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Cows, Bulls or Oxen: these working animals are very rarely found in the wild anymore (with the
exception of the Sacred Cows of India, who can do whatever they please wherever they please).

Cows are important because they produce milk after they have reared their Calves and so many
farmers keep them as dairy animals producing milk, cheese and yoghurt for human consumption.

The Bull is the complete ruler of his herd of cows and no other male can get close if he is there to
protect his females. He mates with all the Cows in his herd and thus insures his bloodline will
continue long after he is gone, so he is a symbol of both masculine fertility and fatherhood. Oxen
are working animals and still in many countries are raised to pull wagons and plough. In China
the Ox is one of the sacred animals, known for his ability to work without tiring. In Norse
mythology, the Ox has its own Runic symbol recognized for wealth.

Musk ox's Wisdom Includes: Defense of the vulnerable by the community; Ability to withstand
coldness in others; Understanding of how to survive in harsh climates; Provides physical warmth
in harsh times.

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