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By CinnamonMoon

*Ted Andrews/"Animal-Wise":
Keynote: Quick and magical maneuvers and shapeshiftings.

Merlins, like the mythical character, are magical birds. The merlin is a 'pigeon hawk.' Actually a
member of the falcon family, it has a slate blue crown and black back and mimics the flight of
pigeons to sneak up on unwary prey. It also will use its flying maneuvers to startle flocks of birds
and then in seemingly magical displays of flying, snatch stragglers from the air.

Its ability to mimic pigeons to capture prey indicates what this bird's message is. Sometimes we
must appear as something we're not in order to capture what we need or want, weaving a little
shapeshifting magic, creating an illusion in order to accomplish our goals.

The merlin can also appear if we need to look for someone around us who may not be what he or
she appears to be. We may find ourselves in a vulnerable position and should be cautious about
becoming someone's prey.

The merlin in falconry was a preference of noble ladies. The merlin is easily trainable and was
then often returned back to the wild after a season of hunting. Because of this, the merlin is a
reminder to weave and use a little magic for the time being. It is an indication new and often
temporary doors of learning will open. We should take advantage of these opportunities,
undertake some quick training and accomplish what we need at the moment because our learning
will come quickly and will serve its purpose for the time.

Now is the time to shapeshift our life and ourselves a little for the greatest benefits.

Are others around you appearing as they are not?
Are we doing all we can to help ourselves?
Are we using our magic inappropriately?
Are we not using the magic when we should?
Are we allowing ourselves to be vulnerable?

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