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*Bobby Lake-Thom/Spirits of the Earth:
The Seagull is a survivor. He can go for long periods of time without food and survive under the
worst conditions. He represents stamina, perseverance, and cunning. But he can also be
mischievous, selfish, and quarrelsome. If you see a flock of Seagulls inland flying around in
circles, it is a warning that a bad storm is coming. The power of the Seagull can also get rid of
negative powers, such as when thousands of grasshoppers ravaged the Midwest back in the
1930s. Seagulls were sent by the Great Creator to purify the pestilence. Seagulls will eat
anything if they have to.

*D.J. Conway/Animal Magick:
A number of species of web-footed sea birds of the genus larus; related to the terns. They live
primarily in the arctic and temperate regions around the world. The adults are mostly white with
patches of gray, brown, or black. A few species live inland on lakes and marshes, but most gulls
stay around salt water.

The sea gull can soar on the air currents over the ocean waters with grace. However, it can also
be a nuisance. The sea gull is an avid scavenger, preying on eggs and the young of other birds. It
will eat almost anything. Its raucous scream is part of the atmosphere of the coastline.
Although not mentioned in the Celtic legends, the sea gull was connected with the Celtic god
Manannan mac Lir and the Welsh goddess Don. Like other birds, they were considered to be
messengers from the Otherworlds to humans.

Superstitions: Some sailors believe that killing a sea gull is to court bad luck for the rest of your
sailing career.

Magickal attributes: Spiritual messengers. Opening yourself to communication with deities.

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Seagull pertains to spiritual thoughts.

*Zolar/Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions:
Generally held is the belief that it is unlucky to kill a seagull. Three seagulls flying together
overhead is said to portend death.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
Keynote: Responsible Behavior and Communication
Cycle of Power: Year-round

Gulls are wonderful birds. Most people, especially in seashore resort areas, have a tendency to
look upon them as pests. In their communities, away from human contact, their behavior is much

Sea gulls--or herring gulls as they are rightly called--are actually shore birds, and they seldom
venture far from land. Shorelines are places of great mystery and magic. It is a place neither of
land nor of the sea; it is between the two. It is one of those regions often associated with fairy
contact. Because of this, gulls can help teach how to open communication with the Faerie Realm
of life--especially the water sprites and spirits.

This idea is further reinforced by the fact that the gull is associated with the element of water, as
well as the air. it is a bird which can combine the gifts of swimming and flying. It is very
buoyant in the water. It knows how to work in both kingdoms; it knows the behaviors
appropriate to both. This reflects the ability to teach you how to behave and work in other
dimensions than that which is normal.

The appearance of a gull usually indicates lessons or abilities in proper behavior, courtesy, and
communication. It may reflect you need the lessons, or that you may become the teacher of such.
It may also reflect new learning in the subtleties of communication.

Gulls have developed an intricate code of behavior. They have developed a regular signal code
for all of their ritual activities. They use a combination of calls and gestures. Because of this they
can teach you how to read people more effectively. They can help you to understand the
subtleties of communication--what is not being ostensibly expressed. They can help you to read
between the lines and understand the body language of others. They hold knowledge of the
techniques of psychological communication.

Gulls also help to keep the beaches and shores clean. They are ecological birds. Their appearance
as a totem may reflect opportunities to work on ecology in general or work on cleaning up the
shore areas of your own life.

The young are fussy eaters. They have to be stimulated to eat, and the color red is their eating
stimulus. Adult mother gulls have a red spot on their beak. The baby gulls know that only by
poking at it will they get something to eat. This process reflects many subtle lessons. It has ties to
proper eating behaviors, stimulation of diet (physical and otherwise), and more. Meditation on
this will elicit some wonderful insight into your own life patterns and stimuli.


The Seagull
Seagulls generally live by the water near seaports. They are often seen diving into the water or
bobbing on its surface. The seagulls connection to the water is symbolic for those with this totem.
Water represents the emotional side of a persons psyche. Because the seagull is a messenger its
actions should be studied in order to know what it is trying to tell you. If it dives into your life
this can indicate deep seated emotions that need to be healed. If seen bobbing on the surface its
asking you to let go of worry, go with the flow and enjoy yourself more.

Seagulls are considered untidy birds as well as scavengers. They make their nests out of
vegetation and garbage. Some people consider them pests and others admire them. When the
locust invasion of 1849 threatened to destroy crops in California, huge flocks of Gulls fed on the
insects and stopped the invasion.

Scavengers as well as fishing birds they will eat almost anything. When several gulls find food,
the one who gets there first gets to eat. They seldom fight over their dinner. Seagulls hold the
teachings of fairness and respect and show those with this medicine how to create relationships
based on these two principals.

Relaxed and easygoing in all of their pursuits seagulls bring us the gift of a carefree attitude.
They are casual about how they build their nests and where they live. Those with this totem are
sometimes untidy in their appearance and disorganized in their life. Although comfortable with
these characteristics friends and family often find these habits distasteful which creates challenging living
situations for those with this medicine.

For those with this totem try to remember that the complementary side of a carefree nature is the
proper acceptance of responsibility. When you commit to something and others are depending on
you it’s not appropriate to just fly off if the mood strikes you. It is good to temper a carefree
attitude with a responsible nature and to know when each behavior is appropriate.


My daughter, who has come to live here in Dubai had her first 'aware' experience with animal
spirits only a few days after she arrived here. I had to smile to myself at the wonder of it. She
asks me very little about my developing relationship with Totems because to be honest I don't
think she has been very interested. Until now that is. I see a gentle tapping on her shoulder to
take notice in this experience. She was trying to get to sleep one night, and had to sit up in bed
because she could hear a flock of Seagulls. She was quite amazed the following moring when
she was telling me because the sound was in the room, and not coming from the outside. She
then wanted to read about Seagull medicine.

How nice to stand by and see this manifest no matter where it leads her. I think this little event is a wonder.


I love it, and how fortunate she is to have you there to guide and explain things, Maat. So many
children have these experiences and stuff them away afraid to talk about it to those around them.
Enjoy the journey with her!

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