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The Meaning of the Shawl
By Grandma Raven - Nation of Shawls

The shawl is square representing the 4 cardinal directions thus creating sacred Space. Each Fringe is 28 inches long representing the 28 ribs of the buffalo. The Buffalo symbolizes life to the people providing food, clothing shelter, tools.

When folded in half each fringe is then 14 inches long representing the 7 Generations that came before and the 7 Generations to come. We each inherit the broken-ness from our ancestors from the past 7 generations our job is to heal this broken-ness so that we don't pass it along to the next 7 generations. We also inherit the prayer and hopes of our ancestors from the past 7 generations, we hold the Sacred Responsibility to pass on these hopes and prayers to our children, grand-children and the following 7 generations.

Each poke into the fabric to attach the fringe is a prayer, just like the prayer ties we make for gathering, each time the fringe is poked through the fabric of the shawl a prayer is put into it. There are 2 fringes for each poke, representing the duality, the feminine and the masculine, good and bad, right and wrong.

The finished shawl represents the life of a woman.

May you wear it and remember how sacred you are. May the shawl provide you protection and fill you with the knowledge of your Sacred Feminine. May you be blessed and filled with the love I carry for you as you walk your beauty path, the path of our Grandmothers.
Grandma Raven

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