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By CinnamonMoon

*Mary Summer Rain/On Dreams:
Starfish signifies spiritual truths.

*Denise Lynn/The Secret Language of Signs:
Star itself....This is a very significant symbol representing light, guidance, and insight. As the
star shines in the darkness, it is a symbol of light and of the spirit within. You are your own star.
You are your own light. Your star is rising.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise:
Keynote: Perceiving emotions; following your own unique way.

Starfish have no right or left, only top and bottom. On its undersides a mouth and small suction
cups. There are over 200 varieties of starfish, each with their own unique qualities and colors.
They are named for their five star-shaped "arms," although some have more than five.

Starfish living in the darkness of the ocean are quick to find the remains of dead fish that fall to
the bottom of the sea. They can detect waterborne chemicals given off by rotting food and they
are able to follow scent trails being carried in the slow moving currents of the ocean floor.
Individuals for whom the starfish appear often are very sensitive to the true emotions of others
surrounding them no matter how they are shielded and disguised by the individuals.

With no eyes or ears, the starfish is dependent upon its sense of touch and smell, which are acute.
When the starfish appears, it will be important to "follow your own star"--your own scent--to
what you desire. Others may not think there is anything in it for your efforts. Trust your own
instincts. Your ability to discern new opportunities and possibilities will be increasing.

Starfish digest in an unusual way. They cling to their prey (mainly mussels, which should be
studied) and as soon as they find a soft spot, they turn out their stomachs through their mouths.
The stomachs come out and onto the soft spot of the mussel and begin to digest it. When done,
starfish pull their stomachs back inside themselves. Doing things in your own unique way, no
matter how strange it may seem to others will usually work better for you. This is part of what
starfish teaches.

Just as lizards can regrow a limb, a starfish can regrow an arm that has been bitten off as well.
Even if we fail in our own unique endeavors, we will regain anything that is lost and still be able
to continue. For starfish people, there is no gray area usually. Things are black and white, up or
down. To follow what one knows is right for himself or herself is difficult, but it brings its own
rewards. It opens stars of possibilities.

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