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By SisterCyber

From Jamie Sams' & David Carson's "Medicine Cards" (Revised, Expanded Edition)

Weasel... Weasel...
Who's in the hen house now?
If I were to ask you,
You'd say it was the Cow!!


Weasel has an incredible amount of energy and ingenuity, yet it is a difficult power totem to have. It is not without significance that ermine or weasel pelt is worn by royalty. Weasel ears hear what is really being said. This is a great ability. Weasel eyes see beneath the surface of a situation to know the many ramifications of an event. This too is a rare gift.

The chiefs sent Weasel to the enemy camp to smoke them for power. "What are the medicines of the enemy?"" the chiefs asked Weasel upon its return.

Weasel never failed to give an accurate account of the enemy's numbers, strengths, and weaknesses. It was Weasel who tearfully told the Original People of the coming of the white boat people. "These brothers have strange new medicines," said Weasel. "They will tell us that to live the way we do is wrong. They will confuse us with their talking bark. They have stolen thunder from Sky Father and placed it in their weapons. They have no respect for the animal brothers and sisters, and they make their thunder speak to the animals and kill them. They will make the thunder speak to us also. Their numbers are too many to count, and these white brothers will steal everything from us but our spirits. The great dark shadow of the ravenous bird of death has fallen over the People."

Weasel fur changes color with the season. Silent Weasel has many lessons to teach you. Weasel could confound Great Spirit, pick Great Spirit's pockets, and then leave Great Spirit contemplating the divine navel. If this is your personal medicine, your powers of observation are keen. You seem to be saying, "Leave me alone and I will do the same for you." You might even look a bit guilty at times due to what you know from observing life. You may be a loner hiding yourself away from others, or perhaps even a recluse. You are a powerful ally to have in any business organization since you can see what the competition is doing. People may make a great mistake in sizing you up since they do not immediately see your powers. But the first time they try to outsmart you, they will soon learn that your intelligence is greater than their own.

Look to Weasel power to tell you the "hidden reasons" behind anything. Some people are put off by Weasel medicine, talents, and abilities, but there are no bad medicines. We all have power, or we would not be here to heal Mother Earth. Perhaps if you have Weasel power you could use your secret gifts for the good of all. Observe who or what needs attention, or a solution, and offer your assistance in your own quiet or discreet way.

Is contrary Weasel in your cards? If so, look out for intrigue. Someone may be using covert tactics to Weasel into the hen house. Perhaps you should lock your doors and dress your teenager like a nun. Or perhaps you may be lying to yourself about something you know to be true. This can be a lie on any level, for instance, storming the refrigerator at 3:00am and telling yourself no one will miss the half-eaten portion of the pie. If you scratch someone else's automobile in a parking lot, leave a note. Don't slink away just because you can. Honesty to self and others is of the utmost importance.

Another message of reversed Weasel is to acknowledge why you have been doubting your feelings. Weasel upright observes all actions, feelings and situations with keen senses. In the contrary, those abilities of observation are dulled until confusion sets in. When you don't know how you feel or what is occurring around you, doubt becomes the barrier to your progress. Then you may find a bit of paranoia seeping into your life.

If you want to right the situation, start by shaking the dullness out of your head and observing the obvious. No one can fool you if you watch your step, honor your knowing, seek the "hidden reasons," and use discretion in the process.

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak
Weasel: Keynote: Sly and secret circumvention and/or pursuit
Cycle of Power: Nocturnal
The weasel is a member of the mustelid group of mammals. This family includes, skunks, badgers, fishers, minks, otters, martens, and wolverines. They are all recognizable by their long bodies, short legs, and ears that are generally rounded and especially small. All produce a strong musk scent and usually have underground homes. They are also all carnivores. There are three branches of mustelids. Some dig for their food and are not strictly carnivores, although meat entails a large part of their diet. This branch includes skunks and badgers. A second branch are those who are expert at swimming and catching prey in the water, such as otter. The third group are almost strictly land carnivores, and it is this group in which weasels belong. Weasels are almost entirely meat eaters. They kill mice, rodents, and other pests, and in the wild they stick strictly with natural foods. For those with this totem, this behavior may need to be examined in regard to their own best health interests.

Weasels require tremendous amounts of food. A weasel will eat from 1/3 to 1/2 of its weight in food every day. They eat small amounts all day long because they expend a lot of energy. This is a dietary practice that those with this totem will find most effective for their own health and well-being. The weasel will also do all the killing necessary for it to eat through the day before it ever eats a bite. It will take the food to its own den and enclosure. The weasel is a great chaser. It has an excellent sense of smell, so once it has its prey's scent, it can trace it. The long, slim body enables it to follow mice into burrows. It has a wonderful ability to squeeze through narrow spaces. Weasel medicine can help you get out of tight fixes and to squeeze through and into areas of life that others would not be able to enter.

The weasel is graceful, solitary and very silent. Though weasel people may often be loners, they uncover a lot about people in their lives. Their ability for silence enables them to go unseen and unheard, even in the company of others. Because of this things are said and done in front of weasel people without others realizing. Weasel can show you how to use your powers of silent observation to sniff out what is hidden or secretive without anyone being the wiser.

In the Native American tradition, the weasel has the medicine for seeking out secrets. Trust your own senses in regard to other people, and you will come out all right, even if it means going alone. This is part of what weasel teaches. Ferocity is probably greatest among the weasel family of all mammals. Mothers will even attack humans if they feel their young threatened.

Weasels usually bite their prey at the neck and hang on until the spinal cord is cut or the animal bleeds to death. Individuals with this totem have a knack for going for the throat of those who threaten or try to best them. Once aroused, they will hang on until the damage is done. Remember that weasels are carnivorous, and weasel people, if angered, do not hesitate to attack in some way. This can be verbal assaults that cut deep and sure and inflict lasting wounds. Weasels are naturally silent when hunting, but they have a wide range of vocalizations. The worse thing an individual could do would be to assume that a weasel person was weak simply because he/she was silent.

When weasel shows up as a totem, examine your life. Do you need to develop your observation skills? Are you being too vocal in your pursuits? Telling others about your goals will undermine your own pursuit of them. Are you not digging hard enough? Is there a narrow space that you may have to squeeze through? Are you or others around you being fully honest? If not, weasel will help you to see it. Are you missing the obvious? Are you not trusting your own feelings and senses--regardless of others? Weasel medicine awakens your innate ability for silent and secret observation. It will show you the best techniques for circumventing trouble. It can teach you how to pursue your goals on any level with the greatest success.

The Ferret
The ferret is a member of the weasel family. They are happy playful animals with the curiosity of the raccoon and the gentleness of a kitten. Archaeological and historical sources suggest that ferrets have been domesticated for at least 2,500 years. Historical documents from Greece mention the ferret about 450 BC, and Roman documents mention the use of ferrets to hunt rabbits at about the time of Christ. Adept at tunnel hunting it is believed that the ferret was used by the Egyptians as well as farmers and mariners to control rodent populations in barns and on ships. However, the history of the ferrets domestication is speculative without actual proof giving this little animal an illusive quality.

Ferrets are opportunists They will steal anything they can drag away hiding it in a safe place to be used at a later date. Intelligent and crafty this little animal teaches us how to use our ingenuity to create a safe haven for ourselves. They remind us to stock up on necessary provisions that might be needed. Always well prepared for any situation that might appear the ferret is a helpful ally in times of hardship.

The ferrets eyes point forward straight down their nose. Extremely focused on what is in front of them they remind us to stay centered on our goals to reach a desired outcome. Ferrets hold the power of observation. Their keen sense of smell coupled with their ability to see clearly in the darkness links them to the underworld where the secrets of creation are stored. Its intuition is sharp and its sensitivity acute. Ferret has the ability to see and know the hidden meaning behind all things and can assist those with this medicine in understanding themselves, their lives and the experiences they have more clearly.

Those with this totem need to remember to use all of their senses equally. If this medicine is underdeveloped the tendency towards tunnel vision is common. Rigid consciousness creates unnecessary worry and anxiety so caution is advised. Playful activities and a lighthearted attitude is helpful.

When frightened or excited the ferrets tail bushes up and a musty scent is excreted. Although this scent does repel some predators the ferret does not feel completely safe until it has burrowed deep inside its tunnel. In man this symbolizes the need of a secure home life. A place for reflection and nourishment is mandatory for those with this totem.

Ferrets are incredibly fast and agile and show us how to move with lightning speed to avoid danger. Do you need to move more quickly in some aspect of your life? Are you stuck in rigid thought patterns that limit your view of the bigger picture? Have you created a safe haven for yourself? Is your power of observation a hindrance or a help?

Always remember that the ferret is a powerful ally and can help you discover a hidden part of yourself. Buried deep beneath the surface are the answers to life's mysteries. If you are having trouble understanding some part of your life invite the ferret into your meditation, listen to what it has to tell you and then act accordingly.

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