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By Silver Eagle Dream Dancer

This happened about a month ago or so. I'd shared it on another forum and forgot to bring it
here... so here it is.

This started out as communication as a storm was raging outside. I'd gone out to greet them like I
always do but, a conversation with a friend before the storm showed up revealed I also had a
message to receive. This was what transpired. Italics are the Thunderbeing communicating.

Be calm, I need to adjust your energies for a moment.
Return your heart rate to normal. Breathe...
It was you who earlier counseled to service the self first, were you not?
Yes. That would be me.
Then take care when you address us that you do not leave yourself out of the conversation.
I understand.
Before you came into your computer, we were sharing about Creator. Would you like to begin

I'm feeling a bit out of it. Ok... better now. Yes. I had asked for healing to be more open to
Creator. Then the lightning and thunder happened. I asked for healing for others and then you
started talking about expression.

I said that you were created to express Creator, just as were we. We express with our voice
rolling across the sky. We express through the rain as Mother Earth awaits our touch. We
express through the wind. We are created to flow.

Why did you come to me this way. I can see you dancing in front of me. And I sit here cying at
the sheer beauty of the dance.

You asked. You were curious.
I was chicken (laugh) when I realized I was 'seeing' you instead of just talking. I mean, what do
you ask a Thunderbeing anyway?

You could just dance with us and learn our expression for yourself. The dance is for all who
would delight in the drips from the sky, the rise of the colors of sunset, the slow trickle of
precious water from the end of an icicle. Each an expression from us of that which created us.
The dance makes us one. The dance makes us whole. Set aside your cares. They aren't as
important as they seem. You'll see that on the other side of the dance .
I understand.

We are all around. In constant motion, constant song. We are within you always, moving with
the beat of your heat and the sign of your very breath. When you join with us, you enter the pool
of our creation. Will you come?
The time to share is later... for now is time to dance.


Thank you for sharing this Silver Eagle. It's an excellent example of how elemental entities
interact with us and it demonstrates how (well one method) they teach us as well...through
experience and union.


SEDD, Thank you for sharing this it gives me ideas in regards to how to question my guides etc.
I think I am still in the state of surprise when I’d seen them and I never know exactly what to ask.
It must have been an incredible experience!!


Thanks for sharing Silver Eagle! Love and Light

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