the effects of reason and wisdom, whereas those of the sun appear to be brought about by physical force and violence."

In many cultures, the Moon-goddess and the Creatress were one and the same. Polynesians called the Creatress Hina, "Moon". She was the first woman, and every woman is a wahine, made in the image of Hina. To the Finns, the Creatress was Luonnotar (Luna, the Moon). She brooded over the sea until she brought forth the World Egg, heaven, and earth. Scandinavians sometimes called the Creatress Mardoll, "Moon Shining Over the Sea".

The Moon-goddess created time, with all its cycles of creation, growth, decline, and destruction, which is why ancient calendars were based on phases of the moon and menstrual cycles. The Moon still determines agricultural work in some parts of India. Indonesian moon priestesses were responsible for finding the right phase of the moon for every undertaking. The Dayaks prayed to the moon for children, increase of cattle, and abundant crops; they said she was the cause and measurer of time. Greeks said the same of Demeter, whose priests were called Sons of the Moon.

Peruvians called the moon either Mama Quilla or Mama Ogllo, sometimes identifying the two as mother and daughter, like Demeter and Kore. Mama Quilla married the sun and gave birth to Mama Ogllo, "Egg", the moon-maiden and her brother the sun-man. These two mated and founded the Inca royal liine on the site of Cuzco, "the Navel", in Inca cosmology the center of the world.

Because the Moon-goddess was threefold, the Destroyer as well as the Creator, she was the devourer of the dead as well as the giver of life. In Mexico her Destroyer aspect was Mictecaciuatl, who roamed the skies at night, seeking victims to devour. She was called Lady of the Place of the Dead, in appearance like Kali the Destroyer. She was not only the moon but also the All-mother from whose genital hole in the earth humanity crawled in the beginning, and to which humanity would return.

The Vedas say all souls return to the moon after death, to be devoured by maternal spirits. Tobriand Islanders spoke of these spirits as "female sorcerers" associated with the moon, eaters of the dead. Maoris called the Moon Mother "man- eater". Tartars of central Asia worshipped the moon as Macha Alla, Queen of Life and Death, said to be an eater of men. Africans said the moon searched for men to devour.

Orphuic and Pythagorean sects viewed the moon as the home of the dead, a female Gate (yoni) through which souls passed on the way to the paradise-fields of the stars. Greeks often located the Elysian Fields, home of the blessed dead, in the moon. Kastor of Rhodes said the shoes of Roman senators were decorated with ivory lunules (crescents) to show that after death they would inhabit the moon. Roman religion taught that "the souls of the just are purified in the moon". Wearing the crescent was "visible worship" of the Goddess. That was why the prophet Isaiah denounced the women of Zion for wearing lunar amulets (Isaiah 3:18). "The crescent moon worn by Diana and used in the worship of other Goddesses is said to be the Ark or vessel of boat-like shape, symbol of fertility or the Container of the Germ of all life". The same Ark carried gods, like Osiris, into death; which may account for Jeremiah's hostility to the Ark's symbolism (Jeremiah 3:16).

Semites feared the devouring Old Moon as Hindus feared the devouring Kalika. Her dual nature may account for the correlation between Semitic ima, "mother", and e-mah, "terror". Superstitious Christians sometimes refused to sleep where moonlight might touch them. According to Roger Bacon, "Many have died from not protecting themselves from the rays of the moon." There was always an association with death: "The idea of the journey to the moon after death is one which has been preserved in the more advanced cultures...It is not difficult to find...themes of the moon as the Land of the Dead or the regeneration receptacle of souls...This is one reason why the moon presides over the formations of organisms, and also over their decomposition."

Because the moon was the receptacle of souls between reincarnations, it sheltered both the dead and the unborn, who were one and the same. Believers in prophetic dreams said if a man dreamed of his own image in the moon, he would become the father of a son. If a woman dreamed of her own image in the moon, she would give birth to a daughter.

Most important for its association with birth, the moon was supposed to be the receptacle of menstrual blood by which each mother formed the life of her child. This sacer, taboo moon-fluid kept even the gods alive. The moon was "the cup of the fluid of life immortal, quickening the vegetable realm and whatsoever grows in the sub-lunar sphere, quickening also the immortals on high."

Many myths of the moon-journey bore witness to the ancient belief in lunar havens. Gypsies opposed the Christian savior with their own Romany savior who carried souls to the moon, like Hermes Psychopomp. Strangest of all myths of the moon- journey was one involving Jesus himself. The Digby mystery play of the 16th century quoted "Jesus's hymn to the Moon, his mother, the vessel...in whom he rested before he ascended to the Sun".

Peasants in France and Portugal confused Jesus's mother with the Moon-goddess, whom they called "Our Lady" and "Mother of God". Scottish women curtsied to the moon when they saw her saying "It is a fine moon, God bless her". In the Loire district, children's rhymes spoke of Madame Moon, giver of babies. A medieval German sect of Cathari worshipped the moon as Heva (Eve), Mother of All Living, an older incarnation of the virgin Mary. Even the orthodox church held that, as Jesus was the second Adam, so Mary was the second Eve; and Mary was associated with both the moon and the sea.

As the moon governs the sea's tides, so she was supposed to govern the tides of life and death. Shore dwellers had an ineradicable conviction that a baby can be born only on an incoming tide, and a dying person cannot expire until the tide goes out. As a corollary, it was often said birth at a full tied or a full moon betokens a lucky life. The soul may ride the tide in lunar form, according to Caesarius of Heisterbach: "The soul is a spiritual substance of spherical nature, like the globe of the moon."

Scottish girls refused to schedule a wedding day for any time other than the full moon, the most fortunate for women. Scandinavian women particularly prized amulets made of silver, the moon metal. The moon was the special deity of women even during the Renaissance, when it was said if a woman wanted anything she should not ask God but should pray instead to the moon.

Witches invoked their Goddess by "drawing down the moon", a rite dating back to moon-worshipping Thessaly, centuries before the Christian era. Thessalian priestesses also prefigured "witchcraft" by laying curses with "moon-dew", said to be the first menstrual blood of girls gathered during a lunar eclipse. Medieval folk believed such a curse incurable. St. Augustine and other fathers of the church believed what Virgil said about moon-priestesses, that they could draw down the mon, stop rivers in their courses, turn back the wheel of the stars, or bring trees marching downhill. St. Augustine berated women for dancing "impudently and filthily all the day long upon the days of the new moon."

Few religious symbols occurred in so many diverse contexts as symbols of the moon. In the runic menological calendar the moon-sickle stood for the festival of Harvest Home, which the Scots called Kirn--from Koreion, moon-virgin Kore--which Christians renamed the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy. In Gaul the crescent moon stood for the druidic Diana. Cresceere meant "to grow," a form of Latin creare, to produce, to create. Hence the crescent. Gauls made communiion cakes in crescent shape. Modern France still makes them, and calls them croissants, "crescents," colloquially known as "moon-teeth".

The moon ruled the sexuality of women, and sometimes made them scornful of the male-dominated society's notions of hierarchy. An astrological book of 1688 warned: "The double conjunction of Venus and the Moon produces extreme lubricity, brings venereal disease, and causes women of quality to become enamored of menservants."

Despite all the church's condemnations, rural folk continued to trust the Moon-mother in all their most important activities. A popular almanac said: "Kill fat swine for bacon about the full moon...Shear sheep at the moon's increase; fell hand timber from the full to the change...; horses and mares must be put together in the increase of the moon, for foals got in the wane are not accounted strong...; fruit should be gathered, and cattle gelded, in the wan of the moon."

Most of all, the moon always governed magic. Melton said in 1620 that no sorcerer ever drew a circle of protection without observing the time of the moon.

The moon waxes and wanes each month, rising an hour or so later during each 24 hour period. When it is full, it rises as the sun sets. There are different types of spells traditionally performed at the phases of the moon. More complicated patterns exist, relating to the specific day of each lunar month, but these methods are rarely followed today.

The moon's phases and the types of magic appropriate to them are:
Waxing Moon (from New to Full):
When the moon is waxing it is a time for beginnings, health and healing, psychic awareness, beauty, fertility and all positive magical workings.
Full Moon:
All positive magical spells are performed beneath the potent glow of the full moon, including protection, love, healing, purification, psychic awareness, money, and travel.
Waning Moon (from Full to New):
This is the time for banishments of habits, addictions, disease and negative thoughts. Jealousy, guilt, and hurt are released under the waning moon. The old is swept away to make room for the new.

An example of working magically with the Moon is found in the old ritual of Drawing Down the Moon. In essence it is found in many different traditions, and it is the act of calling into yourself (invoking) the energy of the Moon so that you can wield it. (Invoking is calling to you, and Evoking is calling forth what is within you.)

In this ritual of Drawing Down the Moon you can see in my logo the hand position to do this. In placing the wrists together and by cupping the hands, you creating the visual of holding the Moon. It allows you to focus intently on the Moon. If you squint your eyes the light of the Moon is reflected in rays that go out in each of the four elemental directions. One ray coming straight toward you at the bottom. You can then trace that energy back to the Moon and journey to it or you can call it to you.

Notes from Drawing Down the Moon by Margo Adler:
The candles, incenses and images are props. The magic is the art of using them. It is used to affect our psychic talents in an effective manner. It is the science of the control of the Secret Forces of Nature. Causing change via the Will (within):will, concentration, attention--the power of the mind itself. The 6th Sense is a harmony of the 5, the ability to reach beyond the present. By using the 5 correctly, the 6th is added in.

We can feel changes in barometric pressure and sense a storm coming. It is not magic. It only seems so. Psychic energies are the magics, the changes produced from the cause. The candles, spells, incense, dances and rituals awaken the "deep mind" -- arouse high emotions, enforce concentration, and facilitate entry into an altered state. Pictures (pentacles etc.) can stimulate the sense of sight. Gestures (mudras) stimulate the kinesthetic sense; Mantras, incantations, stimulate hearing. Prop, costume, scenery stimulate the senses. Drugs, alcohol, breathing, and sexual techniques can alter one's state of consciousness. They can be creative or destructive self-enhancement or destruction.

"Failed Magic" is religious dogma--where one only preaches and no longer becomes one with the power and gives then the power over to the worship only--this becomes dogma.

Knowledge of self, and a correct environment bring growth in use of the circle vs harm and demons of our minds. A process by which the conscious and unconscious minds of a particular person cooperate to draw relevant information out of chaos, in answer to a question posed. The unconscious being a part of a vast 'psychic sea'. (Note: Working with Drawing Down the Moon will enhance this exploration.)

Emotion is aroused, increased and peaks. A target is imagined and goal clear. Emotional energy is focused, aimed and fired at this goal. Then a follow-through to encourage lingering energy to flow away and provide a safe let down. It serves as a union with nature in an explosive, non-abstract, gut-level way. It is all real; it is all metaphor; there is always more; all Power comes from the Triple Goddess. We are gods (in potential or for a time) or as gods. Freedom of belief is valued above all. Ritual amounts to what is done. Belief exists in the individual mind. The religion therefore demands a creative response from people. Religion of ritual vs theology. Ritual is first, the myth second. The magical system that works for one person may be all wrong for another.

Full Moon:
An emotional time (lunacy, loony, lunatic, etc.). It is a time when feelings seem more intense, a time to drive carefully and to watch your emotional reactions. Also not the Full Moon may affect others around you who may not be as aware of the astrological implications. A time to celebrate the connections between self and totems. Charge totems in at the Full Moon. Dra in energy to self and to totems.
New Moon:
An excellent time for beginning projects. I tis also an excellent time to deal with plants--even houseplants; it is a time for all growing things. After the New Moon, haircuts grow in more quickly; in fact everything seems to flow more quickly as a general rule. Begin to charge new totems. Renew relationships with old totems. Awaken spirits of totems. Instruct and listen.
Waxing Moon:
This is the growing-period as the moon grows Full. A time to deepen spiritual and emotional connections with totems. Allow totems to work and teach; continue to energize.
Waning Moon:
This is a time to turn inward, make plans, and allow things to germinate. During the Waning Mon, things may grow more slowly and energy may be low. Some people feel depressed and/or physically depleted with the Moon has waned to its lowest point, right before the New Moon begins again. Take time to rest self and totems of any negative residue from work. Do deepest cleansings or purgings at dark of the moon.

The Moon has a weakening effect on other planets and is therefore generally unfavorable when it predominates, unless the individual can rise above it, which is often possible when their horoscope shows minor planetary influences of a strengthening sort.
Aries Moon:
barren...The Moon gives impatience to Mars, resulting in changeable, self-defeating action. The keen minds of this sign are often diverted into foolish channels.
semi-fruitful...The Moon and Venus further soften an already indulgent nature. Personal gratification and similar faults are apt to retard development.
barren...The Moon hinders the favorable aspects of Mercury. This produces a temperament that is always on the jump, never taking time to develop a given talent. The Moon, however, makes the mind receptive; and its influence fades in the face of stronger indications.
fruitful...The Moon's own sign is Cancer, the lunar influence is thus doubly strong, but often works on the principle of "two negatives make a positive", thus bringing out all the better qualities of the sign.
barren...the Moon has little effect on the Sun. It gives an individual a hesitant, uncertain trend, but the Leo nature usually shakes off such moods.
barren...the Moon combines with Mercury and here its receptive quality is a great adjunct to the Virgo ability at analysis, enabling a person to apply his talents in new ways. Its danger is over-imagination, leading to constant worry.
semi-fruitful...the Moon combines unfavorably with Venus. Natural sympathy is stimulated, producing the kindliest of natures; but there is craving for excitement, acceptance of new fads, and a generally careless disposition.
fruitful...with Mars, the Moon curbs the over- dominant trend of this sign, making the individual receptive and therefore more understanding. But it weakens the urge for action, causing hesitation when drive is needed.
barren...the Moon joins Jupiter to aid individual adaptability and to improve the sign generally. A fine combination of a person can stay with his ideals and purposes despite occasional restless spells.
semi-fruitful...the Moon and Saturn tend to increase moodiness, but the changeability of the Moon can turn the mind to new channels. The only question is how helpful those changes may be, as the dual influence forces some persons to extremes.
barren...The Moon and Saturn may lead to many disappointments. The restless quality of Aquarius is overstressed and must be curbed. Receptivity aids the trend toward knowledge, and people so influenced can attain great popularity.
fruitful...The Moon blends naturally with Jupiter. The lunar influence adds adaptability, but may otherwise be weakening, though its effect is often negligible.

Moon conjunct the Sun:
Good. This happens during the new moon. Lots of growth, harmony, and intellectual stimulation.
Moon conjunct Mercury:
Good. High level of intellectual activity. Both the head and heart are working together rather than fighting with each other. High level of communication as well as intuitive strength.
Moon conjunct Venus:
Good. A great time for romance. Emotions are balanced. There is heightened sensitivity in anything creative. Social activities are in full swing here and will be a success.
Moon conjunct Mars:
Challenging. A high level of aggressiveness. Impulses reign from violent to merely moody. Outbursts of temper tantrums to all-out knock-down drag- outs. A good aspect for courage.
Moon conjunct Jupiter:
Good. Generosity is the keynote here. Health is revitalized and individuals normally have a good outlook on life.
Moon conjunct Saturn:
In between. Although opportunities present themselves and hard work will be rewarded, there is a strong predilection to stinginess, timidity, and inadequacy. Self-esteem is not at its high point.
Moon conjunct Uranus:
In between. Impulsiveness is sailing here. Sudden changes and unexpected events may rock or right the boat. Emotional tension could be high, as well as a need to step out and do something different.
Moon conjunct Neptune:
Good. Excellent psychism here; religious revelations, harmony, but may lead to gullibility.
Moon conjunct Pluto:
In between. Another line of impulsiveness, though perhaps more subtle. A need, perhaps, to build walls.

Moon sextile/trine the Sun:
good. Harmony and a sense of floating through the Universe. Strong desires do not occur here.
Moon sextile/trine Mercury:
Good. Down-to-earth communication. Horse-sense is most evident. Excellent timing for media, sports, business, etc.
Moon sextile/trine Venus:
Good. Harmonious energies afoot. Increased interest in romance and the arts.
Moon sextile/trine Mars:
Good. Lots of get-up-and-go. High energy and much activity.
Opportunities both in business and home.
Moon sextile/trine Jupiter:
Good. Nice, peaceful energies both in business and at home.
Moon sextile/trine Saturn:
In between. Benefits available, but duties must be fulfilled and promises kept. Gains made through keeping things in order.
Moon sextile/trine Uranus:
Good. Excellent time for psychism, spirituality, religion, and power. Ambition is strong. Inventiveness is high. New friends are now available.
Moon sextile/trine Neptune:
Good. A imaginative time, sort of dreamy. good time for pathworking meditations, dream recall, using the imagination in the arts, and problem-solving.
Moon sextile/trine Pluto:
In between. Strong emotional conflicts will bring better results.

Moon square/opposite Sun:
In between. Full moon. How you handled yourself in the new moon phase determines how this aspect will affect you or your magick. You could be on the ultimate high or wading through the epitome of low.
Moon square/opposite Mercury:
Challenging. Poor time for matters of communication. People's brains aren't connected with their logic. Reasoning is poor and emotional whims will become more important than they should.
Moon square/opposite Venus:
Challenging. Domestic difficulties may arise. Moodiness, tendency to hold things inside rather than communicate. Possible difficulties with material things and purchases. Not a time to socialize.
Moon square/opposite Mars:
Challenging. Tempers flare to violence. People are nasty, picky, and stingy.
Moon square/opposite Jupiter:
Challenging. Overspending is likely. Stealing, poor financial investments made. Possibility of spiritual doubts and overindulgence in food, drink, or prescription drugs.
Moon square/opposite Saturn:
Challenging. Depression possible. Bad judgement possible. Lack of flexibility.
Moon square/opposite Uranus:
Challenging. Obsessions surface now, both odd and unusual. Possible accidents. Restless, uncommunicative energy afoot.
Moon square/opposite Neptune:
Challenging. Deceptive energy weaving here. A tendency to run away from problems and be emotionally willful and stubborn--to be a pain.
Moon square/opposite Pluto:
Challenging. Secrets abound when the moon hangs with Pluto. Jealousy is prominent and a sense of uneasiness prevails.

The Moon's cycle is made of four phases, each lasting about 7 days. The Sumerians based their calendar on this cycle and this is the origin of the month of four weeks of 7 days each, with extra days added to cover the period at the end of each cycle when the Moon is not visible in the sky. In Babylonia every 7th day, marking the end of a stage in the Moon's cycle, was sacred to Sin, the moon-god, and these days were felt to be unlucky and uncanny. This is probably the origin of the Sabbath, the 7th day on which you rest because it would be dangerous to do anything on a day which is uncanny.

If the moon rules life on earth, with a cycle running in the periods of 7, by "as above, so below" reasoning life on earth should also run in periods of 7, and according to occultists it does.

The human body renews itself every 7 years. Occultists maintain that disease runs in 7's, with the crisis in most illnesses coming on the 7th, 14th, or 21st day and lasting about 3 1/2 (half of 7) days. More importantly, menstruation in women, on which all human life depends, occurs in a 4x7 days and lasts about 3 1/2 days. The occultist's conclusion is that the number 7 governs the cycles and rhythms of life-birth, growth, disease, decay, death.

For the same reasons, 7 is a number of completeness. Each stage of human growth is complete in 7 years, each phase of the moon in 7 days. Seven of anything makes a complete series. Seven planets are (or were until recently) all the planets. Seven days make a whole week. There are 7 colors in the spectrum and 7 notes in the musical scale, 7 petitions in the Lord's Prayer, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 features of the human head (2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth), 7 orifices of the male body.

The characteristics of 7 in numerology--deep wisdom, interest in religion and philosophy, the search for inner truth, secrecy and mystery--follow from the occult significance of 7 as the number which holds the key to the underlying rhythms of life. This is powerfully reinforced by the most obvious example of 7 as a number of completeness--the creation of the world in 7 days according to Genesis, which was essentially the creation of life. God finished the work in 6 days and rested on the 7th. The idea of the Sabbath, of rest and reflection after toil and involvement, appears in the numerologist's 7-nature as withdrawal from the world, introspection and meditation.

Thirteen Moons encompass a year's passage, the first Full Moon in January begins the teachings of the Women's Medicine. Each monthly cycle encompasses the focus of that Moon's lessons. As the years turn the ways of the Women become deeper, better understood based on the knowledge gained from the previous year's teachings. The foundation builds in this way from the time a young woman begins her right of passage into the menstrual mysteries and understanding what it means to become a woman. As each year concludes the teachings of the 12 Moons are encapsulated, unified and assimilated through the 13th Moon. If you will note the lessons and teachings in the following list of Moons you will see that the teachings are extensive and how they would expand year by year.

The Moon Lodge itself is the time of mensus in women, a time when the woman would isolate herself and focus on these teachings setting her frame of mind and understanding toward them for the month. It is during that time that she receives enlightenment, assimilates, and embraces this wisdom. In Native teachings the Moon Lodge is the way a woman vision quests, far different from the physical sacrifices of the Men's Ways, Women's Ways are gentler because her body sacrifices itself with the cycle of menses and in childbirth.

It is said that Spirit said Women sacrifice enough in this way they do not need to do more. However some women choose to expand their questing into the more assertive ways of the Men: they will do skin cuttings, giving of their flesh for ritual tools or other needs; they will do piercings of the flesh; they will Dance; or they will fully undertake the vision quest as a man would do...however these are elective choices and not required.

You've all heard me speak of the teachings of these Moons in different articles pertaining to these topics or in threads as questions arise, but in looking at a year's worth of teachings in the breakdown that follows, you will see how the Moon Lodge provides the 3 days of focus to walk through that Moon Cycle practicing these teachings and exploring them deeper. Year by year the understanding grows and we continue to assimilate and grow with it.

The following notes are taken from Jamie Sams book "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" as an overview of the teachings. I highly recommend reading this body of work. It's the most comprehensive presentation I've seen in print from the Women's Medicine perspective. I feel it's an asset to anyone beginning to explore this body of knowledge and their reference library. By walking through each Moon in this manner, one explores, experiences and comes to understand the intensity of these lessons. It's a beautiful way to walk, and I hope in sharing this series of articles that you find the enlightenment of the Moon Lore to assist you in all areas of your development.

Talks With Relations....This is the Mother of Nature, Keeper of Rhythm, Weather, and the Seasons. Guardian of the Languages of the Trees, Stones, and Creatures. The Maker of Relatives, Keeper of Earth's Needs, Mother of the Planetary Family. She teaches us how to understand unspoken the Languages of Nature. Kinship with all life forms and how to enter the Sacred Spaces of others with respect. How to honor cycles, rhythms, and changes of the seasons and weather. How to meld with the life force and rhythms in all dimensions, learning the truths of each. How to LEARN THE TRUTH.

Wisdom Keeper....The Protectress of Sacred Traditions. The Keeper of the Stone Libraries and Earth History. The Guardian of "the Remembering" and the Art of Memory. The Mother of Friendship, Planetary Unity, and Mutual Understanding. She teaches us the Arts of Self-development and Expansion. How to access Planetary Memory, personal recall, and ancient wisdom and knowledge. How to understand the wisdom that every life form holds and its missions. How to be a friend and to restore friendship by honoring the viewpoints of all life forms. How to HONOR THE TRUTH.

Weighs the Truth....The Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice. The Fair Judge of Divine Law and the Destroyer of Deception. The Mother of Truth and Protectress of the Underdog. The Mother of Self-determination and Responsibility. She teaches us how to find the ability to respond and how to be self-determined. How to feed the positive, not the negative, by
using Divine Law. How to use equality with justice, being accountable for our actions and words. How to use personal integrity, ethics, and values to find healing solutions. How to ACCEPT THE TRUTH.

Looks Far Woman....The Seer, The Oracle, Dreamer, Prophet. Keeper of the Golden Dorr and the Crack in the Universe. The Mother of Visions, Dreams, and Psychic Impressions. The Guardian of the Dreamtime and the Keeper of Inner Potential. She teaches us how to understand our visions, dreams, feelings, and impressions. How to enter the Dreamtime, go into other realms, and through the Crack in the Universe. How to properly use our pychic abilities and gifts of prophecy for humanity. How to use spiritual boundaries, psychic self-defense, and respect those boundaries in others. How to use our inner potential to become healed healers. How to SEE THE TRUTH.

Listening Woman....The Mother of Tryoweh, the Stillness, and Inner Knowing. The Keeper of Discernment and Guardian of Introspection. The Interpreter of Messages from the Spirit World. The Counselor and Advisor, the Keeper of Hearing. She teaches us how to enter the Stillness and hear our hearts small, still voice within. How to find and understand the Inner Knowing we carry in our Spiritual Essences. How to listen to the viewpoints and opinions of others and the voices of the Ancestors. How to understand body language and unspoken thoughts, hearing with the heart. How to HEAR THE TRUTH.

Storyteller....The Guardian of the Medicine Stories, The Keeper of Heyokah Medicine and Humor. The Teacher Who Teaches Without Pointing a Finger. The Preserver of Speaking from Personal Experiences and Truth. She teaches us how to teach through telling stories that contain lessons. How to balance the sacredness with irreverence, using humor creatively. How to speak from our experience without judging others or being self-righteous. How to be a student in life as well as the teacher, preserving the wisdom gained. How to SPEAK THE TRUTH.

Loves All Things....The Mother of Unconditional Love and All Acts of Pleasure. The Keeper of Sexual Wisdom and Self-respect. The Sensual Lover, The Mother-Nurturer, The Warmth of the Feminine, The Guardian of the Needs of the Family. She teaches us how to use respect, trust, and intimacy in all relationships. How to love all aspects of our lives, lessons, sexuality, and physical beings. How to be a loving woman, nurturing mother, sensual lover, and trusted friend. How to forgive ourselves and others developing acceptance and shunning criticalness. How to LOVE THE TRUTH.

She Who Heals.....The Intuitive Healer, Midwife, Herbalist, Keeper of the Healing Arts. The Singer of the Death Song and Keeper of the Life and Death Mysteries. The Guardian of the Medicine Roots and Healing Herbs and the Servant of Humankind. The Mother of Intuition, All Rites of Passage, Cycles of Birth, Death, and Rebirth. She teaches us how to serve others with a happy heart, using our healing abilities. How to understand and honor the life cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. How to believe in the miracles of life through our connections to our Spiritual Essences. How to understand the Plant Kingdom and the healing uses of all parts of plants. How to SERVE THE TRUTH.

Setting Sun Woman....The Keeper of Tomorrow's Dreams and Goals. The Guardian of the Needs of the Next Seven Generations. The Mother of the Proper Use of Will, Will to live, Will to survive, Will power. The Keeper of Mother Earth's Resources and the Guardian of Preservation. She teaches us how to preserve and use our resources without wasting anything. How to prepare for tomorrow by planning today. Making and meeting goals. How to show concern, dependability, and compassion through the ways we live. How to properly use our wills, using our intents to provide for future generations. How to LIVE THE TRUTH.

Weaves the Web....The Mother of Creativity, The Muse, The Artist, The Creatress. The Manifestor of Dreams, Who Brings Visions into Reality. The Guardian of Life Force, Who Teaches Women to Give Birth to Their Dreams, The Keeper of Survival Instinct and the Mother of the Creative/Destructive. She teaches us how to use our desire to create and bring our dreams into tangible forms. How to tap life force, using energy to build, change, or manifest our needs. How to manifest our visions and give them life through our actions and artistic talents. How to create new from old and how to destroy the limitations to creativity. How to WORK WITH TRUTH.

Walks Tall Woman....The Guardian of Leadership and the Keeper of New Paths. The Mother of Beauty and Grace and the Keeper of Innovation and Persistence. The Role Model of Health, Physical Fitness, Stamina, and Letting the Heart's Desire Take the Lead. The Keeper of Personal Impeccability and the Guardian of All Forms of Strength. She teaches us how to be our personal best and still be vulnerable and human. How to keep our bodies and minds flexible and in good health through advancing and retreating. How to seek and find new paths to growing and learning, leading through example. How to develop inner strength. How to attract and release. How to WALK THE TRUTH.

Gives Praise....The Mother of All Acts of Thanksgiving and Keeper of Abundance. The Guardian of Ceremony and Ritual, the Keeper of Magic. The Mother of Encouragement and the Guardian of Celebration. The Wisdom Keeper of the Art of Giving and Receiving. She teaches us how to return thanks for the abundance we need before it arrives, making space to receive it. How to celebrate every victory in life with joy--ours as well as the accomplishments of others. How to use right attitudes to create magical changes in the Self. How to create abundance through praise, giving and receiving. How to be GRATEFUL FOR THE TRUTH.

Becomes Her Vision....The Guardian of Transformation and Transmutation. The Keeper of the Emergence of Spirit into Physical Form. The Mother of Alchemical Changes and Rites of Passage into Wholeness. The Guardian of Personal History, Becoming the Myth. She teaches us how to become our visions and own our wholeness. How to release the old Self and step into the realized dream. How to honor the process that brought us through the changes and transformation. How to mark the Rite of Passage into Wholeness and celebrate the Vision we have become. How to BE THE TRUTH.

Since we have also connected with the Celtic Wheel, I found a place the other day that talked about the moons of the year and their progression and processes. I thought this was very interesting also as i related it with the progression of having reached the Northern stone to begin the wheel and the cycle again. This circle begins from the first Northern position, the beginning of completion and moves through assimilation (if that's the correct term) and moves through to a new beginning. Now these talk about moons, as in months, but maybe they also talk about processes and their progression.
Link to page (since I didn't copy EVERYTHING) :jksalescompany.com/dw/esbats.html

North January ~ Power Flow:
sluggish, below the surface; beginning and conceiving. Protection, reversing spells. Conserving energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. Getting your various bodies to work smoothly together for the same goals. I'm putting the nature spirits in in this one because I am so very, very, fond of gnomes ~
Nature Spirits: gnomes, brownies
February ~ Power Flow:
energy working toward the surface; purification, growth, healing. Loving the self. Accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans.
Nature Spirits: house faeries, both of the home itself and of house plants
March ~ Power Flow:
energy breaks into the open; growing, prospering, exploring. New beginnings; balance of Light and Dark. Breaking illusions. Seeing the truth in your life however much it may hurt.
Nature Spirits: Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are connected with spring rains and storms
East April ~ Power Flow:
energy into creating and producing; return balance to the nerves. Change, self-confidence, self-reliance, take advantage of opportunities. Work on temper and emotional flare-ups and selfishness.
Nature Spirits: plant faeries
May ~ Power Flow:
full creating energy; propagation. Intuition, contact with faeries and other supernatural beings. Strengthen connection with supernatural protectors and beings around you. Power flowing from the Greenwood Gods and trees.
Nature Spirits: faeries, elves
June ~ Power Flow:
full but restful energy; protect, strengthen, and prevent. A time of Light; Earth tides are turning. Decision-making, taking responsibility for present happenings. Work on personal inconsistencies. Strengthen and reward yourself for your positive traits.
Nature Spirits: sylphs, zephyrs
South July ~ Power Flow:
relaxed energy; preparing; succeeding. Dream-work, divination, and meditation on goals and plans, especially spiritual ones.
Nature Spirits: hobgoblins (small, grotesque but friendly brownie-type creatures), faeries of harvested crops
August ~ Power Flow:
energy into harvesting; gathering, appreciating. Vitality, health. Friendships.
Nature Spirits: dryads
September ~ Power Flow:
rest after labor; balance of Light and Dark. Organize. Clean and straighten up physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter.
West October ~ Power Flow:
to let go; inner cleansing. Karma and reincarnation. Justice and balance. Inner harmony.
Nature Spirits: frost faeries, plant faeries
Blue Moon ~ Power Flow:
release, remember; communion with the dead. Prophecy. Releasing old negative memories and emotions.
Nature Spirits: banshees and other beings who carry messages between worlds
November ~ Power Flow:
take root, prepare. Transformation. Strengthen communication with the god or goddess ~ totem or guide ~ who seems closest to you.
Nature Spirits: subterranean faeries
December ~ Power Flow:
to endure, die, be reborn; Earth tides turning. Darkness. Personal alchemy. Spiritual paths. Reach out to friends and family, the lonely and needy.
Nature Spirits: snow faeries, storm faeries, winter tree faeries

You know, this December moon speaks to me right now. So many of us during this season have memories, issues, meaning to deal with that surfaces at this time. We can feel disappointed or sad or stressed, thinking of what has been or what might be or what isn't, that we wish for. So the words ~ endure, die, be reborn, Earth tides turning, darkness, personal alchemy, spiritual paths - and especially - reaching ~ these are good mirror words for this time. The time of the earth's greatest darkness and the shift to growing light. These are good things to think about (well, for us guys in the Northern Hemisphere).

Arctic ~ do you feel like standing on your head??


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