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By CinnamonMoon

Ted Andrews: Animal-Wise:
Stick Bug (Walking-stick)
Keynote: Activity beneath the surface.

The stick bug is also known as the Walking-stick. There are about 2,000 species, and some are
the world's longest insects, reaching lengths of 14 inches. Their bodies are so thin and sticklike
that they are almost impossible to see as they rest in bushes and trees. Their appearance always
indicates that there is activity around us beneath the surface that we may or may not be aware of.
If we remain still, making no movement or commitment, the proper course of action will make
itself known.

The appearance of the stick bug is a reminder to be patient. We should continue what we have
been doing, quietly camouflaging our endeavors. The stick bug indicates results are coming, but
we must allow them to come in their own time. When we do, we will be in a better position to
grab them and use them for our benefit.

The stick bug reminds us to focus on our own activities and ourselves. It is also an indication that
meditation and prayer will bring much greater results and benefits now. There is something in
the offing, but we must be able to recognize it. This is where personal stillness--meditative and
altered states of quietness--come into play. There may even be signals of what is ocming through
the dream state.

Stick bugs are experts at camouflage. They hold still, keeping their legs and bodies in a position
to resemble twigs. Their appearance is always a reminder to camouflage our intentions and our
activities. We should keep them hidden beneath the surface. Most do their feeding at night, using
the dark to further cloak their presence. Stick bugs also remain motionless around large animals,
including humans, and are very difficult to detect. They remind us that for the greatest success in
laying a strong foundation for our endeavors, we should use camouflage. We should not let
others know of our activities. Present the appearance that nothing is happening, but prepare
quietly and thoroughly for what we seek to accomplish and we will find ultimate success.

The appetites of stickbugs are great, and if their numbers are abundant enough, they can defoliate
trees and bushes, especially oak trees. (The significance of oak trees should be studied by anyone
for whom the stick bug appears.) Because of its appetite, when stick bug appears, our appetites
may be getting out of hand and may be becoming too public. We may be letting the wrong
people know of our goals and endeavors. Stick bugs can also warn of being too open and too
trusting. An old adage speak of strength through silence. Now is not a good time to let others
know of your plans. Others may be undermining them or trying to steal them for themselves.
Sometimes the stick bug may indicate that we are holding our ideas too close to the chest. We
may be thinking about them, making plans, but never acting upon them. We may be too
distrustful and may need to open up to someone a little.

Are we discontent with what we are accomplishing?
Are we letting others know about and use our plans?
Are we being too impatient, trying to rush the success before the proper protection and
foundation has been set?

Are we not trusting in our own inner voice relying solely on others?

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