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Polar Bear's Wisdom Includes:
• Solitude
• Expert swimmer through emotional waters
• Finding one way back from the brink
• Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes
• Strength in the face of adversity
• Communication with Spirit
• Dreams
• Death and rebirth
• Transformation
• Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries
• Defense and revenge
• Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines
• Introspection
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The Polar Bear
Polar bears are outstanding hunters. They are the most aggressive and carnivorous of all bears.
They hold the same characteristics as other bears although the polar does have specific traits
inherent to it. Those with this totem should also read the information presented on bears in
general for a deeper understanding of this powerful medicine.

The polar bear weighs up to 1600 pounds and can knock a 500 pound seal out of the water with
one blow. They are incredibly strong and more adaptable than other bears. This adaptability
compliments their excellent survival skills. Those with this medicine have karmic challenges
associated with flexibility, change and stubbornness and should ask the polar for help in
overcoming these obstacles.

The polar will observe a situation completely before they act. They know how to conserve their
strength as well as their energy and use both at the most appropriate time for the best outcome.
This is one of the lessons that it teaches. Those with this totem would benefit by learning the art
of energy management.

Polar bears have no enemies in the animal kingdom. Their only enemy is the human hunter. They
are intelligent and fearless. Because of this native tribes throughout history have recognized the
polar as a desirable ally and spirit helper. The white color associated with the polar bear is very
significant. It represents "purity of spirit." Since this bear is fearless and the energy of spirit only
flows when fear is absent, the polar serves as a valuable ally in overcoming fear, both physical
and mental.

The polar is known as the "Ice Man" in some native tribes because of its preferences for hunting
on sea ice. The environment in which it appears to us is symbolic. If the polar were spotted
walking on ice its message would be connected to the frozen emotions stored within oneself and
the need for allowing those emotions to express themselves. If it is seen foraging for food,
nourishment and replenishment of the body, mind and spirit would be its message. It is important
to watch the polar bear to understand what it is trying to tell you. When it enters your life the
awakening of your own true colors is at hand.
From: http://talismanfantasy.fateback.com/ursine.htm

Polar Bear (Mato ska)
The polar bear ranges the frigid Arctic, living where no other four-legged can survive. Patience,
resolution, and a solitary life are some of its major characteristics, but endurance is the key word
for this representative of the north.

Other than a female with cubs, Mato ska keeps to itself and out on the pack ice where it spends
most of its life hunting its favorite food, the ringed seal. The bear's white camouflage, keen sense
of smell, sharp claws, and patience enables it to catch the seal when it surfaces to breath at holes
or openings in the leads or edges of ice. Its strength, stamina, and speed make it a feared animal
when it leaves the ice pack and comes south for a brief time to mate.

Polar bear tells us to keep endurance in mind as we journey and explore along the Natural Way.
Polar bear wants us to remember the earth knowledge that we receive. "Let the worthwhile
information endure within so that you can better protect the animals and Mother Earth."

Polar Bear: Solitude, adversity, rebirth, dreams, transformation, patience, communication with
the spirit, dreams for shamans, mystics, defensive, strength, protection, swimmer, can break
through emotional barriers.


Another name for Polar Bear is Nanuk. For those who walk with Polar Bear, it is also important
to study the more general Bear Medicine.

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