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A Question About Squirrel
By BearInMind

The other morning while outside with my coffee, 3 squirrels jetted across the grass by the side of
some bushes, then a fourth one rushed a few feet behind them, a fifth one came out some bushes
following them. They were making some kind of chirpy-croak-like sound and to tell the truth, it
scared the bejeebers out of me. It was the way they were running and the noises they were
making :scar I shot up out of my chair like it was on fire! Anyway... sorry to digress, but my
question is: What does that sound they make mean? I've heard it before, and they never seem to
do it when they are alone, but always when another squirrel or two (or three...) is near them. Is it
a mating call?

I'm guessing here, I'm not sure about the sound itself but I've seen such squabbles before. If there
were 5 of them scurrying it may have been a territorial issue. Maybe one got too close to a store
of nuts?

Hmmmm Could be... I thought for a second that the 4th and/or 5th might start coming towards
*ME*! So I was ready to leave the whole backyard to *THEM ALL* Seriously though, when I
first saw the three running, I imagined it as some type of sign.... then when the 4th and 5th came
along and I got that uneasy feeling that I was getting ready to be attacked by a bunch of
squirrels.... well... *laughs at self*

This morning I was thinking about the squirrels and realized that I've *never* seen a baby
squirrel.... Well, later this morning I saw the strangest thing.... A white squirrel crossing the
street when I was on the way to the store. *Are* there such things as white squirrels? Because I'd
never seen one before. It was smaller than the average squirrel though, and I began to deny it was
a white squirrel, saying to myself that it must be someone's house-pet, like a ferret or something,
but no.... couldn't be a squirrel. What do you think? I asked my friend's mom if she'd ever seen a
white squirrel but she said, "No... I've seen black ones though...."

It was probably albino, I have seen a couple of those. Black are more common but still rare. If
you saw a white one DO study the Medicine...it's always a sacred sign when a white creature
appears. You’re the 3rd person asking about Squirrel in the past 3 days. *Grins*

Wow really? Yes, I'll definitely review the Medicine of Squirrel and see how it applies to me.

LOL! Funny image there Bear. Oh, the white squirrel...man, big medicine for you! Squirrels
bark. One use to hang in a tree and just bark at me, face to face. I simply felt it was talking. I
have squirrel medicine and got it honestly....I was attacked by a squirrel that lost its balance in a
tree that was being trimmed. I was a bloody mess from head to toe.

Is it possible that you saw Mom and babies? Babies, I'm guessing would be almost full grown by
now....but still young. I saw the raccoon babies yesterday coming from their new home in the
woods off to the side of us and they are nearly full grown now, born this past Spring. I just
wonder if it was Mom teaching her kids and telling them all about things....places to bury nuts,
etc. Squirrels are comical. I love them. Have fun with squirrel!!!


“Squirrels bark.” …Yes, that's more like it. It's a sort of a "whoofing" sound, for lack of a better
word. Good golly Miss Molly, you were attacked by a squirrel??? Did you get rabies? I have to
admit I'm a lil’ frightened of them... As a child I used to feed them, talk to them by making
sounds and whatnot.... until my stepmother told me never to bother them ~ that they bite and
give rabies, then I'd have to get painful shots in my navel with really long needles and I might
still die....Since she delivered that message, I practically run from them when they come too
close into "my space" Nope ~ it wasn't mom and babies I saw ~ all were obviously full grown. I
was reviewing Squirrel Medicine last night and noted that the babies don't leave the nest until
after 12 weeks or so. Anyway, as I was reading, two things struck me:

*Timothy Roderick/The Once Unknown Familiar: “If a squirrel runs across the road in front of
you, it means good luck and wealth are going to be yours soon.” …That's what the white squirrel
did! He/she sort of scared me because it started coming right towards me, so my heart thumped
and I stopped and took a step or two back, hoping it would just go about its business. It then sort
of changed directions and instead of continuing towards me as it crossed the street to the side I
was on, it went in a small parking area to my right *whew.*

Well, the other thing that struck me was something I'd never seen in Squirrel Medicine: “Key
Words: Precise, exacting, clever. Magical Influences: Wisdom, perfect timing, creates beneficial

Personality: Squirrels love to be free. They are watchful of their home and
personal belongings. Squirrels have the capacity to figure out how things work. Once a squirrel
absorbs information it needs, it then can take action ~ but not until it knows the ground rules
does it feel comfortable.”

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