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By Arctickaiku

I had envisaged to see a lot of Crows in Alice Springs. And sure enough there they were. The
first morning when I woke up and went outside, it was like: "The Crows had come to town !"
They were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e ! On every lamp post, on almost every fence, on the ground, in the
air, - the town was full of them ! As I walked to the city center, there is this park there, and in
that park elder Aboriginal men and women sat. Crows all around them made me feel as though
some of the crows had "shape-shifted" into these dark skinned human beings, who now sat
"silent-as-a-wall" watching the "aliens" that had landed (white people).... go about their alien
business. Alien to Sacred or any Natural Law ! This alien world, although we are dependent of it
now ... still doesn't make any sense.

I am not saying that this is how The Aboriginal people saw, this is just how I felt about the
situation. And it made me wonder, being "part" indigenous (of Siberian DNA lineage), just
which reality will I find my reflection ... black or white, or will I walk in the void between these
2 cultures, these 2 "parallel universes" that co-habit Alice ... relating to them both, yet belonging
to neither ... reflecting/belonging to something ... else ?

Even though the situation did feel "special", - I didn't think of it as being synchronistic, nor
unusual at the time. Only a couple months later did I realize, that it was synchronistic and
unusual, because ever since I have only seldom seen crows, and when I have seen them, they
have been just few in numbers 1, 2 or 3.

The second "Animal-Spirit-Helper" situation came, when I heard this knocking on my living
room window. And there was this "Bearded Dragon" banging it's head and forelegs on the
window. Didn't see it chasing anything nor being chased by anything (... but maybe it was ?)
Even though I stood right in front of it and it was looking d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y at me, it wasn't afraid,
just kept on banging ....like: "Let me in, l-e-t m-e i-n !" This, I thought was rather unusual, and
remembered a question from Jamie Sams book: "Are you the dreamer ? Or are you the dreamed
?" ... Is this what you are trying to tell me Lizard ? Then suddenly as it had come, it took off.

And as I turned my back to the window, there now was a knock on the door. At the door was this
man, who then offered me his very dodgy and dishonest services ... which I thanked him for, and
promised to think about, got his number .... But afterwards thought that I would have been "h-ad",
I would well and truly have been "the dreamed one", - had I accepted his offer. Thanks for
the warning Lizard ! But this question: "Are you the dreamer ? Or are you the dreamed ?" - must
have gone into my subconscious, because it still keeps on popping up as a reminder in many
choices I now make. Also the Lizard showing how the dreams we see while asleep, can be
Reality, and the reality while awake a Dream, made me question what my chosen "Dreaming Reality" is ?

Almost ran into my third "Animal-Spirit-Helper" on a street corner, which gave me such a
startle, a jolt. But then I was so amazed how big ! and how strong and healthy the Dingo was, to
the very tips of its every hair, it was in superb condition ! Awestruck I stared at this Dingo, that
was s-h-i-n-i-n-g ! There is this one tree, right in town, that shines like that, it just has this aura
about it, that like "radiates awareness light", no other words to describe it. But this Dingo, it
shone like the sun ! The energy of its aura was so dynamic, radiating optimum health, the Dingo
was at the height of its "power". When I took my eyes off the Dingo, I found myself staring at
this big poster/add that had a picture of a dingo on it, and it said: "The Lone Dingo". At that
moment something in me changed. Thinking about it afterwards, the startle must have jolted me
"out-of-my-mind" into "seeing-in-spirit" for that Dingo to s-h-i-n-e like that .... and even though
the situation only lasted a few seconds, the amount of information and teachings the Dingo
situation gave ... mind, - that is of time, can only slowly put in words and concepts. When one
"sees-in-spirit" there is an energy exchange, and you understand "The-Dreaming-of-TheWitnessed"
... because you feel it's energy and ways within you. This so clearly made me
understand the significance of power totems, found in Siberian, Native American and other
traditions, about how to increase your own energy by aligning it with the spirit of your totem.
It is said that everything is Spirit, Light Energy .... , but I suppose this is the real magic of desert
places, you actually begin to "See" this "Dream" as Reality ! Yet the Dingo had hardly taken any
notice of me, it just went past totally focused on its own path, its own "Dingo-business".

The Dingo seems to be showing a pathway of "Free-and-Independent-Will" that is "Beyond-TheMind",
(beyond our subjective realities = mind's summary of Life, Universe & Everything
Worldview and Order) and beyond the mind's dual occupation (efforts to control, to manipulate
i.e. win over; -on one hand negativity, by trying to change it, ..... and on the other hand trying to
secure some kind of eternal, positive, happiness-state, by clinging, by trying to make the
perceived happiness static etc. etc. etc.) And when you "lose-your-mind" and it's dual
occupation, then you lose the mind's army as well (the emotional drama).
It seems that wanting the "external" world to reflect i.e. live-up-to our subjective reality
expectations is "The-Dreaming-of-The-Mind". The Greater ... Sacred Reality ( beyond-the-mind)
... that we are all a-l-r-e-a-d-y s-h-a-r-i-n-g in The Silence and Power of The Spirit is "TheDreaming-of-The-Spirit".

But how can a will, that is "forever" caught in mind's own reflection, occupation and drama ever
be free to intend any other "Dreaming-Reality" than (the limits of) its own self-reflection (of
which "Dreaming" it isn't usually even aware of) !

2 and 1/2 years ago, I painted this picture, (of Northern Territory), - where there is this person in
the foreground & behind her... rock cliffs, and above her 3 black birds hovering, 3 black Crows. (
One of them was meant to be of fire i.e. "supernatural messenger"... and later such person did
manifest, who then brought me a message ... i.e. introduced me to my totem the wolf. But it
seems that only now after "s-e-e-i-n-g" the Dingo I am finally starting to "get" the message, what
my totem is about).

The place that I found to hang this picture in my new unit was beside my bedroom window. It
did register then, that the view from my bedroom window, the outline of The Mc Donnell
Ranges is like the outline of the rock cliffs in my painting, but didn't think more about it. Later
even the carpet layer who came, noticed it and said: "Hey, If you stand in front of your window,
your back & face in between the gap (in that mountain range), then the view is exactly like your
painting .... look you have even got those clouds in it !" - pointing at the sky. "Oh, so I have ....."
(But still didn't think more about it). A few days later, in the morning, walking back from the
shops, I noticed the full moon on the already blue sky, that looked so big, and it was so clear you
could see all its craters ... never seen moon like that .... must be the desert effect or something.

But the full moon made the whole atmosphere feel rather special, and then I noticed the 3 Eagles
circling above me. I knew that they were just as aware of me as I was of them and then one of
them flew down to the lamp post by the road, nearest to the footpath I was walking ....for
acknowledgment like ... but I had already known that one of them would ....and this Eagle acted
"on cue" to this "Silent-Spirit-Agreement" ... that had already been as though arranged. And
when the situation is special, then it is like that every detail counts and has a message for you,
and I wondered what 3 Eagles circling you might mean ? Then forgot about it, till a couple days
later a friend of mine sent me a postcard, and at the back of it there were 3 pictures of an Eagle.

Oh, there are my 3 Eagles again, it must mean something ..... Then had to go upstairs, and from
my bedroom wall, my painting stared at me .... 3 black birds hovering ... they were not crows
after all, they are black Eagles ! (Though the one that came down looked rather grayish in that
morning light, maybe it was juvenile). And the position I was walking from, my back & face
between the gap in the ranges ...... & then it really hit me, that I actually now am in " the picture
of my Dreaming" ! So it looks as though the "3 Crow Messengers" in my painting "shapeshifted"
into a "3 Eagle Message"..... of a "Eagle Dreaming Journey".

In summary like:
Reality is but a "REFLECTION" (Crow) ...of your "DREAMING" (Lizard).
Subjective Reality World View and Order & it's Reflection is the "Dreaming of the Mind"
Greater ... Sacred Reality & it's Reflection is the "Dreaming of The Spirit".

Crow is showing that our perception of "Reality" can change "shape-shift" at any time, and that
"Mind-Made-Reality" is not the same as "Sacred Reality".

Lone Dingo is showing a Path of Free and Independent Will to choose "T-h-e" Reality, we want
to be a Reflection of.

Eagle is showing how to have Faith to go beyond what the Mind cannot yet understand.

Embraced and carried by the Sacred Wind, we find strength, balance and freedom within its Silent Power.


Hi there, you're new here so hi!! I just have to say that this bit stuck out to me
“Crow is showing that our perception of "Reality" can change "shape-shift" at any time, and
that "Mind-Made-Reality" is not the same as "Sacred Reality."

I never understood the nature of crow medicine but I personally feel that here you have tapped
into one of its manifestations. Thank you for sharing this, for me at least it brought a new
perspective on crow

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