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Chinook Dictionary

Chinook children


My friend, FireSong, sent me this Chinook Dictionary link and it has a lot to offer so I wanted to share it with you all. She shared that "the Chinook dialect predates English or Spanish inhabitants of the Americas and that the "Chinook Jargon" was developed with the influence of English and French traders and missionaries. It was the most common language used between Native Americans and whites on the West Coast from BC down through California in trade, intertribal, fishing and other industry or commerce type situations and eventually replaced the original "Old Chinook" dialects (of which there were over 100 in the Pacific NW mainly along the Columbia and Willamet Rivers."

Here's the link: Chinook Dictionary

Chinook Child,
notice the basketwork in the right picture, Chinooks did beautiful basketry and wore conical basketwoven hats similar to the one in the left.

Link to the book on Amazon.com

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