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By Unregistered Guest

Until relatively recently (about a year and a quarter ago I think), I'd never even heard of totem
animals as such, but ... The first time I came across a power animal meditation I tried it and I got
two animals not one. With other meditations I've also got two. This was always just straight
away immediately. Always the same two. There are variants of each, but fundamentally it's
always the same two. I was already highly aware of both of these but would not have known
whether they were power animals and wouldn't have expected two, and I've not found any
references that would indicate that as a possibility.

One of them has been suggested by Cinnamon to be a power animal before, so that would seem
to tie in, but the other one has always been there, initially just as a symbol in my head from as
long back as I can remember when I was very young, before I even knew what one was. We
don't get either of these animals here or anywhere where I've ever lived. Is this normal? Is it
possible for there to be two power animals or is this silly? I'm trying to lay off this a little at the
moment, but my mind keeps returning to this point and wondering if this is meaningful.


I don't know if this helps you... I had vivid images of a "duo" from the time I was 17, and these
two had been strong individually since I was a wee girl. Cougar and Deer... Over the last year,
I've come to understand them more as I stepped onto the Shamanic Path, and I now know them
to be my Masculine Totem (Cougar) and my Feminine Totem (Deer). They are inseparable as
such... since Masculine/Feminine is a biggie in my life; it is reflected in my birth date (Beltane,
the Union of the God and the Goddess), and in the position of Venus (divine feminine) and Mars
(divine masculine) in my birth chart (they are conjunct and next to each other in Gemini
(masculine and feminine). On top of that, my childhood was very strongly influenced by the
countries we lived in, both matriarchal cultures (Puerto Rico) and patriarchal cultures (Saudi
Arabia and Kuwait)... My parents are prime examples of the imbalance between masculine and
feminine (masculine cut off from feminine, feminine cut off from masculine) in our society... And
it is one of my biggest things in life: to balance the masculine and feminine again within me and
my environment. Thus, Cougar and Deer are inseparable as teachers for me. Anyhoo... that's my
association as I read your post. I hope it helps you in your search for clarity.


Until about twenty months ago I hadn't heard about totem animals either. Yet today I do believe
that you can work with many. Personally as I say good morning each morning to Spirit, I am
greeted by different animals in each direction. I know what animals should be seen and how they
act in each direction when all is in balance and if something has changed from that balanced state
demonstrated by either behavior or the addition of another animal I know to be watchful for
something or bring the element associated with the new animal demonstrated into my life during
the day. Other totem animals show up dependent upon feelings or concerns or situation. So yes, I
believe you can walk with more than one totem.


Duality in Power Animals is not at all uncommon. As Mouse has expressed, often we will walk
with two to maintain the balance of the masculine and feminine traits within ourselves. I walk
with two--a male on my feminine side, a female on my masculine side. They will come to me
either as a couple or separately as the situation calls for. So you're not wrong in this and if the
feeling you get is strong I'd tell you to run with it until such time as the situation would prove
itself different to you. Being that they are appearing in tandem the majority of the time the
indicators are there that you are getting the right reading on this.

Unregistered Guest:

Thanks everyone.

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