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By WolfSpirit

Hey SL , has anyone ever come across the meaning of White Albatross? One came to me a short while
back and i keep coming back to it for some reason and i can't find any info specifically on this bird.
I understand from a friend that it is from the Gull family of birds - but cannot be sure on this, nor if a
White Albatross has any particular significance? Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts?


Hi Wolfie, if you have Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews, there is something about albatross in it.
The albatross is a large seabird with mostly white with black parts.
The albatross is a bird of omen, but not necessarily of ill-fated endeavors
The albatross breeds mostly on Antarctica and oceanic islands and they do not breed until they
are at least seven years old. This reflects much about the cycle of maturity for those to whom the
albatross appears.

Personal, business, and other endeavors - especially all creative activities and undertakings -
will usually take seven years before they become truly productive for you.
The A. is a reminder that sometimes we have to commit fully in order to know if something is
right; and even if it is not, the A. promises that without some commitment, we will never succeed.
Anyway, I hope, this little excerpt helped a bit. I don't want to go and type everything out he


Thanks! I have Andrew's "Animal-Speak" and Albatross is not in there! The seven years would make
sense - I was self-employed for seven years before I started making any headway financially! Maybe this
was what he was trying to tell me! I will have to find out more as the point about the ill-fated ventures is
interesting to do with other things that are going on at this time…maybe Albatross was trying to tell me


The royal albatross is enormous – with a height of 120cm and a wingspan 325cm. It is, as a matter of
fact, the world’s largest sea bird! The northern race of the Royal albatross have completely black upper
wings, whereas the southern ones have less black and more white parts. All Royal albatross feed on
surface shoaling fish and squid. Male and female pairs raise one chick every two years. The chicks
mature at six years, and live for about 45 years. Adult Albatross mate in October. One egg is laid in
November – after that, it’s incubated for 79 days. The chick is guarded for the first six weeks. Most of
them depart in September, almost a year after they hatched.
(from: www.70south.com/resources/animals/birds/royalalbatross)


The albatross is a Southern hemisphere bird. The great wandering albatross, which I seem to think is the
biggest of the species, covers an area all around the Antarctic reaching up to the bottom edges of all the
Southern continents. They're lovely birds. Quite gentle in nature, which is unusual for a seabird when you
think of the rowdy gulls, boobies and rather nasty frigate birds!

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