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By WingedSpirit

I had a vision this morning, I wasn't sure at first what it was, it looked like a Bear, but had
viscous looking teeth, it kind of looked like a Badger too, but once I asked what it was it said
Wolverine! I didn't really know there was such an animal lol, but after checking on the net I see
there is and it looks exactly like my visitor this morning. I found an article that said Wolverine is
one of the best protective Totems to have as they fear nothing. Would love to hear any stories
any of you may have with dealings with Wolverine


Well, I have to admit, I've never met anyone who worked with Wolverine Medicine before. There
isn't much about them in my reference books either for some reason. The only experience I've
had with one was when it crossed the road I was driving along one night. First and only time I've
seen one live, so I'm going to share what D.J. Conway has to say about them in her book
"Animal Magic" and hope it proves helpful to you.

This is the largest member of the weasel family. The wolverine stands about a foot high at the
shoulder and weighs twenty-five to thirty pounds. Its long shaggy fur is blackish-brown, with a
paler brown band running on each side from behind the shoulder to the rump. It is ferocious,
cunning, daring, powerful and a thief. Even the bear, wolf, and cougar will not challenge it. It
fights to win and knows no far, regardless of the size of its opponent. The wolverine has very
poor eyesight. Its scent glands emit a foul odor.

The wolverine is also known as the caracajou or skunk-bear, and a glutton because it has a
ravenous appetite. Even the ancient writers Linnaeus and Pallas knew of wolverine. Its fur is
prized in the far north because one's breath will not freeze on it in sub-zero weather.
Fur trappers and backwoodsmen in Canada and Alaska know firsthand the damage and mischief
a wolverine can make. These animals will break into cabins and food caches, eating all they can
and urinating on what is left.

Magickal Attributes: Revenge, cunning, dark magic. Protection against attackers, on whatever
level they use.

Muscled revenge out of the night
Comes swiftly against transgressors.
Beware, all those who evilly work against me,
For I am a wolverine of deep magic.
You cannot hide from my wrath.
Stay clear of my trail and my life,
And revenge will not follow you in the darkness.

We're in the process of moving and I've started to pack up my office so some of my reference
books are no longer available to me. This isn't much information to share with you and I'd
encourage you to keep looking for more. Badger is another vicious fighter and perhaps by
looking in the Totem Library about it's nature you'd be able to see what to look for in Wolverine
Medicine. It sounds sort of negative in what Conway implied, but like Badger, it would hold very
powerful Medicine if one learns to employ it properly. A study of its habits, environment,
predator/prey aspects, mating and gestation, nurturing and rearing of the young...all that tells
you what the Medicine holds and how it can best be applied.
I know this isn't much but I hope it's helpful.


WingedSpirit - maybe I can add a bit too. Cinn is packing up her library and I happen to have a
couple books around so I will check them and see what is there. I've never worked with
Wolverine Medicine, but Wolverine has revealed itself to me in others. But, to be honest I
didn't invest the time to come to understand it in them…I guess I didn't care much at the time and
didn't want to invest in it or them.

Here is what Ted Andrews wrote in Animal-Wise: The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature, pg.
237. Perhaps it will contribute to your studies.

The wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family, the most ferocious of all
mammals. The wolverine is a cross between the badger and a small bear, wearing a shaggy coast
of dark fur with a pale band on each side. It can get as large as four feet in length (1.2 meters)
and will weigh around 60 pounds (27 kg.). Wolverines inhabit the coniferous forests, preying on
small mammals and birds. They will also ear carrion and have been known to bring down
reindeer. Wolverines have a reputation for destructiveness, and they are reputed to eat more than
any carnivore. Because of this, they are known as the "glutton" although the name is probably
exaggerated. The wolverine is one of the most - if not the most - powerful and ferocious
mammals. Although small compared to many of the large carnivores such as the bear, they are
so ferocious they can drive other predators and even bears from their kills. Whenever the
wolverine appears in our life, our passion for life and assimilating it will grow along with an
increased ability to absorb, to eat up all the comes our way. This can be used beneficially or
detrimentally. Being a glutton for knowledge is much healthier than being a glutton for food.
Wolverines have many of the qualities associated with the badger. Like the badger, the
wolverine is a symbol of the wild. The wolverine is a carnivorous animal, and thus in what it
eats, it becomes a keeper of that animal's medicine and power. The wolverine, like a badger, is a
keeper of the secret stories of other animals. The bold and ferocious wolverine never surrenders
and teaches us not to do so. The things we desire, the things that can benefit our life, should be
pursued with an almost gluttonous appetite. The wolverine spirit stays strongest when it is
honored through silence, discretion, and a ferocious appetite for what is truth.


ferocious drive and appetites
keeper of hidden stories
Questions to ask:
Are we not persisting?
Are we honoring the power of what comes to us?
Are we incorporating it into our lives?
Are we sharing too freely our secrets because we are being a glutton for attention?


That's so awesome!! I love it when new animals appear. Yay! And good to have such a strong
defense-woman/man as a wolverine. Nice! I'm happy for you. Well, I knew nothing about
Wolverine medicine, so I looked it up in this book I have "Animal Spirit Guides' by Steven D.
Farmer. It says (pgs 401-402):

"If wolverine shows up it means:
Be assertive, stand your ground, and communicate your clear intention to do so.
This is a time to be cautious and not make any hasty or sudden moves without thinking them out.
It's important now to plan ahead by stowing away money and supplies for future availability.
Be discriminating as to whether you should fight or withdraw, knowing that your first and best
choice is always to retreat.

Satisfy your hunger for education by pursuing a course of interest, whether through school or
independent study.

Get yourself out in Nature, preferably the woods or forest, and spend some time there in a
walking meditation.

Call on wolverine when:
You find yourself in a confrontation where the person appears to be stronger or more capable.
You feel considerable uncertainty about the times ahead and want some reassurance that your
needs will be met.

You feel rather weak, like giving up, and need some additional fortification, courage, and strength.

You're seeking the truth about some situation, one that is shrouded in deception.

If wolverine is your POWER animal:
You're very shy and prefer to stay in the background and out of the way, rarely putting yourself

You'd prefer to avoid conflict, but if necessary you won't back down and can become quite
ferocious if actually threatened.

You enjoy camping out and walks in the forest and feel like the outdoors is a second home to you.
You're rather elusive, hard to pin down, and notable for avoiding events that require you to be

Well, there's a mouthful for ya! Take it with a grain of salt, but enjoy your walk with wolverine!
What a great gift, and thanks for sharing

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