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By CinnamonMoon

Beaver represents family, observance, and escape; persistence, teamwork, loyalty, and
friendship; creativity, intelligence, and healing; the secrets of breath control; and understanding

Beaver is dedicated to family, home, and community. He teaches the value of teamwork using
creative skills intelligently applied. The importance of safety in this society is demonstrated
through the use of escape routes that serve the unexpected events in life. He teaches the value of
an early warning system to serve the community and to trust in your own instincts as a trigger for
those warnings.

By striving for harmony and cooperative efforts, Beaver teaches that it is important to sense the
needs of others and apply a determined concern for completion of projects in an orderly fashion.
Resourceful and practical, Beaver leaves little room for waste. He demonstrates the ecological
flux of a healthy environment and the use of healing powers for a healthy life. With large
reserves of energy, Beaver will show you how to restructure your life for both satisfaction and

This creature-teacher instructs you on building dreams, setting goals, and their completion.
Demonstrating problem solving skills, overcoming obstacles, and discernment, he exemplifies
the need for social concern and advancement on the whole. There is also the element of Water
that is strongly suggestive of the fluidity of emotions and their control. Beaver will teach you
when to dam them and when to release them in a constructive purging. He will show you how to
part the veils between the worlds with fluid ease; and, through awareness to take advantage of
opportunities as they arise

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