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By CinnamonMoon

**From unknown sources:
Clear-sightedness; being observant. Far-memory or recalling past lives. A message from Spirit; omens
and dreams. Overcoming problems. Taking advantage of an opportunity. The cry of a Hawk in meditation
is a warning of upcoming situations that will require boldness and decisiveness. Courage, defense,
wisdom, illumination, new life, creativity, truth, experience. Getting a larger overview so you can make a
better decision. Warnings of danger.

Hawk can fly directly to the land of the Grandparents. Adventurer, assertive, headstrong, cherishes
freedom. As an animal totem you probably enjoy a very active dream-life, perhaps returning almost
nightly with messages from Great Mystery. If you have only recently acquired Hawk as your spirit helper,
you may expect to begin receiving much more profound dream visions. You will also probably start to
notice a somewhat dramatic increase in your psychic abilities. As a spirit ally, you may rely on Hawk to
be your trustworthy guide into the Silence. It will be of the utmost importance to Hawk that you proceed
on your earthwalk with spiritual balance.

*Visionary power and guardianship. Spring and Fall equinoxes--new moon. Messengers, protectors,
visionaries. Keen sight. Stirs the imagination. Dynamic hunting ability. Lead you to your life's purpose.
Primal force of kundalini. Empowerment and fulfillment. Movement toward your soul purpose. Flying to
great heights while keeping your feet on the ground. There are likely to be attacks by people who won't
understand you or the varied and different uses of your creative energy. They may attack your ability to
soar. Once it shows up it will be with you permanently as it is territorial. Teaches temperance, higher
expressions of psychism and vision. Astral projection. Bold expression of primal energies. Beauty and
harmony in moderation. Higher levels of consciousness. Rapid development of the psychic energies and
balancing those senses. Intensity of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual forces. Catalyst stimulating
new ideas and hope. A need to be open to the new or shows you ways that you may help teach others to
do this. Leadership and deliberation and foresight to extend your vision of your life. Caution in how you
express yourself. Ability to tear the heads off others. Guard against blazing so brightly and intensely that
we get burned out. Inspires to a creative life force.

*Messenger of the gods. Teaches to be observant, look at your surroundings, at the obvious in everything
that you do. Life is the initiation. The magic can imbue you with the power to overcome a currently
stressful or difficult situation. The test is your ability to observe the nuances of power lurking nearby.
You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities. You need an
intuitive ability to discern the message carried within the cry of Hawk. The shrillness of Hawk's call
pierces the state of unawareness, and asks you to see the truth. Be aware or beware. It can mark the
coming of a battle, the birth of a child, or celebration of counting coup. It is a need to heighten awareness
and receive a message. There is great responsibility here in seeing the overall view.

Hawk Medicine people are aware of omens, messages from the spirit, and the color of the calling card
you gave them three months ago. No detail slips by them unnoticed. Teaches to grab an opportunity
which is coming your way. To circle over your life and examine it from a higher perspective. Discern the
hazards which bar you from freedom of flight. Keen eyes and a bold heart flying close to Grandfather Sun.

If something is too painful to feel, to unbelievable to hear, or too dark to see, it is time to examine the
point at which you chose to let yourself become emotionally involved, and to no longer be the observer.
When did you stop letting Hawk penetrate the chaos and confusion? Be mindful of the honest observer's
neutral position, allow the message to be intuitively and clearly understood, without emotion coloring its
true meaning.

When off balance Hawk Medicine people have a tendency to do some emotional coloring that clouds
visions and can lead to a crash landing. The ego can clip the wings and leave them grounded. Freedom of
flight is a privilege and being a messenger is an honor. The responsibility for delivery is up to you. Let
the receiver decide what the message means and don't tamper. Do not tell others how to think or behave.
Take care of your own emotional baggage before you begin receiving omens, visions, or messages for
others. All gifts are equal in the eyes of Spirit.

*Patricia Telesco/The Language of Dreams:
Having keen eyesight, or the ability to quickly recognize, and react to, opportunities. Hawks are very able
hunters, so the question is, what do you seek? Maneuverability; rising above problems. Hawks are also
very powerful fliers. The red-tailed hawk specifically represents healing in Native American traditions,
and the spirit of life-giving water. Should one appear in your dreams, it signals the end of weariness or
sickness, and renewed hope.

*Denise Linn/The Secret Language of Signs:
In ancient Egypt, the hawk was the symbol of the soul. The hawk was also a symbol of victory to the
Egyptians, as it was to other ancient cultures, because the hawk swoops down on its prey with ferocity
and power. Is this sign telling you to be swift and powerful in your pursuit of your goals? The hawk sign
can also mean that you should view your life from a higher perspective. From your elevated vantage point
you may be able to see possibilities that you are normally unaware of.

*D.J. Conway/Animal Magick:
The hawk is related to the falcon and combined in the family Accipitridae. They are subdivided into such
groups as perns, kites, buzzards, eagles, Old World vultures, and harriers. However the name hawk
usually refers to the sparrow hawks of the Old World, goshawks, sharp-shinned American hawks, and
Cooper's hawks. They are found throughout the world except in Antarctic regions.

A bird of prey, the hawk has very sharp eyesight, can use air currents to its advantage, and can strike
swiftly. This bird has a sharp, hooked bill and strong talons. Many hawks have a variety of plumage
colors which change from year to year during their early lives. Some species mate for life.

The symbolism of the hawk is much the same as that of the eagle and the falcon. As a solar bird, in Egypt
it was associated with Horus, Ptah, Rehu, and Seker. When in his aspect as conductor of souls, Horus was
shown with a hawk's head on a human body; this aspect was called Heru-metti. However, the hawk was
also connected with Amenti in her aspect of Underworld Great Mother.

According to the Greek writer Homer, this bird was one of the messengers of Apollo because of its
swiftness. Both the hawk and falcon were associated with the goddess Circe. Although the hawk was
usually associated with the Sun, a very early statue from the temple of the Moon goddess Artemis shows
a priestess with a hawk on her head.

In one of the legends of India, the hawk Gayatri brought soma from heaven for the gods. In the Rig Veda,
the Sun is often compared to a hawk. Indra sometimes rode on a hawk. In Persian Zorastrianism, the
hawk was connected with Ahura Mazda, god of light, and Mithras, the Sun god.

In Celtic oral tradition, the Hawk of Achill is listed as the oldest creature in the world. The Celts
considered the hawk to be a messenger between the Otherworlds and this existence. In magick, they said
it had greater skill and strength than any of the other birds.

Superstitions: In most of Europe the hawk is still looked upon as a symbol of good luck. The hawk throws
its young out of the nest and won't feed them any longer when they can fly.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Hawk characterizes acute perceptions; an ability for quick discernment.

*Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett/The Dreamer's Dictionary:
Bright prospects are forecast if the hawk was flying; otherwise you must be prepared to sit out a period of
gloomy boredom.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
Keynote: Visionary Power and Guardianship
Cycle of Power: Spring and Fall Equinoxes--New Moon

Hawks are one of the most intriguing and mystical of the birds of prey. They are the messengers,
protectors, and the visionaries of the air. Hawks and owls have the keenest eyes of all raptors.
Hawks vary in size, appearance, and environments. There are so many different species that it is
sometimes difficult to tell them apart. There are marsh hawks, forest hawks, sea hawks, and
prairie hawks. The environment in which your hawk is found will tell you much about how its
energies are likely to manifest within your life.

Even when people cannot tell one hawk from another, they can recognize it is a member of the
hawk family. All hawks are impressive and stir the imagination. Their hunting ability, their
eyesight, and their powerful flights and other behaviors are dynamic symbols.

In most raptors, the colors of the male and female of the same species are very similar. It is
almost always the female who is larger though. This has much to do with the fact that the mother
guards the nest. Many hawks mate for life, the red-tailed hawk being one example. The length of
time that mated birds stay together is often determined by the number of seasons they spend
raising young.

An examination of the specific species of hawk and its behaviors will reveal much. For example,
an osprey is sometimes referred to as a "fish hawk," based upon its primary diet. This
magnificent bird is often mistaken for an eagle because of its nearly all white head, but it is the
only large hawk that is clear white underneath. It is most numerous in coastal regions, as if its
white breast reflects the white foam of the waters in which it hunts. Other examples are the
Cooper's hawk, the goshawk and the sharp-shinned hawk who feed frequently on other birds.
Although they eat rodents and such, most of their food is feathered. This reflects the old idea that
what you eat, you become.

We do not have the space to explore all the characteristics of every hawk, but we will examine
one species more closely. That species is the most numerous member of the hawk family, the
red-tailed. It is named for the distinctive coloring on its tail feathers. Only the mature red-tails
have this coloring. The immature also have lighter colored eyes, distinguishing them from their
more mature relatives.

The red tail is very symbolic. It has ties to the kundalini, the seat of the primal life force. In the
human body it is associated with the base chakra, located at the base of the spine the coccyx or
tail bone. Those who have a red-tailed hawk as a totem will be working with kundalini. It can
also reflect that this bird becomes a totem in your life only after the kundalini has been activated.
It can also reflect that the childhood visions are becoming empowered and fulfilled. It may pop
up as a totem at that point in your life where you begin to move toward your soul purpose more

The red-tailed hawk is a member of the buteo family or the group of soaring hawks. The ability
to soar and glide upon the currents is part of what hawk can teach. Although it is a part of this
species, it is most often seen perched on treetops and utility posts, using its phenomenal eyesight
to locate prey. It teaches how to fly to great heights while still keeping your feet on the ground.

Hawks are occasionally harassed and attacked by smaller birds. This is very significant for those
of you who have a hawk as a totem. It indicates that there are likely to be attacks by people who
won't understand you or the varied and different uses of your creative energy. They may attack
your ability to soar.

The red-tailed hawk is usually a permanent resident in an area, although occasionally it may
migrate. This permanency reflects that as a totem, this hawk will be with you permanently once
it shows up.

Although incorrectly called a "chicken hawk," the red-tail feeds mostly on rabbits, rodents, and
snakes. It has an adaptable diet which has helped it to survive. The red-tail was often accused of
and shot for killing chickens when in reality it was one of the bird hawks, such as a cooper's hawk.

It is generally accepted that red-tails mate for life. Both the male and female help care for the
young. Two to three eggs are laid in the spring. They vigorously defend their nests against any
intruders. They cling to their home territories for years. And they can live up to 14 years in the wild.

This "14" is significant. The 14th card in the tarot deck is the card for Temperance. This is the
card that represents the teaching of higher expressions of psychism and vision. Ti can be used in
the development of astral projection--new flights out of the body. It has ties to the activation of
your vital energies (kundalini), and the bold expression of it. It is tied to the archetypal forces
that teach beauty and harmony in moderation. It holds the keys to higher levels of consciousness.

Rising to a higher level can bring a rapid development of the psychic energies. The red-tailed
hawk helps us in balancing and using those senses appropriately. It teaches the balance necessary
to discover our true purpose in life. If you have a red-tailed hawk as a totem, meditation on the
14th tarot card will help you to see how this hawk will lead you to use your creative energy in
manifesting your soul purpose.

The red-tail reflects a greater intensity of energy at play within your life. It reflects an intensity
of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual forces. This bird is the catalyst, stimulating hope
and new ideas. It reflects a need to be open to the new or shows you ways that you may help
teach others to be open to the new.

To the Pueblo, the red-tailed hawk was known as red eagle. Its feathers and energies were used
in healing ceremonies and for bringing the rains and waters necessary for life. To the Ojibwa, the
red-tailed hawk represented leadership, deliberation and foresight. "Hawk is akin to Mercury, the
messenger of the gods. Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant...Life is sending you
signals." The red-tail can spread its wings to a great width, and it can teach you to use your
creative energies in the same way. It can extend the vision of your life.

The beak and talons are always commented upon by observers. They are the most striking
features of any hawk, especially the red-tail. It is a fearless bird. It will even take on poisonous
snakes. It has a scaled leg to help protect it against poisonous bites, and immediately upon
grasping its snake prey, it tears off the head. On one of my trips to Colorado, while traveling
through Kansas, I was fortunate enough to see a red-tail swoop down upon a snake. Within
seconds it had taken flight again, cutting across my path. I could see the head of the snake
dangling by just a few threads of skin. It happened so quickly, that by the time I realized exactly
what I had observed, the red-tail had disappeared.

Because of the strong energy (the intensified life-force) activated by this totem, any individual
with it must be careful in how they express themselves. There will unfold within you the ability
to tear the heads off any snakes in your life, or anyone or anything seen as an enemy. Your
comments and actions will be like the hawk's beak and talons--strong and powerful, but with a
capability to tear and/or kill.

The feathering of the red-tail actually has two phases. Both of these are significant to anyone
with this totem. Its feathering is a little lighter during the summer and darker during the winter.
The lighter is often symbolic of more joyful and sociable kinds of energies. The darker phases
can reflect a time to be alone or to withdraw a little. The red-tail and its color phases also help us
to guard against blazing so brightly and intensely that we get burnt out.

The sky is the realm of the hawk. Through its flight it communicates with humans and with the
great creator spirit. It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. It is the
messenger bird, and wherever it shows up, pay attention. There is a message coming.

*Note: Birds of prey have telescopic vision. They can observe a wide area from their vantage
point and in scanning their attention is drawn by movement. When something moves they zoom
in on it and if it is prey they will swiftly dive in and grasp it firmly in their talons. The method of
hunting is going to reflect how you find, grasp, and digest your knowledge.

Wow. I am loving this info about Hawk. It makes a lot of sense to me as to why Hawk started
appearing when he did, with the circumstances surrounding it.

“Hawk Medicine people are aware of omens, messages from the spirit, and the color of the
calling card you gave them three months ago. No detail slips by them unnoticed.”

This is where I see the interaction very clearly with Mouse Medicine. People have been slightly
freaked by what I remember. They are usually tiny details. The calling card colour would be
more memorable to me than a hairstyle, a crooked tie or sloppy tie knot would be more
memorable than the kind of shoes. Today I was speaking with a realtor. It was the first meeting.
However, I noticed that his clothes were slightly too large, which I interpreted as that he'd very
likely lost weight recently, it felt stress-related. Sure enough, within half an hour, he did mention
that the real estate market here is so active that he's living in a constant state of stress and that
he'd lost weight because of it. I don't know many people who would notice it consciously that
someone was wearing clothes that were *just* that bit too big.

Could you tell me how Mouse Medicine and Hawk Medicine are related in this case? Which part
is Mouse and which part is Hawk?


Well, that's an interesting question, let me answer it with another one: Were you noticing details and
moving on or moving in deeper on them? Mouse would examine and keep going with continued
exploration provided all was safe and no shelter were necessary. Hawk would have examined and grabbed
what caught attention. Mouse will explore from the ground, Hawk will observe from above. It's a fine
line. I think this is a good example of Hawk grabbing. You digested that bit of information and found
what you thought to be the cause only to have it validated. Good Hawk-eye!


Personally, Hawk medicine is very important to me and I love it. But it also at times can be very difficult.
Let me give you an example. At work we did a personality profile in fun just to see the different
personality traits we each possess and to look at the strengths that each brings to the group. We focused
only on strengths except I allowed others to show my strengths and how that can cause problems for them
so we could see how a strength is a weakness in certain circumstances and a weakness is as strength in
other circumstances. One individual said a strength was that I could look at a problems and like an
octopus reach out and see all eight different possibilities at once (Hawk medicine, the observer). Another
individual continued on that where it became a problem was that I presented all of the scenarios so easily
and had the expectation that everyone could follow and see all of them. Sometimes they just got lost in
them since they couldn’t process them all together. I think impatience also is part of Hawk medicine.
Personally I don’t think Hawk medicine integrates well with teaching either since after information is
found you want to move on to a conclusion. I remember trying to teach my seventy year old mother to use
the computer. She would just look at me and said you make an awful teacher. She was right, my
impatience showed even when I was trying not to let it show.

How do you let go of Hawk medicine and allow others to comes to the forefront as needed? At times it is
difficult, especially in a world where there is so much that one wants / needs to get done. Hawk medicine
serves you well in one focus but somehow needs to be softened in another. Still I love Hawk and welcome
her / his appearance.


Cinn, I am so thankful for your Totem Library. Last night's boo-boo with Tiger has made me aware that I
have been ignoring my Animal guides. *blushing again* I really needed this info on Hawk. Hawk has
been with me a very, very long time.

Earthwalker, I don't think "letting go" of Hawk medicine...or any medicine that walks with you...is
necessary. Why would you want to let go of it? You want to pull back from the impatience, but not let go
of it. It is part of what makes you, you, and is valuable in your discernment in quick decisions.
In your situation with your mother you stepped back from your impatience and observed that it was not
getting you where you wanted it to. That's where you should be...in the middle...seeing the "whole
picture." You don't just have Hawk medicine working for you...you have a whole panoply of guides
working for you. Stepping into the middle is how you see them working for the good of all...including
your Mum. Good on you! *S*

Perhaps you should ask for a guide to help you work with patience?


Earthwalker, I work with Hawk too and have found that it is more a Medicine that is used on a personal
level than one that is shared by using it to teach. What insights Hawk shows us are *ours to digest*. Once
digested and assimilated we can share the results, but not necessarily the process of coming to them. I
hope this is making sense. I do not find impatience with Hawk Medicine an issue because I take the
perspective personally rather than socially in interaction with others. For me it's more a personal insight
helping me to decide when to dive into action and demonstrates *how* to go about it. You don't have to
explain that, you just have to act on it. Does that help you?


Hi CinnamonMoon, Thank you for this wonderful forum! I'm very grateful you and SEDD took the time
to put it up and am looking forward to reading everything! Reading through the posts I have learned and
understood so much more, things I never realized. Wonderful. Also reading the information on Hawk
helped me understand the message Hawk had for me this weekend. I love the timing.


Whyte Fox,
“Earthwalker, I don't think "letting go" of Hawk medicine...or any medicine that walks with you...is
necessary. Why would you want to let go of it? You want to pull back from the impatience, but not let go
of it. It is part of what makes you, you, and is valuable in your discernment in quick decisions.” You are
right; it’s not about letting go; I certainly wouldn’t or couldn’t let go of that part of myself. Hawk is a
wonderful guide along with all the others and yes we do work with many.

“Perhaps you should ask for a guide to help you work with patience?” Believe me I have and usually am.
Sometimes I think it is the major thing I have been put on earth to learn. Thanks for your comments and

“I work with Hawk too and have found that it is more a Medicine that is used on a personal level than
one that is shared by using it to teach. What insights Hawk shows us are *ours to digest*. Once digested
and assimilated we can share the results, but not necessarily the process of coming to them.” This helps a
lot but I do find myself in a position of being asked as a problem is solved “How did you figure that out”?
This is where I go through the thoughts processes in order to help others to learn to troubleshoot
problems. The thought process for any decision for me looks at all of the possibilities of a situation an
then breaks them down into depth and sets a plan in motion to eliminate options so the truth can be found.
“For me it's more a personal insight helping me to decide when to dive into action and demonstrates
*how* to go about it. You don't have to explain that, you just have to act on it.” It doesn’t take much time
to do this internally but it does take time outwardly. It is hard to teach another a process; even a process
that the individuals wants to understand and is continually asking for. I think I simply need to filter some
of the process out and stay more centered as Whyte Fox suggested. Thank you for your thoughts they did


Earthwalker, Sorry, got caught in assuming! I have an issue that I've repeatedly asked for guidance on
and nothing ever seems to come of it, but I'm beginning to suspect that I'm just not seeing the
guidance...maybe I'm just not ready to see it yet. Maybe I need to learn something else first. Feels
sometimes, though, like it's just going to be something I will always bang my head against!


SunJade, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the forum. There's a lot more to come, we've really only
touched the tip of the iceberg.

Earthwalker, I think your answer resides in you understanding the spiritual context of things, and then
finding a mundane way to present it. There's your filter. You know the breakdown process like the back of
your hand, tearing things apart is very much Hawk's way of capturing prey. You have your own style
there but it serves you well. So if you reverse that process and hand people who ask "how?" of you those
pieces you've already shredded they can see the pattern of assembly. Just a suggestion.

WhyteFox, a question for you...have you been taking the same perspective approach over and over rather
than shifting perspectives to get a better view? If so the articles under the Seven Sacred Directions or
Medicine Wheel should show you where those perspectives can be broken down, reassembled for clarity,
and understanding gained. Just a thought.

Cinn...I hadn't thought I was always looking from the same perspective...hmmm. Actually, the ability to
look at things from many perspectives happens to be both a blessing and a curse for me. Sometimes "I"
get lost amid them and feel paralyzed by indecision because of that. But then again, I can be a stubborn
son-of-a-gun at times...never know. I'll take a look at the articles. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Druid Animal Oracle by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Hawk: Nobility, Recollection, Cleansing

Hawk brings the ability to see your life in perspective, to free you of unnecessary 'baggage' and
to connect to your ancestral roots. See if you can take some time out of your daily routine to
survey your life calmly and to see events in context. The Hawk can help you to recollect the
missing pieces of the jigsaw you will be trying to assemble and he will help, too, to spot the
details which are significant. When you have a sense of your roots and of the breadth of your
life, you will start to feel pride and a growing sense of nobility and stature. Once you know
where you have come from and where you are going, you life will be filled with inspiration and
enthusiasm, you will sense a new day dawning, and you will be able to make decisions with

Contrary suggests that you could be paying too much attention to detail. Being precise and
'hawk-eyed' can be valuable, but taken to its extreme and without a wider overview, it can lead
to cruelty. High ideals if not balanced with a sense of humility lead to arrogance and ultimately
a denial of the heart. Be careful not to get carried away by the justness of your cause, while
forgetting to take into consideration the feelings of others.


Red Tailed Hawk
Role: ~The Visionary~
Lesson: Discover Dormant Abilities
Element: Fire/Air
Wind: ~East~ Illumination & Peace~
Medicine: Channeling

Latent Power
Awareness of the Big Picture
Higher Calling
Latent Power

When observing the Red Tailed Hawk, the most distinguishing characteristics and attributes of these
splendid birds of prey, are their eyesight, sharp talons that adorn their feet, and their vibrant red tail
feathers. These are the very characteristics that reflect the Latent Power of this member of the Hawk

For purposes of examining the keyword of ~Latent Power,~ we begin with the Hawk`s sharp talons. In
the wild, a Hawk`s talons are instruments of deadly precision. The talons will grasp their prey in a
merciless grip while the beak rips and shreds in the quest for survival.

The second component to observe in the Red Tailed Hawk as it pertains to the key word of ~Latent
Power,~ are the vibrant red tail feathers of the mature Hawk. These feathers are a Gift of maturation, and
the power and energy that they represent for the two-legged with this raptor as a Primary Totem is very

***For the two-legged beside whom Red Tail Hawk flies, a sharp mind will be evident, the ability to
perceive nuances that might be too subtle for other less "observant" individuals. Although this may be a
tremendous Gift in assisting the Red Hawk Soul in the business world and less ~intimate~ arenas of their
daily Life, this same gift of communication and sharp intellect can be used as a weapon, and words may
become like the sharp beak and unrelenting talons of their Totem.

There may be situations and circumstances when there is a need for the type of more ~direct~ speech that
the Red Hawk Soul is capable of, and in those circumstances, the use of this inherent talent serves the
individual well. Yet part of the evolutionary process for the Red Tailed Hawk individual, is in learning
how to master this gift and wield its great power with conscious awareness of its potential for either great
insight, or great damage, and to act accordingly and from a place of ~Higher Intent.~

Looking at the next component in understanding the Red Tailed Hawk`s Power, are the beautiful red tail
feathers which distinguish this Hawk from other cousins.

This Hawk does not receive his/her red feathers until a sufficient level of maturation has been
achieved. When looking to the human beside whom Red Hawk flies, this is quite significant as well, for
it indicates that the Red Feathers must be "earned."

When witnessed in Nature, the color Red represents Power, Energy and the Kundalini, the Force that
directs the flow of all other energy fields within the physical body. This Force lies dormant within each
of us when we take up the ~Robe of Physical Life, and is thought to lie coiled at the ~base chakra~
(located near the base of the spine) and referred to as the ~Serpent Power.~ There the Power lies sleeping
until it is awakened via the Soul who begins the journey on the road of spiritual discovery and
consciously incorporating Life Lessons.

Some envision the Kundalini as a powerful sexual energy, yet to view it thus is to limit its true breadth
and power of this fundamental energy, for it is then keeping that energy coiled at the base chakra (sexual
center), rather than encouraging it to reach further and higher.

At the time the energy is awoken, it begins to rise up through the other six energy centers (chakras). As it
passes through each of these chakras, the lessons, issues and areas of our lives which are symbolized and
or ~governed~ by these energy centers, are opened for our acknowledgment through the process of
Conscious Awareness. Thus, when the Kundalini has completely uncoiled, its energy unfurled along the
length of the spine and flowing easily through all seven energy points to emerge through the top (or
~Crown~) Chakra, a state of ~Enlightenment~ is experienced.

This is a gradual process however, and should never be forced or pushed, for those who have attempted to
do so, often experience either physical or mental/emotional collapse that can (in the most extreme
instances), include physical death. Hence, the symbolism of the Red Tail Feathers emerging only after
sufficient maturation. For the two-legged with this Animal Totem, this indicates the need to approach
spiritual awakening in a gradual, and conscious manner.

Yet once this fundamental energy unfurls as the Red Tail Feathers emerge, the beauty and depth of Spirit
that shines brilliantly forth, will be both inspiration and guidance for Others who may be just beginning,
or in the process of, their own awakening.***


All Hawks are renowned for their visual acuity, with members of the Hawk and Owl family possessing
the greatest vision of all raptors.

Red Tailed Hawks will utilize this powerful vision while soaring on the wind’s currents far above that
they may have a broad field of vision with which to discover, then track, their intended prey.
***Red Tailed Hawk will soar beside the Two-Legged whose own gift of psychic vision may be
exceptionally acute. This may take the form of precognitive dreams and/or ~visions~ during which these
souls are quite literally able to "see the future."

If the gift of vision is not present from birth, then there will exist within the Red Hawk soul, the ability to
pierce the veil that separates falsehood from truth. They will also possess an intensive gaze that can leave
those who might find themselves the object of such a gaze, squirming under the penetrating stare.
Equally, Red Tailed Hawk individual, will have the ability to view the broad picture, in much the same
fashion that a Hawk can gain a wide view of their surroundings while soaring on the unseen currents of
wind as they ride the sky. The human counterpart will be a believer in the philosophy that all things
happen for a reason, and it will be this awareness of the ~Big Picture,~ that will assist both themselves,
and those whom they share their gift of keen insight with, through many a difficult time***

In the following quote, Chief Seattle eloquently expresses the concept of Guardianship. "What is man
without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For
whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.

You must teach the children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers. So that
they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your
children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother.

Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon
themselves. This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.“ ~Chief Seattle~
***Part of the Role for the two-legged beside whom Red Tailed Hawk flies is that of Guardian of the
Earth Mother. These are individuals who will possess an astute awareness of the concept of the
interconnectedness of all things, and will have an inner reverence for all life.

These are the souls that are involved in making the world a better place, whether locally or
globally. They will be protectors of the Earth Mother and tread softly upon her, encouraging and
educating ~Others~ to do the same.

Often, they are either found initiating or actively involved in environmental causes, where their keen
perception and insight will serve their chosen ~cause~ well. Yet it is their day to day existence and
fundamental philosophy/foundation of action and belief, that distinguishes these individuals as true
champions of Mother Earth as they seek to live in harmony with the ~Ina Maka~ and all that She births,
provides, nurtures and sustains.***

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