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By Mouse

*Role ~The Teacher~
Lesson: Life, Death & Rebirth, Unexpected Change
Element: Fire
Wind: South, Recalling the Child
Medicine: Creation`s Flames
~Keywords~ Forced/Unexpected Change, Compassion, Transformation, Innocence, Uniqueness,

Forced & Unexpected Change
The Red Wolf stood upon the crest of the sun bleached hill, her eyes cast across the valley spread
out before her, searching, yearning to see another, such as she. Yet none came. Where had they
all gone, her Brothers & Sisters? This valley had once rung with their sweet music, washing
across the rolling hills and nestling into the dips of the valley like gentle ribbons of morning
mist, vibrant and alive. Now . . . the silence was thundering.

As she turned toward the setting sun, her eyes caught the sight of an approaching wolf. Red
Wolf`s noble heart leapt in joy. Then she noticed this Wolf was unlike any she had seen before.
The approaching figure was larger than any other clan member she had known, and all about his
reddened fur, was a white light that glowed and pulsed like the fading sun. Then, as the Other
One raised his head and called to her, she knew . . . she was returning Home to where her
Brothers a& Sisters would greet her with howls of ecstasy and joy.

The Red Wolf is now considered to be extinct in the wild, having been slaughtered by humans
and robbed of their natural resources by the encroaching spread of the two-leggeds.

In 1973, the US Fish & Wildlife Service garnered protection for the Red Wolf with the passage
of the Endangered Species Act. A captive breeding program was then successfully initiated to
bring back the Red Wolf from the brink of complete extinction, and thus today, the population of
Red Wolves has reached the near 300 mark. Perhaps through the awareness of, and the due
respect of this beautiful creature, we can prevent what would be a tragic demise of a splendid and
wise fellow inhabitant of Earth Mother.

***It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing
change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road and with the change, a lesson unique to
that Wind.

The individual who has been blessed to have Red Wolf walk beside him/her as their Totem, can
expect a life blessed with abundant change and, hence, tremendous growth, as this is the Wolf
that stands at the Southern Gate.

Growth is often initiated for the Red Wolf with unexpected events catapulting the Red Soul into
action. She does not assess the change in logical, controlled movements, rather she approaches
these changes with instinctual timing and instantaneous decisions that lead her exactly to where
she needs to be.

If Red Wolf Soul can tap into her ability to elicit positive change and growth in this life, then the
full potential of her ability to Create Positive Change will be manifested.***

The heart of the Red Wolf beats strong as he gazes into the eyes of the prone female, listening to
her faint cries and whimpers. His mate is dying, her physical form writhing with the currents of
pain that assault her and he, Alpha male of the last surviving wild red wolf pack, is powerless to
help his beloved.

Finally, the ~transition~ comes and he watches her form go still, watches as the air leaves her
lungs and her chest sinks back, then watches as the sparkling mist of energy leaves the body and
feels her as she moves through him on her way to the Blue Road of Spirit.

Sensing their pack leader`s grief, the other pack members gather beside him, eyes cast at the
lifeless body before them as they huddle close to comfort him with their presence. Then, on some
silent cue, they all raise their heads and sing a song of temporal parting to a friend, and a song of
comfort to the one left behind.

***The individual with the Soul of Red Wolf is one who is profoundly compassionate, sensitive
to the pain of others and will do anything within their ability to alleviate suffering. As such, these
individuals will often be found in the healing professions, either in terms of "medical
professionals" or as energy/spiritual healers.

One of the greatest challenges of one who has Red Wolf Totem, is to learn that true compassion
comes from knowing when to assist another, and when to draw back enough that the one they are
assisting can walk the Path they have come into the ~physical plane~ to fulfill.***

Red Wolf trusts that all that which she needs will be available to her, be it the prey she will eat to
sustain her own life, or the shelter of the earth in which she makes her den. She knows that
Nature is Kind, Loving and Provides. She has belief based upon experience that tells her pack
members will defend her if/when needed against attack. She gives love and receives love with
the acceptance of one who has known no rejection, no judgment and no fear . . . she is the
essence of Innocence.

***Red Wolf Totem walks with one who operates from an ~innocent~ heart, and thus, the
individual blessed with this Totem is either born with an instinctual innocence, or they have
come into this lifetime with one of their key lessons being that of maintaining, or re-kindling, innocence.

This is where they facilitate their primary Role of Teacher, to teach others the humbleness of
Innocence, the gift of Belief and Trust. Yet in order for the Teacher to impart his Knowledge and
Wisdom, he must first walk through the experience himself in full awareness and facing his own
personal Truths.

To do so, and then embrace others, free of judgment for the betrayals that may have gone
~before~ . . . to come back to himself with belief that all will be exactly as it is meant to be, is
the returning Home to Self, it is the ~Return to his own Innocence~***

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Sacred Garden:

I LOVE Red Wolf. No matter how many times I read the story of Red Wolf, it never fails to make
me cry. That same compassion I feel after reading it is the same feeling I have when Red Wolf
walks with me. The lessons offered are a true gift. At times those lessons have been hard for me,
but during those tough times is when Red Wolf makes it's presence known the most walking
beside me, nudging me one way or another. Always gently with warmth, love, and compassion.

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