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By SisterCyber


Monkeys are fascinating animals to watch. Their acrobatic maneuvers hold the energy of
effortlessness and grace. They twist, turn, jump, and hang with the greatest of ease. They crawl
up and down tree trunks and leap from branch to branch extending their long arms outward
towards the next limb. Once they arrive at their destination they stop, look around and
contemplate what is in their immediate environment.

Moving in all directions, forward, backwards and sideways gives the monkey the advantage of
seeing things from different angles. They have excellent vision and are able to see that which is
hidden from normal view. Their master ship of movement and keen observation skills help them
reach their destination safely. Those with this totem have the ability to know where they are
going and understand where they have been. Through perseverance, focus and fluid movement
their goals can be attained.

Monkeys are flat-footed animals. They walk around using all four limbs. When they walk their
whole foot hits the ground at the same time. This links the monkey to the qualities of stability
and sure footed. Their agility of movement is a reminder to us to maintain balance in all that we
think, do and say. Leadership roles are often granted to people that hold this medicine.
Curious and clever a monkeys mood can change instantaneously giving them an air of
unpredictability. A general theme for those that carry this medicine is to "expect the

Monkeys are most active during the day. Their brains are large denoting a strong intelligence.
After sexual maturity, male monkeys are at all times potent. This sexual potency is symbolic of
birth, rebirth and new creation.

The monkey is a powerful ally to have. A master at shape shifting realities it prompts us to
explore all aspects of who we are and who we choose to become. By learning from the monkey
and applying its skills of power, grace and observation, foundations are created that give birth to
our choices. Eventually these choices will manifest in our lives so if monkey is your totem be
careful of what you choose.

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