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By RavenTwoCrows

Could you tell me please, what medicine Turkey Vulture has?


Purification, death and rebirth, new vision. Its Medicine restores the harmony that has been
broken. Feathers aid in grounding after shapeshifting, break contact with the dead, dispel evil,
and de-charm objects. Once the Turkey Vulture returns after the winter there will be no more
frost, wearing the feather prevents rheumatism. They are graceful in flight, and their ability to
use the thermals is often likened to auric experienced thermals in our lives. When on the ground
they cannot see the thermals but in the air they are sensitive to every current. If turkey vulture
has come into your life, you will probably soon start to see auras and colors around people and
things. If not, the vulture can help teach you.

There are mystical tales of these creatures, and they are said to be able to levitate. Spiritually
speaking it is allowing the inner spirit to rise up and journey. It represents the disintegration of
physical holds, distributing one's energy so that gravity does not weigh and hold you
down...gravity of earth or situations.

These are brief excerpts from Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews and there are 3 pages of material
there on this creature-teacher. You may find help on our main page (left side) link to totems and
animal spirits.


Dear Cinnamon Moon, Thank you for your reply. It has made my heart soar like a hawk. It
seems after many years of struggle with Bat and Bear, Turkey Vulture has come back into my life.


Wonderful! I hope that you enjoy the interaction and can make the most of it

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