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Do the Dragons you work with have classifications? Ranks? Can you define them if they do? Do
the Dragons you work with have elemental affiliations: Air, Fire, Water, Earth Dragons? Or are
they of a class by themselves?


I think I might have answered it already in the other dragon post but I'm too lazy to check.
This is something that went in a discussion I was having with Tink at one point. I don’t
remember the context of the discussion but we were talking about the attitude of dragons or
something. Personally I think there are different categories. I don’t know all of them but why
wouldn't they be some. The easiest one to see is the one related to age. Dragons can be
fledglings, teen, adult and so on. To me this as first of all an impact on how they interact with us
and how they view us. This also influences the knowledge they have to partake and how they
share it.

Maybe they are associated to colors, I don’t know if that as an impact. i.e.: red dragon, fire etc.
Since it's been a very long time I could tell if it as a elemental affiliation, but then again in
journeys doesn't everything have an elemental association one way or another.


I agree with all you've said here, Northernwolf, but there is a step above this too. I think different
"cultural" rankings perhaps. You hear of the Imperial Dragons from time to time. Tink spoke of
them often, more like the governing ranks I'd say. The Elders are often Teachers, and from what
I can tell, will often accompany a younger one to observe their practices...sort of like on the job
training. *S* I know that Tink also often spoke of a Council that met and interacted with other
mythical creatures now and then too. I was just curious if anyone had any validations to these
issues they could share with us.

Whow - never heard of dragons before ! In which dimension do they exist ? In what way do they
contribute ?


Greetings! The Dragons I work with are Elemental and exist in those elements. Cloud dragons in
the sky. Fire dragons in fire. Those are the two I work with most. The cute little dragons that
play at my feet are young and playful. I don't get much information from them, but we have a lot
of fun. The big green Earth dragon that interrupted one of my classes is a totem/protector. She
just show up one day and made her presents know to half the class. Laid down in the middle of
the circle and refused to leave until I asked her nicely. So far they have just show me their
presence and willingness to work with us. But their energy is so great I would hesitate to ask for
their help without considering the power of the results. Just my two cents worth.


Desert Rose, at the risk of repeating a lot of information and insight, a more in-depth exploration
of Dragons and their rankings is found in the Totem Section. I think you’ll find your answers

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