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*Gosh this was a while ago, it's dated November 29, 2000! Here you go:

As Amberseed wanted, we could do snake. This is a story that I wrote a good while back, Cinn
might remember it. It dealt with the nature of transformation associated with Snake. It was told
to me by a Native American on a journey that I had a good while back. Now this story goes as
this. I'll try to tell it as good as I can remember it.

One day an Eagle was gliding high in the sky surveying the ground below looking for something
to eat. He spotted a Snake on the ground. The Eagle swooped down and landed near the Snake.
The Eagle didn't strike he looked at the Snake who didn't act normally. The Snake slowly looked
up at the Eagle and said: "go ahead, eat me, I don't care. I don't want to live anymore. Take my
life and be done with it."

This struck Eagle as odd. Never did he see in his life a Snake act this way, this caught his
curiosity. (Yes, Eagles can be curious.) He proceeded to ask Snake what was the problem.
"Snake," he said, "What is the problem for you to be such an easy meal this day?"

The Snake answered: "I cannot grow anymore, so this life has nothing to offer me anymore, it
has no more meaning."

Eagle thought about these words and decided to help the Snake. Eagle said: "Come, I will take
you high atop the mountain, there you can see and talk to Great Spirit. Maybe he will know what
to do." Snake agreed. Eagle took him up in the sky to the highest mountain top and said: "Great
Spirit, someone needs your wisdom."

Great Spirit appeared before them. Eagle explained the condition. snake had lost his will to live.
Great Spirit was disconcerted at this. He asked Snake: "Why? Why did you lose your will to live?"

Snake answered: "I cannot grow anymore, I am stuck as this and without growth life has no
meaning for me."

Great Spirit pondered the situation. After a while he answered: "As you move along your path,
use the obstacle in your way to remove the skin that you no longer need. With it gone you will be
able to grow tall out of your shell."

Snake listened well to these words and as a matter of fact was able to continue on growing.
This is the story as I remember it. Now what are its lessons? The way I see them and I do believe
that it is the way that it was told to me that when we are faced with obstacles in life, when we
pass them or go over them, we must leave the parts of our self that those lessons (obstacles)
taught us unnecessary. It is sure Snake represents much more than that. The only other thing that
I could say is that the venom of Snake is in its essence purifying, to me it represents it's inner fire
and capacity to purify. That's what I have from the few experiences I had with them.

A question to this. I believe that the Native American that told me this story is the Guide that I
have right now. The same sensation arises in me when I think of him. What is weird is, that in
that journey he was young, about 32 y/o, and I was a young boy, about 8 y/o. Now in my
journeys he's about 50 to 60 y/o. Does that make sense, is it possible to see the same Guide but at
different times in his life???? It just occurred to me and makes me real confused!!

This is really one if not the first of the journeys I did that shows me that journeying isn't just
imagination. Although I'm artistic and imaginative, I could never have come up with something
exactly like this. Snake Medicine isn't one of my strong points, or maybe it is and I don’t realize
and don’t act upon it but this story, at least to me strikes at one of the core of snake Medicine.
And furthermore I was gifted by this since this is something I have never written anywhere else.
I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that it brings some food for thought, these are what stories are

Now for a question Cinn. I have never been gifted with another story. This was the only time.
Does it mean that I am to do something special with it? Am I just to share it as it was done here
or does this mean that this is a significant part of my path? I'm asking as I'm not to fond of snake.
I think I know why though. Anyhow I'd appreciate some feedback on this.


As you were pointing out, the echo of the NA spiritual poetry is here through and through. A
definite Medicine Story...it teaches that Medicine, you see? It had purpose and will continue to
serve you as well as those you share it with. You'll know when it's called for but it's now part of
*your* Medicine for it was given to you as a lesson to learn and an example to follow.

Yes, it was a great experience in defining where the imagination stops and the images begin...not
just in journey work but in all capacities of the spiritual and mundane paths. Remember when
Salamander showed up walking down the street with you? I sure do. I laughed my you know
what off. You mentioned this was not your style of creativity and you knew it wasn't sourced with
you. That is also the sensation you have when your Guides channel through you in the physical
realm to "breakthrough" and communicate. You may say or do things quite different from what
you consider normal and that's the guidance directing your actions. That's being a Hollow Bone.

Sharing Medicine Stories is a form of oral tradition very common to the NA ways. They didn't
write books, they told stories and a story keeper is known as a Medicine Chief or a LoreKeeper
depending on the tradition you follow. This is also very common in other paths. Snake may not
be a Totem of yours but it definitely could be one of your teachers. Once or several times, it
doesn't matter. The point is the lesson got through to you. That you have not been gifted with
another story does not surprise me. It may happen in the future, but when gifted this way and
taught a lesson we are meant to share it. How are you using this on your path? Personally?

That's fine, it's all you have to do. But if you share it with others you begin to use that knowledge
to serve and in that service will be given more to do. Spirit will see you applying it to the
betterment of the whole and give you more to share over time. Wolf is with you! I told you this
was where you were headed, how many years ago now? And I remember you telling me "no I'm
not! I can't do that." There's a reason you felt the need to find this story again.

Yes, you are to apply it to your life and spiritual work first. You have to practice on yourself first
to share with others later once you've mastered *your* technique. That is your Medicine (part of
it) and you need to learn to work with it. So it's both a significant part of your path, a corner
stone for growth, but also a teaching tool for you to help others. Sharing here is a wonderful
start but Spirit will now be bringing others to cross your path where this particular teaching will
apply. You've raised the proverbial flag to signify you're ready to do just that and with full
understanding of the implications it makes, as well as the knowledge to expand upon it through
experiences you can also share. You'll know when and where to do that.

I know you're not fond of Snake. Snake means change and you're one to like things as they are
unless it's your idea. It's just time to grow again. Snake is telling you that by asking you to tell its
story again. It does hold value for me and I do gather the stories for teaching purposes so I'm
honored you sent it my way to begin with. It's beautiful! It holds profound truth in its simplicity
and therein lies the poetry. Irony and poetry. Eagle could have devoured Snake. It didn't, it saw
the need and the higher purpose to help save a life, not end it needlessly. Much was said here. I
just hope when the time comes for me to Drop my Robe that the right person goes through my
files. Gosh there's a lot I have tucked away. So much. It would take a lifetime to compile them
too...it took me a lifetime to gather the notes. LOL Just pondering that. Hmmmmmmm


You know what Cinn, it's funny that this popped up again and that it caught my eye. I think In a
big way I'm going through some change and that applies very well to the story told here. Funny
how things go around. *Wink*

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