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Snails are found in gardens, ponds and even the sea. Their soft bodies are protected by hard
shells which they use as a defense. When disturbed or alarmed the snail withdraws or pulls itself
back into its shell. It also retreats into itself and seals the entrance in dry weather to protect its
body from drying up. Those with this medicine know how to retreat when danger is present as
well as seal themselves off from others. This can be beneficial as long as the individual does not
become too much of a recluse and inhibit their communication and interaction with others.
Knowing when to retreat and when to act is an important teaching for those with this totem.
The snail creates a slime trail to travel on so it is easier to move over different surfaces and
textures. They remind us to take the easiest path to reach our destination. When snail appears in
your life ask yourself if you are taking a harder path than is necessary. Because snail retreats into
its shell during adverse weather conditions those with this medicine have the ability to build
walls around themselves and withdraw until a situation improves. Snail medicine people have
clear perceptions and need to learn to honor those abilities in all situations.

Both male and female the snail can produce sperm and eggs at the same time. Because of this
duality those with this totem have a tendency towards identity conflicts in their younger years.
This conflict triggers issues of self-esteem and confusion. Fortunately as the person gets older
their male and female characteristics align and begin to work together in a complimentary way.
Most active at night or on cloudy days the snail uses all of its senses equally and simultaneously.
Those with this totem often find they seldom have one intuitive gift more pronounced than
another as all psychic abilities are utilized in any given situation.

The snail understands the value of slow movement and teaches us how to use that movement to
our advantage. It holds the teachings of patience, perseverance and respect. It asks us to be
mobile and fluidic as we move through life, always aware of how our actions or lack of them
affect others. The trail we leave behind holds the history of who and what we are. When snail
enters your life your reputation is under review. Past situations come to the surface to be healed
or balanced in some way. Snail asks us to "make right whatever we have wronged." In this way
spiritual growth is attained.

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