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By CinnamonMoon

*Ted Andrews/Animal-Speak:
Keynote: Cheerful and Truthful Expression
Cycle of Power: Spring

The chickadee is part of the titmouse (*G Mouse*) family. "Tit" is a folksy 14th century
English name for anything little. The "mouse" part of titmouse comes from "mose," a general
name that was applied to any small, dull-colored bird in that same period. It is known for its
cheery call, and to many people its mating song is the first true sign of spring.

The chickadee usually has a black cap on its head. Many birds have caps, and this has great
significance. Anything associated with the head has applications to the thinking process, higher
mind, and higher perceptions. Black is associated with mystery, the feminine, and the great
womb of life. As to the color of the cap, it reflects that the chickadee can help you with the
uncovering of mysteries of the mind. It can awaken understanding and higher truth. It can help
you to perceive more clearly in the dark.

To the Cherokee Indians, the chickadee is the bird of truth. It helps us to pinpoint truth and
knowledge. One tale speaks of a witch by the name of Spearfinger who terrorized the entire tribe.
She would wait in hiding to kill any passer-by. After killing them, she would stab the liver of the
individual with her spearfinger and eat it. Nothing seemed to be able to stop the witch as she was
made mostly of stone. Then a chickadee landed on her, showing the tribe warriors exactly where
she was vulnerable to attack.

Chickadees usually travel in groups, reflecting a cheerful sociableness about them. For such a
small bird, it is also fearless, with no qualms of taking on larger birds that may threaten it.
There are seven kinds of chickadees and this is most significant to those with this totem. Seven
has an ancient mysticism associated with it throughout the world. It is a sacred number. It is a
symbol of the individual rising from the material plane of life, as depicted in the ancient image of
the triangle (3) upon the square (4). It has association with the seven rays of power, the seven
major planets, the seven bodies of the human being, and the seven chakra centers.

It is this last correspondence that is reflected most strongly with the chickadee. When the seven
chakras or energy centers of humans are balanced, there is a greater realization of truth in the
world around us. It also enables us to express the truth more joyfully within our life. Some
people say, "The truth hurts." Those who have a chickadee as a totem will learn to express the
truth in a manner that heals, balances, and opens the perceptions. Truth is shared in a manner that
adds cheer and joy to your own life and the lives of others.

Note: If you stand still as a statue with your hand out and seed in the palm, that they will land on
your hand and take the food? It's so cool! Raise your hand over your head and away from the
body. They are such adorable little birds.

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