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By Jimmy WhiteBear

Spent Sunday in tribal ceremony. We celebrated the Bear going into hibernation. When some
hear of the "Bear Feast" they automatically think that we are having Bear for our meal. Not so!,
We don't eat family!... The Bear feast is a celebration of the bear going into hibernation and the
people feast on nuts and berries as the Bear would and has this past season. Bear is fasting and in
dreamtime for the next few months. In march we will Feast again and awaken him from his long
winters sleep. We leave him a "Spirit plate" of nuts and berries and if we have a potluck, we will
leave some of this for him also. A "Spirit Plate" is when we make up a plate of food and bring it
into the forest and leave it there for bear. The Bear in the mundane may not get it and we know
this, but one of the fourleggeds will take it to the SpiritBear... Sleep well Bear!...
Si Norgama


Thank you for sharing this Jimmy. I really enjoy, and feel honored, when you share so freely of
your Path. I learn much from it. Sleep well Bear!


A beautiful honoring ceremony, Bear, thank you so much for sharing it. With your permission,
I'd like to post this thread in the library. May I?


Jimmy, Thank you for sharing this part of the ceremony.


This is beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing a part of your tradition.

Jimmy WhiteBear:

Thank you Cinn and everyone. Yes Cinn you can do that if you like. Elders have warned against
sharing the entire ceremony and against practicing a Sacred ceremony unless we have gone
through the traditional 7 day fast. Thanks again


Ahhh...Sleep well Bear! Thank you for sharing, Jimmy!


Thanks for sharing.

Minna Earthkeeper:

Thank you, Jimmy Sweet Dreams, Dear Bear. Dream us wonderful visions of the Spring-to-Come.
And please touch our dreams too.


Aho! Mitakuye Oyas'in


Thanks (((Jimmy))) We are all honored by the gift of your sharing. You are truly a man who
walks his talk. I am grateful our paths crossed.


Aho! Thanks for thinking of us during this special time.


Thank you Bear, it's fine that the ceremony is not presented in full here. Best IMHO. But I think
the concept of it is important and will help people understand the purpose behind it. Much
appreciated my Brother!


Jimmy thank you for sharing this wonderful and rich part of your path. I am honored and
touched by it and the wisdom that you share.

Jimmy WhiteBear:

Thank you everyone, I like to share what I can but without permission from the Elders it is very
minimal. The first time I seen an Eagle dance performed I was in awe. There is a troop out here
in New Hampshire that perform the Eagle Dance as exhibitions for people to learn more about
native culture. One day, I hope to be able to revive the Bear dance. I can see the Bear dance in
my mind, I could probably describe it to you, but this Bear has two left feet! LOL! Seriously, I
just can't send the message to the feet. I think I need to see the Bear dance in action before I can
dance it. Still waiting for the spirits to show me this. Again, Thanks, Bear


Bear thank you for honoring your values and respecting the Elders!


Aww, Jimmy, just let your heart honor Spirit and Bear and your feet will follow their lead!

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