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The Beginning of the Legacy of Women
By WalksWith

Excerpt from the book 'The 13 Original Clan Mothers' by Jamie Sams.

After the destruction by fire that ended the First World of Love, the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers were created as the healing aspects of Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth, representing all that is beautiful in Woman. As parts of the Original Dream, the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers came to walk the Earth, forming the Sisterhood that bound all women together as dreaming counterparts in order to manifest the Original Dream of Wholeness on the physical plane. These seeds of inner peace were planted in the hearts of every humans female side. Today, this Original Dream of Wholeness is being nurtured in the hearts of women world-wide and is being birthed through their shared visions as they open their dreams to the light and build those dreams in tangible form.

During the making of this Legacy of Woman Dream, the feelings that would need to be shared among women in order for the Human Tribe to heal were sealed in the Earth Mother's tears. These tears were the Medicine that would transform the pain created when the First World of Love was destroyed by greed. The hearts of the Human Tribe had been wounded, and from those deep and jagged wounds, fear and separation were born. The Two-legged Children of Earth no longer trusted one another and feared that they had been abandoned by the Great Mystery and the Earth Mother. It was for this reason that the love and compassion of woman was born.

It was then necessary for the Earth Mother's feminine aspects to be taken from the Dreamtime and allowed to walk the physical plane in order for human women to take their places as nurturers and Mothers of the Creative Source. The wholeness of woman that had its roots in the Spirit World and was connected to Earth through the Dreaming Circles of women, was birthed into the physical world in order to fulfill the promise of healing. This healing of the Earth Tribe's wounds will continue until the Original Dream of the Earth Mother is restored in the tangible world. Perfect peace and harmony, respect for all living things, love without conditions, truth as the ultimate guideline, and equality for all are but a few of the parts of the Original Dream of Wholeness.

Healing begins to take place on our Mother Planet through this original Council of Women, creating the Legacy of Woman, and allowing all women to find their roles in the Children of Earth's healing process. It was through these Thirteen Clan Mothers that the truth of healing was discovered: When we heal ourselves, others are healed. When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. When we walk as loving aspects of the Earth Mother, we become the fertile, life-giving Mothers of the Creative Force. When we honor our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being. When we speak the truth from our healed hearts, we allow life abundant to continue on our Mother Planet.

Thirteen Moons pass every time the Earth Mother completes one rotation around Grandfather Sun. Thirteen is the number for transformation (although it has been maligned by many fear-ridden philosophies). As every year is completed, a cycle of transformation in the growth and healing process of the Earth Mother's children takes place. These cycles of healing and enlightenment bring forth the powerful aspects of the female principle every time Grandmother Moon becomes full.

From the beginning, as life forms came to inhabit Earth, there was but one great land mass. This land mass was originally called Turtle Island because Turtle was, and is, the most fertile creature on Earth. The Two-leggeds were given the mission of preserving the fertility of the Earth Mother, who would provide for all of their needs if they honored the Sacred Space of all living things in the physical world. When this mission was neglected, with greed causing the humans of the First World to rape women and to pillage gold from the Earth Mother's body, the feminine was defiled. The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers had not yet manifested but were the Spirit World Guardians of preserving the fertility of the Earth Mother.

It was during that time of great pain that the Clan Mothers passed the legacy of honoring woman and preserving the Earth Mother to humankind. As these Clan Mothers came to walk the physical plane, they built a Council House in the shape of Turtle to be a reminder to all women that inorder for the Children of Earth to survive, the women must honor themselves and their true Mother, the Earth. These Spirit Ancestors of womankind came to walk the Earth in order to understand their medicines, developing the strengths they needed to meet and overcome the challenges of being human.

The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers decided to forge the bonds of Sisterhood that would unite all women as one. This Sisterhood was based on a bond of blood that marked the cycles of fertility in women. These cycles of fertility are based on moon cycles of twenty-eight days between bleeding. To this day, women who live, dream, or pray together will have their Moon-times or menstrual cycles at the same time so that their wombs are open simultaneously, allowing the dreams of humankind to be planted inside and then nurtured as a group.

Every woman has the potential to birth the dreams of the Sisterhood whether she can birth babies or not. The womb space is the balance point of gravity in the human form and the power place of the physical realm found inside the body. Women who have had their wombs removed can give birth to their dreams and projects without having the physical organs. The Sisterhood welcomes every woman who accepts the roles that will honor all women equally and who will contribute her talents to the whole. Little girls become women, and a part of this Sisterhood, with the flow of their first Moon-time. These young women mark their Rites of Passage into the Sisterhood by becoming Mothers of the Creative Source. In other words, as young women are educated as to their roles in womankind, they also contribute to the birthing cycle of the dreams that will shape the future of our planet. The Sisterhood is responsible for teaching Woman's Medicine to young women before they mate and give birth to children of their own.

Through Rites of Passage and the education of young women, the Legacy of Woman is then firmly established in the hearts and minds of the future generations. Then, the old patterns of family and planetary dysfunction can be healed. These were the original aims of the Sisterhood brought to womankind during the Ice Age that followed the First World's destruction by fire. From that first Turtle Council House, all circles, wheels, societies, and clans of women were given birth. The Medicine Lodges, Dreaming Circles, Totem Clans, Sisterhoods, and all aspects of honoring the Mother Earth came from these Thirteen Original Clan Mothers. These Clan Mothers were not of any particular race, nor did they possess an particular belief systems that could limit womankind. They were the Mothers of all races and the healing aspects of womankind who then birthed the healing potential now present on our planet. The Knowing Systems that they represent are the Foundations of Truth that allow all women to be the Guardians of humankind's dream of achieving wholeness.

When these truths were passed to me in my twenty-second year of life by my two Kiowa Grandmother teachers, I asked Grandmother Cisi why the red race had been given the history of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers. She told me that the red race was given the Guardianship of Earth Medicine and the mysteries of the Earth Mother. Grandmother Berta explained that many pieces to the puzzle of the Sisterhood were held by wise women of all races, but how those truths came into being had almost been forgotten as Traditions changed and eons passed. The blueprint of the first Medicine Wheel of the Sisterhood was passed orally through the Black Lodges, Moon Lodges, and Medicine Societies of Women in Native America in order for the Legacy of Woman to survive. The original wheel of the Clan Mothers was based on the thirteen moons of the year and had twelve positions around the wheel, with the thirteenth in the center.

The Medicine Wheel of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers is based on the creed of "Life, Unity and Equality for Eternity".

Life is in the East of the Medicine Wheel where the day is born with the rising of Grandfather Sun. Life in the East teaches us that each new Sun announces a new beginning when life abundant is available, asking us to participate by using all our abilities. Unity is in the South where faith, trust, innocence, and humility begin the Earth Walk of physical life and where we all see as children. In the South, Unity teaches us that unless everyone wins, nobody wins. Equality is in the West of the Wheel where all our dreams are born and all our promises of tomorrow live. Equality in the West teaches us that our dreams will only manifest in the future if we honor the equality of every life form. Eternity sits in the North of the Medicine Wheel, the place of wisdom, and teaches us that all cycles of change and all lessons in truth will continue throughout time. Every lesson of growth brings us closer to wholeness, teaching that our spirits are forever a part of the Great Mystery throughout Eternity. Each one of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers holds a part of the foundation of truth within the Legacy of Woman.

These talents and abilities are woven from the hidden mysteries of Grandmother Moon and are reflected through Mother Earth in the physical embodiment of woman. Each aspect of the Thirteen Clan Mothers carries a part of the truth and corresponds to the thirteen moons of the year.

The first moon birthed the ability of learning the truth and applied that talent to all Relations, all worlds, and all mysteries.
The second moon brought the gift of honoring the truth and applied that talent to self-development.
The third moon birthed the ability of accepting the truth and tempered these lessons with taking on the additional responsibilities of justice, self-determination, and balance.
The fourth moon created the ability of seeing the truth in all realms through dreams, impressions, and prophecy.
The fifth moon gave birth to the talent of hearing the truth in the physical and spiritual realms, understanding harmony through listening.
The sixth moon brought the talent of speaking the truth and with it came the lessons of faith and speaking humility.
The seventh moon birthed the ability of loving the truth in all things, therefore, loving all things for the truth held inside.
The eighth moon spun the talent of serving the truth by being of service to others in all of the healing arts.
The ninth moon brought the gift of living the truth into being, teaching dependability through living the
truth today in order to preserve tomorrow for the unborn generations.
The tenth moon gave birth to the talent of working with the truth, using all aspects of creativity in order to bring the truth into physical manifestation in a creative way.
The eleventh moon wove the ability of walking the truth, showing how to lead through example, how to stand tall and "Walk Your Talk".
The twelfth moon birthed the talent of giving thanks for the truth, being based in returning thanks for all that is received. Expressing oru gratitude created all ceremonies connected to giving or receiving the abundant lessons and bounty of life.
The thirteenth moon came forward to give the gift of becoming the truth that is the cycle of transformation; the regenerative nature of completion that then moves to a new beginning place, in order to enter the next cycle of growth.

From these cycles of truth the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers forged the Sisterhood and the Legacy of Woman. Every Clan Mother came to walk the Earth in order to honor the Legacy of Woman and to make the Sisterhood strong. As each one of these ancient Grandmothers took her place in the Sisterhood's Council, she was given a mission. Each was to develop all aspects of her gifts and abilities in order to discover her own Medicine. This Medicine would then be opened to all of womankind through the making of that Grandmother's Medicine Shield. Every woman who sought the truth of these Medicines could understand because each Medicine Shield spoke to her seeking heart through color, form, and concept. The mystery of each Clan Mother's Medicine Shield would have to be felt deep inside each female Two-legged before the Medicine could be called upon for strength during each woman's personal journey of self-discovery.

Like the Ancient Grandmothers who had walked those paths of discovering the Self before them, the ensuing generations of women were never given the answers but merely given a map, a guideline, allowing them to express their own uniqueness and to learn their own lessons in their own ways. The original Medicine Shields of these Grandmothers have long since vanished, but the Medicine still stands in unity. As the guiding light of the Sisterhood, the spirits of these ancient Grandmothers still sit in Council inside the inner Earth with the light of their Whirling Rainbow Dream coming forth as the Aurora Borealis.

The gifts that each moon and each Clan Mother represent contain the abilities of each, as well as how she learned the lessons of physical life, using her gifts in order to be in balance while meeting the challenges she faced. The lesson that still stands before the women of today is one that was understood in the hearts of every Ancient Grandmother. That lesson is exemplified through "Life, Unity and Equality for Eternity". The Sisterhood was formed in order for womankind to be able to see all aspects of the Self as equal, all talents, male and female, as contributing to the whole. We are being asked to honor the gifts of womankind and to call on the strength of our sisters in order to discover ourselves. The circle will come full when every human can see the beauty within the Self, as well as in all others. The transmutation of competition, separateness, hierarchy, jealousy, envy, manipulation, control, selfishness, greed, dependency, old wounds, and self-righteousness must be accomplished before we will come to wholeness. These attitudes are the enemies of humankind and are found within the Shadow-self, rather that outside ourselves.

As more women take their roles in the modern world of corporations and business, they often find themselves losing touch with the feminine. This is almost expected since the corporate work force is dominated by men. The role models of the ancient Clan Mothers can assist these modern women in maintaining their sense of Self and enable them to become leaders through example rather than through competition, backstabbing or conquest, but the challenge to accomplish these goals depends upon the strength of the Sisterhood. Women must support other women in a way that allows those who chose difficult paths to lean to call upon their sisters, maintaining the understanding of who they are and what they can become. In this manner we can also support the development of the female aspect in our male counterparts, and then pass the legacy of wholeness to all our children.

The timelessness of the Medicine that each Original Clan Mother holds will apply to our world no matter how many generations pass, because these truths are eternal. We are the Mothers of the Creative Source. The fertile aspect of our nature comes through being able to nurture the truth found in our dreams and to feed our dreams, giving them life, and then to build dreams in the physical world. After those dreams are birthed, we then are able to share the skills necessary for others to do the same. This is a part of the timeless wisdom that our wisewoman Grandmothers of the Turtle Council House offer us.

In each aspect of the Original Thirteen, we find a part of the Legacy of Woman that will fuel the fire of our personal and unified creations. To share that wisdom with our peers and our daughters is to honor the ceremony called the Give-away. The Give-away teaches us to share the wisdom that was shared with us, passing it on so that for eternity, the Teachings, Traditions and Medicine will live.

The Legacy of Woman and the bonds of the Sisterhood will never be broken even though some human beings insist on standing outside that circle of love and compassion. Those who stand outside are not to be hated or shunned. They ar the Children of Sorrow who have never known their true Mother. They are the product of families torn apart, riddled with dysfunction, unable to break the chains that bind them to their pain. Their hearts, which seem hardened, have never known the safety of transformative tears or loving arms and gentle healing. These children of pain and sorrow come from such profound wonderness that the only life they know is one in which they must defend their viewpoints because they fear that they are unworthy of love.

The Earth Mother loves the wounded, even as they rape her body and claim material possessions in order to assert their right to be. She offers them love and rest. Then, she offers to heal their eyes that cannot see, their ears that cannot hear, and their hearts that cannot understand. The Earth Mother's waters offer to wash away the memories of anguish and personal grief held in human hearts. We hear the voice of our Earth Mother through our female side. Women are being offered an opportunity to become living extensions of her love, by healing themselves. As healed humans, we may become pockets of safety where others, still wounded, can seek the tools to use in finding their own paths to healing themselves.

As women, we are continually writing the history of the Legacy of Woman. We cannot point a finger at men or each other without owning the pain of past generations who forgot how to give or teach human compassion. Our own family trees are filled with teaching situations and with tragic examples that may have blinded our own Ancestors to the value of truth as it is found in love. Now, the destiny of wholeness of the human race falls to the Sisterhood because all things are born of woman.

The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers are here to teach us how to become our visions an dhow to heal each other as well as our world. The women who have completed all the lessons on the Medicine Wheel of live have been called wisewomen, holy women, saints or goddesses and have been given a thousand different names. These fully realized females have appeared in a million or more roles throughout time, and yet, every living woman is a potential role model for humanity. The women who have been recognized as role models were all born of the Earth Mother and learned the lessons of her thirteen aspects, the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers. They are all ancient Grandmothers who spun the webs of our present world to deliver their children from the dark night of the soul. They are eternal and they offer their strength to each of us, female and male, in the spirit of truth and in the name of love.

All of us, as Two-legged humans of Earth, are being asked to return to the Ancient Turtle Lodge that exists inside the shell of the Self in order to discover and rediscover the talents we hold. The fertility of our Earth Mother and All Our Relations depends upon how we heal ourselves. After we are healed, it is our task to created new maps of how to use the energy we used to waste on worry, hurry, pain, grief and conflict, in order to create a unified world of peace. We discover the essence of our true Mother's desire for peace when the h is moved from the end of the word Earth to the front, spelling Heart.

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