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By CinnamonMoon

Ted Andrews/Animal-Wise:
Keynote: Gracefulness in maneuverings and moves. Staying on course.

Stingrays are relatives of the sharks. They have flattened, flounder-like shapes with long whiplike
tails that have a stinger or poisonous spine attached. Stingrays have electro-receptors on
their snout by which they accurately detect buried food. Some generate and emit low level
electrical pulses that help them to guide and recognize food and danger. Often, when stingrays
are totems or messengers, people get tingling sensations to alert them to the presence of danger,
and treasures, etc.

A network of nerves informs the stingray of the position of each part of its body wherever it is
swimming. For those to whom the stingray is a totem, there is a natural gracefulness, a sense of
never being lost. This individual is usually confident in maneuvering and operating in whatever
environment in which he or she is found. For those to whom stingray is just appearing, the ability
to maneuver gracefully in new environments will need to be developed.

When the stingray appears, trust in your own inner guidance. Trust in your own ability to find
what is beneath the surface. Do not be afraid to whip that tail around to protect your own dance
in life. It will be much smoother and more graceful than you imagine.

Ask if you are hesitating to make the moves that are necessary?

Some species reach a large size, and some, especially on the American Pacific coast, are very
destructive to oysters. *Mine: this would indicate that oysters are to be studied as prey, or what
will feed the influence of stingray in your life and strengthen you. Sorry, that's all I have on this

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