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By CinnamonMoon

Role ~The Teacher~
Lesson: Adaptation to Change
Element: Water
Wind: West ~The Quest Within~
Medicine: Shapeshifting

Regeneration Adaptation Growth
Guardianship Loyalty
Transformation & Regeneration

As the cub first enters the physical plane, her eyes are frozen shut and she is, in essence, blind.
Yet as she matures, her eyes open, revealing a splendid new world to explore and investigate As
her eyes turn from the gray-blue hue of youth and innocence, to yellow/gold, burning with the
inner fire of experience, she becomes a fuller extension of all that she is capable of being. She is
ever changing, transforming herself throughout her cycle of life, attune with the process of

***Often, the soul who has inherited the Gray Wolf as their Power Totem, is a soul who is
constantly transforming themselves, improving themselves as they encounter the lessons and
challenges of Life.***

Change & Growth

The Gray Wolf is constantly presented with change and opportunities for growth. Despite all that
is thrown in the Path of the Wolf however, he adapts himself to change. To understand this, one
need only look at the environment the Gray Wolf inhabits.

Currently, there are a number of gray wolves that were reintroduced in Yellowstone National
Park in an attempt to bring natural balance and order back to the area. The region covers a
portion of Northwestern Wyoming and extends partially into the southern tip of Montana.

The fluctuation in season where the Gray Wolf dwells, necessitates that he adapt to change as the
warm, golden days of summer when prey is plentiful and the whole pack can be fed quite easily,
is replaced with the shortened days of Autumn. The Wolf begins to grow his winter coat in
preparation for the long, cold months of winter which loom over the distant horizon of red and
yellow leaves. Then, winter arrives. The cold breath of the North winds blow across the forest
and plains, blanketing everything for a time in snow that glitters like miniature crystals sprinkled
by a Divine hand. Gray Wolf searches for food with which to sustain the Pack, and always the
elements, the threat of starvation, keep him on the move. And then it is Spring once more and the
welcome rays of the Sun penetrate the frozen landscape, encouraging new life.

***It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing
change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road, and with the change, a lesson unique to
that Wind.

Gray Wolf is the Wolf who stands at the Western Door. The winds of change will gently flow
through the life of the Gray Wolf Soul, stirring her to greet the change with the knowledge of the
lessons that such transitional times will herald. Gray Wolf Soul understands that Change is
merely Growth, an essential part of Life, and thus, embraces Change easily.
The essence of the West Wind is Adaptation to Change through the Quest Within. This is the
land of ~Wakan Tanka~ where the individual journeys within to divine the mysteries of Soul`s
Purpose in order to integrate personality with spirit. Gray Wolf Totem stands on the cliff of
evermore gazing across the misty chasm of tomorrow in quiet contemplation. She doesn`t strain
to see what is not yet visible on the other side, merely acknowledges that the changes will surely
take place, and that the choices she makes, will fashion the bridge across***

The complex social structure of the Wolfpack is a society that is formed with the primary intent
of Survival of All. Therefore, all pack members take guardianship of one another, assisting in the
hunting and killing of prey so that the pack can be fed, huddling together to provide warmth to
the very old, young or ill when the cold settles in, and guardianship in watching over the cubs of
the Pack, as all members participate in the rearing and educating of the young.
***The Individual with the Totem of Gray Wolf, understands the importance of protecting and
nurturing Life in all of its varied and brilliant forms. He is the Soul that desires to be of service to
others and thus enters a profession which will be in alignment with these principles. She is the
soul who desires to nurture the spark of soul awareness in the other members of her society, so as
to ensure the survival of the species. In whatever form this urge of Guardianship manifests itself,
the Gray Wolf Totem will always strive to be of Benefit to the Whole.***

Among all of our winged, finned and four legged brothers and sisters, Wolf is one of the few
who mates with one for life. Once they have "chosen" one another and are recognized by the rest
of the Pack as the dominant male and female, this Alpha couple will share a deep and abiding
bond that will only end with the physical ~transition~ of one of them as that mate departs the
physical plane to wander the grounds of the Blue Road. Only then will the surviving mate
contemplate another to be by his/her side.

In addition to the bond between mates, the bond is nearly as strong to the other members of the
Wolfpack, as each member will lay down their very life if necessary to protect another. It is this
deeply rooted sense of loyalty that reminds us of some of the best qualities within our own

***Wolf Soul is one who understands the depth of connection with another, be it mate, friend or
family member. These individuals will tend to be monogamous in nature. If a mate is not found
that shares this same sense of loyalty, then Wolf Totem will choose to live as a solitary wolf yet
will still have deep and abiding bonds with friends and/or family.***

Blending of Intuition with Cognizant Thought
Gray Wolf is known to be a skilled hunter, capable of taking down game of both a much larger
size, and strength, from their own. This is due in large part to their ability to recognize
opportunity, and to intuitively know when to strike.

The hunt is initiated when keen observation is employed to select the best prey candidate . . .
often one that is either weak, very young, or old. This is the process of cognizant thought.
When the prey has been selected, a silent communication takes place as pack members fall into
the intuitive dance of the hunt, moving in silent unison, sensing the thoughts and energies of both
one and other, and their prey.

***Gray Wolf Totem is drawn to individuals who possess the ability to employ rational thought
coupled with intuitive understanding. As he walks through life, Wolf Soul uses his keen
intelligence to assess issues and situations which demand resolution. He then follows the
~prompts~ he receives from his own higher sense of ~knowing~ to achieve necessary growth
and learning***

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