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Platypus: Embracing all aspects of one's self, especially those that don't seem to fit. The ability to
adapt to any change in one's environment. This essence also gives the courage to discover and be
your true self.

(from: www.essencesonline.com/Mo...manic.htm)

The Platypus
The duck billed platypus is a small semi aquatic mammal that lives in the lakes and streams of
eastern Australia and Tasmania. It is notable for having a broad flat rubbery snout that contains
electro receptors enabling it to detect electrical fields produced by moving muscles of its prey.
When submerged in water the eyes and ears are closed by a fold of skin. The sensitive muzzle of
the platypus guides it while it swims blind. Those with this totem have the ability to balance and
ground energy currents as they move through the body. For people who channel or work in any
form of energetic healing this can be advantageous. Platypus medicine people use their inner
sight to guide them through life and are natural clairvoyants.

The platypus swims gracefully and expertly using the front feet. The hind feet in conjunction
with its flattened tail are used mainly for stabilization. The tail also assists it in diving. Water has
long been associated with the subconscious and the secrets it holds. Those with this totem are
investigative, always searching for the deeper meaning of each situation they encounter.
The platypus finds its food chiefly in underwater mud and has an enormous appetite. They
emerge for feeding in early morning or late afternoon. Foods grown below ground are often
beneficial for those with this medicine.

Mating occurs in the water. Poisonous spurs on the hind legs of the male are used to hold the
female. An unusual courtship precedes mating in which the male grabs the females tail and the
pair swim in circles. In ancient myth and lore a circle signifies wholeness. Those with this totem
usually have strong karmic lessons associated with completion. If this medicine is
underdeveloped they find themselves unable to finish projects.

The platypus digs winding burrows with side branches in the banks of streams and lakes that it
inhabits. These burrows indicate its flexibility to move in different directions effortlessly. It
teaches us how to access the hidden chambers of our subconscious and move according to our
personal rhythms. The platypus is a powerful totem to have. It is a unique animal in both its
appearance and its abilities and can show us how to awaken our own uniqueness.
(from www.sayahda.com/cycle.html)

Platypus' Wisdom Includes:
Connection the ancient animals
Ability to remain unique
Value of remaining as you are
Ability to rear young differently


“The keywords for Platypus are "Women's Wisdom". The platypus is a playful egg laying
marsupial known as a monotreme. The platypus lives in creeks and streams. It can remain under
water for up to 5 minutes at a time, using its flat tail and webbed feet to paddle underwater. It
swims with its eyes closed so it has had to develop the ability to detect any slight disturbance in
the water with its sensitive bill. The male platypus has two rear spurs, which are laden with
venom. It builds its creek bank nests in burrows with the entrance concealed under the water's

Platypus represents the true essence of Women's Sacred Wisdom - to trust blindingly in one's
inner direction and to move as one with the creative ebbs and flows of Mother Earth. Platypus is
sensitive, light hearted and spontaneous. Male and Female Platypus are both born with a
venomous spur on their hind leg that protects them from predators, but as they grow, the females
lose their spurs. Symbolically, the females learn to trust their Dreaming (Medicine) and the
protection they receive through their sense of self- worth and their connection to Spirit.

When women and men finally understand and embrace the supreme character traits of the
Dreaming the World will become a place where all can exist in harmony with one another,
without fear of harm, loss or guilt. Platypus says that with each of us taking responsibility for
our own healing, sense of love and our own lives we can come together as men and women and
walk side by side as "a People" into the future, instead of feeling banished, separate or forsaken
like the Water Rat and the Duck in the legends of Old. S.A. King - Animal Dreaming”

The Aboriginal legend goes: This legend represents star-crossed lovers, the souls of two involved
in forbidden union. Against the wishes of the tribe, the two eloped, but later came back to
apologize for dishonoring their families. As punishment, she was turned into a Duck and he, a
Water Rat - after which they were banished forever. She later laid two eggs - each containing
strange furry, duck-billed creatures equipped with powerful webbed feet. This is how Platypus
was born.

I love the Platypus. We have a pair that live in a river locally. They are amazing animals to
watch. Hope some of this helps.

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