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A member of the rodent family, the chinchilla has big eyes, round ears and thick silky fur.
Because of their beautiful fur they are captured and bred by the fur industry. It takes over a
hundred chinchillas to make one fur coat. Unfortunately supply and demand could lead to its

Chinchillas have a persistent undying curiosity and will explore every nook and cranny of their
surroundings. The like sitting high up as if to observe the world below. Once they feel an area is
safe for them to enter they explore it with a sense of adventure and innocence. Their observation
skills are acute. They instinctively know when to act and when to retreat. Chinchillas teach us the
importance of timing. Those with this medicine intuitively know the right time to act and the
right course of action to take, although caution is advised not to become too analytical.
Balancing observation skills with a sense of innocence is an important lesson.

Naturally robust and hardy the chinchilla has an extremely sensitive yet effective digestive
system which is designed to extract the most out of its food. It does not have a vomit mechanism
like other animals and is unable to expel bad food out of its system. This serves as a warning to
those with this totem. Good nutrition, a proper diet as well as physical exercise is a necessity for
optimum health. Difficulty in eliminating toxins from the body can lead to many health

The chinchillas predominate form of communication is the variety of sounds it makes. Each
sound relays a specific message. When upset it chatters its teeth, when nervous it lets out a shrill
squeal, when agitated or alarmed a sequence of loud high cries is heard. If it is hungry it will
make a rasp like snarl. It knows how to use its voice to convey a message and teaches us the art
of efficient communication.

The chinchilla is an important messenger that demands respect. It requires us to heed its advice.
If we choose to listen it will serve us well. If we don't honor its message it will scamper away
and find someone else to help. When it appears in your life ask yourself the following questions.
Do you need to apply more discernment in your life to avoid chaotic situations? Are you using
your observation skills to help you reach your goals? Do you take the joy out of an experience by
over analyzing it? Does the wonder and magic of life still excite you? Does your health need
attention? Do you communicate effectively with others?

Although the chinchilla holds a variety of messages one thing is certain. When it appears in your
life something is out of balance that needs to be corrected immediately.

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