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By CinnamonMoon

Black *Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
Keynote: Sunshine and Color Healing
Cycle of Power: Year-round

The parrot is a bird of the sun. Its bright colors and sunshine aspect are what gives it its magic.
Its feathers can be used in prayer sticks for powerful healing rites and to invoke the energies of
the sun at any time of the year.

In the Pueblo tradition, it is a bird associated with the gathering of salt. The places where salt
was found were considered a gift of the sun. Since the parrot was to the Pueblo a bird of the sun,
there is the correspondence. Parrots come in a variety of colors. Anyone with a parrot as a totem
should do some study of colors and their effects. The parrot is a wonderful teacher of the power
of light and colors.

Some parrots have been taught to mimic humans. Because of this ability, the parrot has been
considered a link between the human kingdom and the bird kingdom. Parrots, in this sense, could
be likened to ambassadors, diplomats, and interpreters for the bird realm. They have a magic that
will enable you to understand others more effectively. They can help you awaken a sense of

*Lady Stearn Robinson & Tom Gorbett/The Dreamer's Dictionary:
As you would expect, talking or noisy parrots in a dream forecast irresponsible gossip from
which you will have to protect yourself; be energetic about it.

*Timothy Roderick/The Once Unknown Familiar:
Key Words: Raucous, boisterous, silly
Magical Influences: Enhances the learning of foreign languages, ability to assume the voice of
another, power to mimic.

Personality: The parrot type is prone to indulge in fun-loving pranks. Parrots enjoy humor and
never turn down the chance to pull off a good practical joke. They can manipulate their voices
with ease, and this lends to their interest in foreign languages and vocal mimicry. Parrots can be
easily hurt by others because they sometimes lack a solid, positive self-image.

*Denise Linn/The Secret Language of Signs:
A parrot can be a sign for insincerity and speaking another's words without thinking. Are you
parroting or imitating someone else? Find your own individuality and express it. A parrot can
also be a sign of the jungle, of color, and of expression.

*D.J. Conway/Animal Magick:
The parrot makes up a large number of species belonging to the family Psittacidae, which
includes Cockatoos, Lories, Macaws, and Lovebirds. They live in tropical and subtropical
regions. Parrots have stout hooked bills and prehensile toes. The plumage is usually in brilliant
colors. They can learn to imitate human speech. A friend of ours had a parrot who learned to sing
opera by listening to records. This was fine until a woman visited with a whining child. Punkie
added this whining, crying sound to her repertoire along with laying her head on the perch,
imitating the child's tantrums.

Kama, the Hindu god of love, had a parrot as his emblem. To the people of India this bird was
prophetic and a bringer of rain. The Roman writer Ovid talked about a parrot cult in Rome,
although very little is known about it. Parrots were carried in Ptolemy's procession at Alexandria.
There are four leading Hopi clans of Native Americans. In these clans, the Bear Clan is first in
importance, followed by the Parrot Clan. To the Hopis, this bird represents the South and
fruitfulness. it is called the Mother of the Hopis.

To "parrot" something is to repeat a conversation, opinion, or action of another, without thinking
about what you are saying or the meaning behind it.

Superstitions: All parrots can talk. A parrot's beak is so strong that if dropped on the closed beak,
it won't be hurt.

Magickal attributes: Imitation, mockery, unintelligent repetition of something. Think carefully
before you speak. Don't repeat gossip. Guidance and wisdom to think before you speak.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Parrot typifies verbosity.

*Patricia Telesco/The Language of Dreams:
Mirroring habits, characteristics, or ways that are not necessarily reflective of who you really are.
Repetition of cycles or patterns in your life, some of which may not be positive. Among Pueblo
Indians, an alternative emblem of the sun, which also embodies the power of color and light. If
the parrot is in the air, possibly a type of flying dream. A "yes" person who accepts everything
she/he is told to do or believe without real scrutiny. Mockery or gossip. In a cage, the parrot
embodies the inability to integrate the lessons you see reflected through other people's words and

*Cinnamon Moon:

My parrot loved to sing opera. There were commercials on television promoting the opera or
symphony music and often giving little clips of the orchestration and songs. He loved singing
along with them getting louder or softer as they did. He also sang in the shower when taking his
bath. I'd sing: "Singing in the Rain" and he'd sing back "lalallalalalalaaahhhhh" right in tune.
He loved dive bombing us and would hit and run laughing hysterically and very proud of
himself. And he was a clown. He'd get so excited on his rope and wooden swings and get angry
with them banging them around until he hit himself in the head and fell off his perch. Then he'd
get mad at the perch pecking and scolding it!

My youngest daughter taught him the wolf whistle and she'd shake a leg at the same time. He
mimicked her to the point of shaking his leg and when a girl walked by he'd add "Pretty girl".
We used to keep his cage in the sunroom by the windows that were open in the summer and he'd
flirt with every girl that walked by, adding how pretty they were after he started out with the
whistle and leg shake. They didn't know it was a bird and were often startled. Then he'd just
laugh and laugh.

I'd say you could add Trickster to the list as well. He was an escape artist, a thief, a practical
joker, and at times quite the bully. If you ignored him he only got louder, so manipulation is
there too. And if you gave him the attention he wanted he'd cuddle for hours or nap with you.
He'd hear the doorbell and invite people in. If the phone rang, he'd call out "Telephone!" and he
mimiced the microwave and people were always running to the kitchen to see what was there. Of
course it was empty but he found that very funny.

He was also able to sense when my ex was coming home 20 minutes before he arrived. He'd start
to call out: "Dad? Daad? Daaaaaaaad?" and I knew when to have dinner on! *S* I guess you
could add clairvoyance or clairsentience to the list as well, eh? He was never wrong, and he kept
the place lively.

One time when he was in the open window he started shouting “Help me! Help me!” Something
my youngest would say when he dove at her. He called it out in her tone of voice and the next
thing we knew the police were at the door on a domestic dispute call. We invited them in to meet
Houdini. He earned his name, he was an escape artist too and could easily get out of his cage.
We had to keep locks on it that he couldn’t pick.


You know, I dreamt of a parrot two days ago. I didn't have time to go over dream details so all I
remember now is that a medium-sized brightly colored parrot walked over to me and was staring
at me. The feel was that it was a good dream. Amusing in some way. I woke up thinking. Parrot!?

Cinn, have you seen that article on the telepathic parrot that reads it's owner's mind? It was
quite amazing. She stares at pictures and the parrot in the next room tells researchers what she's
looking at!

Parrots definitely hit me as being tricksters too. My dad's family had a parrot that would call
him in from playing using his mom's voice. Then it would chuckle and fluff itself up - all smug at
the joke. It used to sing and dance when it's favorite song was on the radio. Once it got so
carried away dancing it fell off its perch!


I believe they are quite telepathic, Crow, mine sure was. He's with my Ex now as the bond is
strongest between the two of them, but he sure is a character. I'm not surprised by the one in the
article you mentioned at all, though, no, I've not read about it. They're a lot of fun, but they also
have a very serious side to their nature and much to offer us. Another one of their traits is that of
the warrior/protector.


The Parrot
The parrot is an alert bird with a good temperament. They are very intelligent and have been
taught to mimic humans. A bird which can speak the human language is considered to be a link
between mankind's world and the world of nature. They serve as a bridge in which both can
cross to gain a deeper understanding about one another. This understanding allows both
kingdoms to live in harmony.

One of the most outstanding features of the parrot is its range of coloring. Parrots invoke a sense
of hope and promise. Just looking at its brilliant feathers gives us a feeling of excitement and
wonder. For those who identify with this totem opportunities to renew their dreams and visions
are offered.

Parrots teach us the power of magic. Their feathers are used in healing rituals to invoke the
properties of color and light. Color and light therapy have been used by many native tribes to
heal the sick or injured. For those with this totem the study of its colors will reveal a lot about

Parrots can be very vocal or very quiet depending upon the situation they are in. In humans this
indicates an innate ability to know when to voice ones opinion and when to be silent. Lessons
associated with discernment are always present in a parrot medicine person. The parrot is a feel
good bird and is a great ally in healing depression. When the parrot flies into your life it is
asking you to recapture the magic of living. It is time to enjoy your life and all it holds.

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