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All My Relations is a phrase that is common to Native American teachings. When one speaks of
All My Relations they are speaking of the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the winged-ones, the
finned-ones, the rocks, trees, and plants, and everything else that lives upon Mother Earth. Sp[irit
is found permeating everything and everyone. There is no difference between a human being and
a blade of grass; one is as important as the other and therefore deserves the same respect. Each of
these lifeforms possesses an energy containing their essence and it is these essences that are
important to the tools and symbology of the Medicine Path.

Combined essences provide a new energy to take form and it is these formed energies that
become empowered in the tools and symbols wielded by the practitioner. They become keys to
focus, channel, and connect the shaman to the dimensional realms of Spirit. They open the doors
of dimension when you know how to find them. these portals will introduce you to paths outside
the known reality, paths that lead you to know your totems, guides, and teachers. Their skills of
instruction are un-paramounted and can only be touched on here with the very basics. The
lessons are theirs to give.

While you encounter spirit guides remember they come in the form of beings or animals that
speak a language filled with wisdom. It will take first-hand experience to accomplish this type of
relationship and an understanding of what to expect once it is established. You will learn to
speak with them, recognize when the time for that is appropriate, and receive knowledge that is
beyond the teachings of books or mere mortals. They are indeed the greatest teachers I have ever
come to know and it is the tools, symbology, and interpretations attributed to them that take the
Medicine Path along its course.

To walk the Medicine Path is to bring the dimensions of spiritual and physical reality together; to
see them as one, balancing and interacting with them on a daily basis. The animal spirits will
help us to do that if we are open and let ourselves receive their wisdom, while the tools and
symbols will unlock the doors. Knowing what is appropriate and what is not becomes critical and
often a process of trial and error that drives the lessons home. Not every animal in every situation
is talking to us with great words of knowledge; but, they will speak if we seek them, and those
that seek us do so for a reason.

Animals come in dreams, visions, quests, or in the wild and need to be heeded. They generally
appear in repetitions or a series of at least three encounters. This is done to gain your attention
and to confirm when you need to be more aware of things. There can be three animals together
or three separate appearances. Perhaps an animal will make three aggressive moves, call out
three times, or circle you three times. Watch for this. People often ask me how to recognize these
messengers in the wild and if just seeing one is enough. It is not enough to see them at a distance.
That could possibly indicate journey work to meet with the animal spirit is in order, especially if
it is a rare occurrence; however, if it is common to see them then you need to be looking for the
abnormal situation.

There are some questions you can ask yourself that are rudimentary indicators a message has
been sent to you. did the animal go out of its way to get your attention? Did the animal call out or
come very close to you? Did the animal come in numbers such as a flock, herd, or pack? Did the
animal make sequential appearances such as showing up first on TV, then in a magazine or
conversation, and finally in the wild (or a similar pattern)? Did the animal act out of character
such as performing antics to get you to notice them? Did it seek you out specifically in some
unusual way? Asking yourself basic questions like this will help you differentiate between
common occurrences and those that are special.

If Eagle flies over your house daily it is not unusual to be expecting to see it. If, on the otherhand,
it is always high in the air soaring and one day you come out into the yard to see it perched
on your fence or on top of your roof and looking you in the eye, that is something else. If you are
in a park and the squirrels are busy in the trees they are not all giving you a message. It is a
message when one or more of those squirrels comes down out of the tree to sit beside you,
scamper at your feet, look you in the eye, climb your pant leg, or chatter at you. It is a message
when you are standing in a parking lot and Owl flies overhead dropping a feather at your feet, or
sits on a light pole hooting at you. It is a message if you are driving down the road and come
upon a deer standing there stopping your progress and looking you in the face instead of running
away to safety. If you are walking a trail in the woods and come upon some creature that does
not run, if it comes up to you in a secluded place and gently waits for a few minutes, then you
have a message. Remember to thank them for coming.

What these creatures are saying is to look to your own situation in life. They are telling you to
examine your most immediate concerns through their essence and apply it to that situation. This
sudden appearance is when the directions they come from and go to will help indicate the areas
into which you need to delve. It all combines to give you a clear picture of something that is or
will become very important to you. They do not waste your time though we certainly seem to
waste theirs.

There are messages from all the animal kingdoms so do not eliminate insects, reptiles, birds, or
aquatic animals. Volumes have been written about totems and animal signs, and there are many
excellent sources for interpretation that can go well beyond what the pages that follow will
permit. What is presented in the remaining two articles will be enough to help start you exploring
this vast body of knowledge. I encourage you to examine the work of such authors as: Ted
Andrews, Jamie Sams and David Carson, D.J. Conway, timothy Roderick, Brad Steiger, and
Bobby Lake-Thom to mention a few. Taking the time to learn and understand these things will
reward you well. Not only will you acquire a vast body of knowledge at your fingertips, you will
also be making many new friends along the way.

Enlightenment is not an evasive issue when you know the methods of seeking it and where to
look to find it. Native Americans have taught these things to their young and the young have
grown to have the respect and love for All Our Relations that is exemplary of the Medicine Path.
It is a love and respect that speaks to honor Spirit and Mother Earth; it honors the elemental
forces and our own innate talents; it honors the Elders of all races; it honors life and All Our

The tools used by the Medicine Person are the objects that serve in ritual, ceremony, healing,
journey work, or whatever task is to be performed upon the Medicine Path. They are intricate
aspects that help maintain a focused mind. Distractions are all around us and many people have
difficulty holding control over their wandering thoughts. Tools can serve to take you deeper than
your consciousness would normally allow you to go.

The tool is empowered through its use and by taking on a spirit of its own where it is given birth
and given life. Through certain ceremonies they can become the host to specific spiritual entities.
Imbued with power and love from the person who makes them, tools take on significant
meanings and begin storing energy. Through ritual use the item becomes further imbued with the
energies that are drawn upon from the Web of Life in the process of the work being done. Tools
are seen as sacred objects. They are treated with great respect and they are kept from the hands
of others by storing them properly. This is done to assure the practitioner that they have not been
tainted in any way and the secrets the tool holds are safe--even from accidental discovery.
Protect your tools. This is fair warning to anyone who plans to acquire the items that often
accumulate in the process of walking the Medicine Path.

Never, under any circumstances, should you pick up a tool that belongs to someone else without
their permission, and only then if you know them well. You never can be certain of exactly what
it is used for or the power it contains. You should never feel hurt or slighted if you are told not to
handle an item, since it is possible for those energies to remain with you after you set it down
again or for you to deposit yours on it. Respect goes a long way here. Never, under any
circumstances, allow another person to handle your own tools without these considerations in
mind. You have no way of knowing their intentions or the energies they may leave behind. Thus
they are brought out only for specific purposes and occasions. Tools serve the purpose of being
functional as well as triggers that help the shaman shift into altered states of consciousness.
Honor the sacredness of others by respecting their tools and possessions. Admire them from a
distance. Always ask permission to pick them up or examine them closer. Your own energies can
be transferred to them and interfere in their efficiency. It is a precaution that serves both you and
the other person as well.

Each tool is generally fashioned by hand or received as a gift either from another person or from
Spirit. The intentions and energies of the individual are infused in the work when a tool is
handmade. Thus the intention for which it is made and the energy used to make it extend the
physical body of the practitioner. There are parts of animals that are used in the process of
making tools such as skins, feathers, claws, or hides. These items are acquired from the creatures
of the earth as gifts to individuals either by leaving them in some way or through their death. I do
not promote nor condone animals being sacrificed for this purpose; however, with thanks to their
spirits, creatures that have fallen victim to an accident or come to a natural death can be used.
Items from predatory birds and endangered species are acquired through agencies of
governmental regulation. Whatever the source, the items are sacred and should be legally procured.

The making of tools and use of symbols can be dictated by purpose or it can be shown to the
individual through a dream or vision with specifics being made clear. It may be accompanied by
a song or chant to be used with the item in question. The purpose of each tool or symbol is
highly significant and in the case of multiple combinations there is much being said. To use these
tools is then to use all they represent in the process.

The symbols we use are important to us. Some are universal while others are our own
interpretation of things. Some of the interpretations in this series of articles may take on different
meanings for you personally; however, their universal voices are an important study. This
knowledge will give you a fundamental foothold and carry you a long way. Once it is grasped
your enlightenment and own methods of working with them will blend to a new harmony that
allows you to speak with and use them in marvelous experiences. Learn these things so they may
serve you well as you walk the path of your choice.

Symbols speak of many things including the spirit worlds. They address other dimensions and
issues related to states of consciousness, trance, healing, or shamanic journeys. They are often
found painted on the tools themselves, beaded into clothing or Medicine Bags, painted or carved
on stone walls at sacred sites, or laid out upon the ground. They have been tattooed and painted
on bodies for centuries. Such markings trigger the subconscious to awaken and allow the inner
spirit to function in the capacity needed for a particular working. They address the type of work
done at a site and speak of the power of the Medicine Person or Spirit of Place that resides there.
When painted on objects they address the power of the individual that possesses them as well as
the energies that particular object holds. Each symbol tells a story all its own and is a way of
communicating the spiritual aspects that are involved with its use.

It is important to recognize that through the animals we are taught, given messages, and spoken
to by Spirit. They tell us many things about life. Through them we learn what to expect along our
pathway. We learn about changes that will come to us now and in the future. There are teachings
about Great Mystery which we belong to and need to understand as best we can. Sometimes it is
simply their appearance that tells us it is time to journey and meet with them so they can shed
enlightenment in other ways. At other times we sense we are to shapeshift or the spirit animal
will initiate the experience themselves. However it happens, the important thing to remember
about these encounters is that it is all a message from Spirit and that we have many teachers both
seen and unseen in this world as well as beyond it.

Do not let go of my arm just yet. I have much to share with you still. Enjoy these teachings and
apply them to your life with the wisdom of one who has the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the
good sense to value them. Remember to than the spirits that come to you and share. say this with
your words and say it with your heart. They will come again to honor you. Show that you
appreciate them by taking the time to do that. We are not terribly interesting to them unless it
applies to their lives and the encroachment upon their habitats; so let them know they are
appreciated. Remember to thank Spirit for sending you the messenger in whatever form it takes
and for thinking of your needs--and to thank the messenger itself. Remember to thank Mother
Earth for providing all your needs. Doing these things gratefully, humbly, and with sincerity are
all that Spirit asks of you in return for so much more. Each and every one of us is loved,
protected, and guided always. We need only to open to receive those blessings and be aware of
them. Take this key and put it on your ring along with the others you are gathering and
remember to use them.

Symbols and Tools

"In every moment the universe is whispering to you."....Denise Lynn


The arrow flies through the air with swift movement as it reaches its target and strikes at the
heart of the matter. True to its mark, it is often portrayed in motion to bring about some type of
guidance or purpose. To see an arrow in motion represents swiftness and movement towards a
goal. The direction the arrow is going indicates where that movement is taking pace and the
target may or may not be shown, but the directions themselves do come into play. A straight
arrow represents focus and goodness. If it is crooked it may warn of difficulties, deception, or
some other issue that serves to be confronted or avoided. A broken arrow symbolizes the ending
of something and it is an ending that is not to be undone. This can me an end to war and a
symbol of peace, or a breaking of the peace. Crossed arrows represent union. Groupings of
arrows symbolize many things joined together for a purpose. A flame-tipped arrow symbolizes
passion in the context to which it is applied. An arrow that pierces something represents the
target and dedication to succeed in achieving a goal.


These are used to clear the air and awaken the conscious mind as their sound carries itself great
distances. They are used in ceremonies to mark the shift in focus and in dance to sound the
rhythm being maintained. They are sometimes used on ceremonial staffs to announce the
presence of the shaman or spiritual leader.


These symbols generally represent shamanic flight, rebirth, and healing. Most Medicine Birds
found in art at sacred sites or on garments are depicted as Eagle, Crow, Goose and Thunderbird
or Phoenix when pertaining to shamanic work. The bird signifies the union between the land and
air for it is a creature of both realms and therefore can move between the worlds. It has the
knowledge of these worlds and the voice to speak of them. It is the freedom of the spirit and its
ability to move at will. Human birds are symbolic of the out-of-body experience, shamanic
journey, or astral projection.


Bones are fashioned as tools, musical instruments, whistles and other objects of ritual use. The
Medicine Person who becomes a hollow bone has shapeshifted into a vessel or channel through
which Spirit can take action to guide or touch others. They are thinking, talking, and walking in
the presence of Spirit and each action is a service to those who are gathered.


These times represent the power and nature of the creatures they come from. The claws of
animals and the talons of birds all speak of their ability to hunt prey, protect, and defend. They
lend these strengths to the item and can be used for shields, tools, costumes, or jewelry.

Corn Meal:

Corn meal is used to define sacred space and warn others not to enter. I tis sacred to the
indigenous people of North America as it represents Mother Earth. Corn meal can be used to
draw a line in front of the doorstep to let others know a ceremony is taking place and those
within do not wish to be disturbed. It can be used to define sacred space or create a Medicine
Wheel for ritual or ceremonial purposes and is easily taken along when traveling. Because of its
sacred context, corn meal will hold negative energies at bay and prevent them from entering the
defined space.


This represents the centering and balance between the elemental forces of Air, Fire, Water, and
Earth. It demonstrates the walking of the roads from East to West, and North to South. It is the
path we take and the choices available to us.


The drum is the thunder of life, the heartbeat that unifies us all. This instrument is considered to
be alive as the heart of the shaman, the beat of the hooves of the shamanic steed, and the pause
between the beats is the space where Spirit resides. It is named and the sound it makes is its
voice. Each drum has its own spirit that resides within it---it is more than a tool---it lives. The
name for the drum is usually given through Spirit in journey work or meditation; however, some
will choose a name for it themselves. Even if the name is chosen freely, I believe Spirit guides
that naming. There are several types of drums; some of the more common being the hand, single
head, double head, or water drum. The rhythm of the drum is up to you to find. Matching it to
your heartbeat, or intuitively following a pattern you associate with a particular animal will help
carry you into your journey. Certain rituals and dances do have their traditional rhythms among
various cultures, but there is nothing to say that you cannot create a rhythm that suits you in
private practice. Beginning with a steady beat or count will lead you into your rhythm when you
focus on your purpose.


A symbol that represents the trance state. A free-floating eye is found in shamanic art all over the
world. It represents that state of trance where all my be seen through the spiritual eye, the third
eye of the pituitary gland, the mind's eye. It can also represent the spirits that are watching over a


Fans are made from many different types of feathers. Each species of bird represents specific
qualities that the fan possesses. They can be created for the use of individual feathers (sometimes
using feathers from more than one bird), or by using a wing or tail. Each fan will have its own
purpose which can include healing, smudging, summoning, consecration, or a tool for


Feathers are considered sacred keepers and of the spirit from which they came. They hold the
essence of the creature and therefore a portion of its life force and powers. Eagle feathers are a
symbol of the Great Spirit and shamanic union with it. They are used for clearing the energy of
an individual, for healing, and to represent the power of life. Hawk feathers are used when
messages are being sought, for sweat lodge ceremonies, and for smudging. Raven feathers are
used for journey work and enlightenment. Owl feathers are used to discover hidden knowledge,
rites that revolve around death, and for seeking wisdom. Turkey feathers are used when giving
thanks or as a substitution for the lack of another feather. Buzzard or Vulture feathers are used to
banish negative energies and spirits. Whatever the quality of the bird, that same attribute is
applied to the use of its feathers.


The flute calls up the inner spirit of the individual and can be used to call in other spirits as well.
It is generally related to one's personal power and carries the message of the heart to Spirit.

Flying Buck:

This symbol is often referred to as the trance buck. It is depicted as a creature that is flying
through the air. Generally it is seen as a deer, antelope, gazelle, or similar animal. It is symbolic
of the shamanic state of trance, out-of-body flight, or shamanic journey.


The gourd is a multi-purpose item. It is fashioned into rattles, ceremonial containers, bowls,
drinking vessels, and dippers. It can be used as an instrument to feed water to the Stone People of
the Sweat Lodge, to serve drink to those gathered at circles, to hold offerings that will be later
given back to Mother Earth and the spirits that have been called upon. Gourds are used for
implements at the feast tables, and as gifts to share with others. They are painted and adorned in
relation to the way they are to be used.


These represent the lifting of the veil between the worlds. The very air around you shifts as you
enter into a state of heightened consciousness. Sometimes luminous flecks of light will appear,
much like watching a television screen when programs have gone off the air. It may appear as a
waffle pattern or grid as well as points of light that are free floating. These represent the unseen
barriers and the separation or lifting of the veil that is taking place.


The shamanic steed echoed in the beating of the drum as its hooves fall. The shaman follows the
rhythm into trance. In some cultures the head of a horse on the end of a stick or pole is used to
ride the circle and bring about a state of trance.

Horse Goddess:

Symbolic of the land much like the unicorn and virgin, it is a Goddess who may appear as a
summons or messenger to the shaman. She is often depicted as a woman on horseback or as the
Buffalo Calf Woman.

Medicine Wheel or Circle:

This represents the universe, the self, unseen worlds, and eternity. It is the Sacred Hoop of Life,
opened and sealed to focus the work area, opened and undone when work is complete. I tis the
symbol of infinity for it has no beginning or end. This is the sacred space of the Medicine
Person--a place that is not a place, a time that is not a time, a world that is not a world. It can be
defined with stones, by drawing it on the ground with the tip of a staff or other ritual tool, by
drawing it in the air, using cornmeal, or through visualization.


These are used on costumes to reflect the forms of those present at the ceremonies as a symbol
that the individual observing is also a part of the event as the 7th element. In this way all are
shown to be connected to the energies of the universe. They are symbols of inner reflection,
shedding light into darkness, and can be used as portals to other dimensions. Mirrors have long
been used alone or with water as scrying tools.


Pouches are made for items that are sacred, holding items that will heal or protect, containing
offerings, pocket wheels, and any number of other purposes. They are made of skins or fabric,
often painted, tooled, or beaded in a way that signifies their use. Bundles are the wrappings used
to enfold several items. As an example of a Medicine Bundle's contents, a shaman might include
a smudge fan, a bowl, herbs, stones, flags, and prayer ties among other things. These are the
items that will be put to use when the bundle is opened and laid out before the individual. The
outer wrapping can then be used as an altar cloth or shield. Be it for either a Bundle or Medicine
Pouch, the cloth is always one of natural fibers. When a skin is used it is carefully selected for
the symbology it signifies as well as the energies of the creature from which it comes.

Prayer Stick:

Like the Talking and Listening Sticks, the Prayer Stick is used for speaking with Spirit. It keeps
the user focused and centered. Adorned with ribbons, painting, and other items, it is symbolic to
the individual and can be crafted as they see fit or feel guided by Spirit. In general they are about
36 inches long, sometimes shorter, but rarely exceeding this length.


Rattles are used to get the attention of Spirit, enhance a rhythm, soothe the sick, or mark a
significant change in ceremony. The rattle can be made of turtle shells, deer hooves, bird beaks,
gourds, animal horns, or other items that are tied together. Some are hand held while others are
fixed to leather bands that can be worn as leg or arm accessories, tied to a staff, or placed on
footwear. They are ceremonial instruments used to summon the attention of the Spiritworld
bringing on trance states while tapping the power of the inner spirit. They are the waking or
quickening of changes that are taking place. Rattles are used to carry the rhythms of the body
toward healing or movement in some direction.


These are the pathways upon which the Medicine Person travels to Otherworlds. All are a form
of straight lines that can be traversed going and coming or to invite other spirits into sacred
space. In the case of the pole a rope is attached to it and the pole becomes the spiritual center of
the worlds with the rope becoming a pathway to it. Ladders are symbols that represent a way of
reaching the Above World and a path on which to return. The pole is symbolic of the shamanic
tree and found in the center of sacred circles, lodges, and the majority of ceremonial locations.
The poles are cut from living trees and they are considered to hold the spirit of that tree within
them. Sometimes a tree itself will be planted or grow at the center of a sacred site.

Sacred Pipe:

The Sacred Pipe is both a tool and symbol representing prayer, truth, and harmony. It is a bridge
to Spirit that creates the balance of dwelling in the Now, walking between the worlds, and the
purity of that union. Each pipe has a specific name and purpose as well as its own spirit. It is
alive. Ritual use is very specific and each pipe is kept by a Pipe Carrier. They can belong to
individuals, Medicine People, councils, clans, and tribes. The shape and style of the pipe signify
the use for which it is reserved. While the bowl is the feminine aspect, the stem represents the
male energies and only when in use are they joined. A Sacred Pipe is kept separated and wrapped
when stored.


Shields are made from many materials applied to a rack or frame. The shield itself can be made
of wood, fabric, or hide. Attached to it are the items that symbolize its use, if it is painted the
colors and symbols used will speak of these same things. There are shields for protection,
dreaming, teaching, spirits, clans, tribes, lore, and personal identity to mention a few. They are
hung in sacred spaces as a symbol of the activity within them. Some are hung on piles outside
doors to tell of the person dwelling within and the Medicines they carry.
The uses and meanings behind them are many but each tells a story and holds its own power.
The use of a shield by women is varied throughout the different cultural traditions of the
indigenous tribes. some women create shields on belts and wear them that way while others
make them as the men do using them in the same ways. The crafting and guidance for making a
shield are inspired by Spirit and placed in the heart of the individual that brings it to


The skull is used for ceremonial purposes as a symbol of life, of spiritual eyes and ears that are
observing and listening to what is taking place. It can be painted to represent additional energies
and intentions, and is generally placed either in the North to represent such wisdom or in the
center of the circle to represent the Creator. The skull of Buffalo is prized for this purpose but
others are used as well.


Smoke rises and makes the unseen visible. It carries our thoughts, words, and prayers to Spirit.
Smoke tells us that there is more than meets the eye and that through its presence we are made
aware of this. Smoke represents the element of Fire so to pass an object through it is to imbue it
with purification by Fire, the attributes of the wood used to create it, and the intention of the
person enacting its use.


This symbol addresses the transformation, initiation, and healing Medicine that is being called
upon in a specific instance. It is used for its skin, fangs, sometimes the tip of a rattle to adorn
tools or is painted on them.


A staff should be about shoulder to ear height in length and a comfortable fit to the hand. It can
be cut from a living tree or found as a gift from Spirit. Staffs can be adorned as the practitioner
sees fit or in accordance to its use. Different woods represent different qualities and are often
considered when acquiring such a tool. The Medicine Person is so attached to this tool that they
take it with them on journeys and in ritual workings. It can be used for support when dancing and
as a defense weapon if need be. The staff is an extension of the individual and grows with them
as their Medicine grows. Most Medicine People have one if not more and will use them as a
statement when they are before others. A staff is treated with great respect and either held or
significantly placed before the Medicine Person as a show of their presence and power.


Different stones are used for different purposes such as healing, absorbing personal troubles,
meditation, pocket wheels, absorbing negative energies, sending messages, etc. A Medicine
Person will often use a six-sided crystal to represent the four directions, the Above and Below
Worlds, and the individual themselves would then represent the completion of the 7th direction,
the Middle World. There are a wide variety of stones and each is filled with symbolic meaning.
Other stones that are used are those that speak to the Medicine Person and ask to be placed
within the positions of their Medicine Wheel. Such a stone is very sacred and it often takes a
long time to acquire those that make up a wheel for this reason. There are Stone People or stones
placed in the Sweat Lodge for ritual purposes. Stones are alive, their lifespan is much longer and
slower to maturity than ours, but they have great gifts to share if we learn how to use them.

Talking Stick/Listening Stick

This is a stick, plain or adorned, that is passed in council sessions giving the holder the right to
speak. When the Talking Stick is held no one else may speak until the individual is finished and
it is passed to another who is given the right. There are also Listening Sticks, held by those who
have agreed to silence during oral dissertations. The Talking Stick is a symbol of respect and
used to honor the words of another. The words addressed are addressed to all and spoken to
make a statement of importance, not influence minds. It is a symbol of straight-talk and a tool to
maintain focus on the issue being raised. The words spoken will reach the ears of those they are
meant for and will bypass those who have no need of them. A Talking Stick is also a teaching
tool and demonstrates the value of many opinions and the need to weight them all. Since it
represents the values of the owner or the circle in which it is being used its adornment is very
important. Each piece of adornment added to any tool holds a symbology of its own that
combines to make a single voice of power.


Sacred tobacco is a unique blend of one to several herbs. They are usually mixtures of red barks,
piths, and roots as well as plants. The use of the red in tobacco represents the life force of Mother
Earth. some create altered states of consciousness; however, as a rule the mixture is benign. The
tobacco may at times contain herbs used to heal. This is the only time the smoke from the
tobacco is inhaled. Normally it is simply taken into the mouth and released.

As you can see, each tool, musical instrument, and symbol used holds great significance to the
work being applied. Learn to utilize this knowledge and enhance your own efforts. Just as the
stones within the Medicine Wheel hold the teachings you follow and the energies behind them,
the power infused in your ritual tools and symbols will speak of the heart that beats behind their
creation. They speak of the intentions of the one who holds them and their use reflects the
integrity and character as well. Use them with integrity and guard them with impeccability.
Honor those of others and those you find at a sacred site, leaving them as you find them.
Animal Lore...A study of the specific creature-teacher is important. With regard to the animals
that interact or become involved in your journey with you, I recommend beginning your research
in our Totem Animal section of the library. There you will find a vast body of resources to get
you started. Each creature-teacher has its own Medicine teachings and timing of events, its own
way to present answers or help you manifest results in the work you are striving to achieve. Each
is unique in how it works with you and the contributions it can bring to bear. From the
information you gather, not all of it will be relevant at this time but do consider it to your
advantage for future encounters, and presently draw upon what resonates and stands out in
relevance to the issues you’re dealing with right now.

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