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By MoonstoneWolf

My friend has had a lot of moles in his backyard as of late and he was wondering mole could
represent. Thank you.


From: www.geocities.com/~animalspirits/index4.html (link called "animal spirits" in the side bar
on the front page) Mole’s Wisdom Includes: Guardian of the lower regions; Connection with the
energies of the Earth; Knowledge of herbs, roots, minerals, seeds, rivers, and other hidden
bounties of the Earth; Ability to turn inward; Introspection and blindness to all but light and dark
in the material world; Love expressed in nature; Sensitivity to touch and vibration (the
kinesthetic sense), Understanding of energies and fluxes;


Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise: Keynote: Heightened senses (especially touch). Luck in endeavors
through our own efforts.

According to Pliny in his Natural History, the mole was the animal that magicians admired the
most because its entrails always revealed the fates accurately. He also taught that if a person
swallows the heart of a mole while it was still beating, the person would receive the gift of
prophecy. The mole was used in magical rites to make a woman dance naked and to heal
toothaches, epilepsy, and other diseases as well. To have a purse of moleskin would insure that
you would always have money to put in it.

None of these old superstitions have anything to do with the reality of this animal's true meaning.
There are around 20 species of moles, and they range throughout most of the world--North
America, Europe, and Asia.

As a burrowing animal, the mole is well adapted to life underground; places beneath the earth
were often considered mysterious, leading to the land of the dead and to great treasures. The
mole shows us how to dig our own treasures in life through our own efforts. In shamanism, they
can be guides into the Underworld.

The mole has a cylindrical body with front feet that are extremely broad and function as diggers
for its tunnels, where it spends most of its life. Often, for those to whom the mole is a messenger
or totem, there is a natural ability to dig beneath the surface of things, to analyze and uncover
the hidden.

The mole's skin has more organs for touch than any other animal. For those to whom the mole is
a totem, the sense of touch is already or will soon become greatly heightened. To mole
individuals, there will often occur two responses because of this sensitivity. The pleasure
response from touch will increase, or the individual will try to be more standoffish because of the
increased sensitivity. Psychic touch will be a major part of this and should be relied upon by
those to whom this animal appears. Do not trust what you see or hear as much as what you feel.

Increasingly, those with the mole as a messenger will find that their own sense of touch will let
them know what is true. Trusting in what is felt, no matter how strange the impression, may
become important. Individuals with moles as guides often find that when they touch certain
people, strange and sometimes disturbing images come to mind. Usually the initial response is
"Now why would I ever think that of this person?" Learning to trust this sense of touch,
regardless of the logic of the impression, will be important. Sooner or later, the truth will reveal itself.

Moles dig their own ventilation shafts so that they have fresh air. For those to whom the mole is
a totem, it will be extremely important for their health to get plenty of fresh air.

Moles feed primarily upon earthworms, one of the great natural treasures of fertile soil. Because
of this, the mole helps us to seek out treasures of fertile soil in areas of our life to nourish us.
Remember that the mole is a digger of tunnels, constantly searching for his treasures that he
ultimately finds.

Do you trust what you feel?
Are you ignoring your feelings?
Are you becoming too sensitive?
Are you not working to make your own luck?
Are you sitting back, waiting for things to come to you?

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